EP023 – #WordPress resources. How to learn more – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Bridget Willard, Russell Aaron, Adam Silver, and Made Better Studio




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422 responses to “EP023 – #WordPress resources. How to learn more – #WPblab”

  1. Made Better Studio Avatar

    thanks for making my night guys

  2. Made Better Studio Avatar

    @jasontucker – when can I get a 30 min walkthrough of blab

  3. Jason Tucker Avatar

    ^^ James Corden w/ Stevie Wonder

  4. Made Better Studio Avatar

    I don’t run unless chased

  5. David Bell Avatar

    I hate it when people do not give GoDaddy a chance. They have always done very well by me.

  6. David Bell Avatar

    Yup, and I like all their cool control panel features for WOrdPress, wow! Staging 🙂

  7. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @Cape_Dave Good to know, Dave. 😀

  8. Adam Silver Avatar

    over to A2 Hosting. 🙂 [ kitchensinkwp.com/a2hosting ] that link saves 51% : )

  9. David Bell Avatar

    LAter all, top of the evening to you!

  10. Adam Silver Avatar

    @Cape_Dave GD.. yes. a much better company then 7 years ago. EIG.. bleh.. only 2 sites left for me to migrate off.

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