WPwatercooler Press Media Kit

The WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit includes:

WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit — Audience Profile:

Our WordPress listeners are multifaceted. In a survey, we asked them a multiple-choice question about what they consider themselves to be.

The majority of our listeners work in the web development industry or manage a web property that uses WordPress. The show gets average downloads and views of 10,000 per month. WPwatercooler frequently ranks in the top 20 WordPress podcasts worldwide. We’re ‘professionally’ self-described as WPwatercooler – The Most Influential WordPress Podcast.

  • 60% of WPwatercooler listeners and viewers are WordPress Developers
  • 41% of WPwatercooler listeners and viewers are WordPress Designers
  • 39% of WPwatercooler listeners and viewers are WordPress Marketers
  • 41% of WPwatercooler listeners and viewers are WordPress Designers
  • 50% of WPwatercooler listeners and viewers are WordPress Business Owners
  • 31% of WPwatercooler listeners and viewers are WordPress Bloggers

Who Listens To WPwatercooler Shows?

In addition to the formal annual survey, we are frequently out and about in the industry, and between being recognized at WordCamps by our voices and social media and email correspondence, we have learned the following:

Our listeners include developers, designers, marketers, and tech enthusiasts. From cat bloggers to CEOs of web hosting companies and WordPress using web agencies. Our listeners do it all.

WPwatercooler Mission:

Our objective with the shows on the network since the beginning has been to help people in this industry have a place to hear people, much like themselves, talk about the technologies and methods we all use on a daily basis. We named WPwatercooler to be that, the watercooler that WordPress folks can gather around and participate in the conversation, or just sit back and learn from the discussion. Our listeners and contributors come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. We strive to make this place as welcoming and accessible as we can.

WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit — WPwatercooler Story:

WPwatercooler premiered on September 24, 2012, when host and producer Jason Tucker convinced a few of his Southern California WordPress friends to join him to talk about all things WordPress. From the very first episode, WPwatercooler stood out for its informal, and often irreverent, approach.

The lineup has changed over the years, but co-hosts Steve Zenghut and Sé Reed have been integral to WPwatercooler’s lively banter since the first episode. Co-host Jason Cosper added his dry wit to the mix in 2015. We maintain a list of past guests.

WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit — Partnerships and Sponsorships:

There are a number of standard partnership options available, or we can create a custom solution.

Preroll Ad – We mention your company and say short sentences about your company while your logo is displayed in our video format of the show. This happens within the first 2 minutes of our show during our live spoken intro. A link and the spoken description are added to the show notes everywhere the episode is live broadcast or posted.

Transcription Services – We use Descript for multi-track transcription, and your sponsorship would be to help pay a human at Descript to transcribe our show for the use of accessibility and SEO. We’d mention your transcription services sponsorship at the beginning of the show as described above.

Contact us for sponsorship and see our list of past sponsors

We refuse to add content to our show notes that were not mentioned during the episode.

WPwatercooler Podcast Media KitAbout Our Expert Hosts:

Jason Tucker is a WordPress web developer and IT director at a church.


Sé Reed is a principal and a founder of Kerredyn Collaborative and Sé Reed Media


Jason Cosper WordPress Product Advocate at DreamHost


WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit — Social Media:

YouTube: WPwatercooler

Twitter: @wpwatercooler

Facebook: WPwatercooler Network

Instagram: @wpwatercooler

Twitch: WPwatercooler

WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit — Press:

WPwatercooler is featured in numerous “best WordPress podcasts” lists, as well as a number of articles about the growth of the podcasting medium itself.

See our Mentions for links to that material.

WPwatercooler Podcast Media Kit — Name, Logos, Color Palettes and Images:


WPwatercooler is pronounced with the first two letters spelled out with the word watercooler at the end “W P water cooler”

The word is spelled as one conjoined word with capital WP no space and lower case watercooler – WPwatercooler


❌ WP Watercooler

❌ WPWatercooler

❌ wpwatercooler

❌ wp water cooler


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