EP023 – #WordPress resources. How to learn more – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Bridget Willard, Russell Aaron, Adam Silver, and Made Better Studio




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422 responses to “EP023 – #WordPress resources. How to learn more – #WPblab”

  1. Sarah Wefald Avatar

    gotta run, thanks for a fun show!

  2. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @sarahwefald Thanks for hanging out, Sarah! See you at OCWP.

  3. Adam Silver Avatar

    so sad.. so little props..

  4. Jason Tucker Avatar

    ahahha “pressenters” love the pun

  5. Jason Tucker Avatar

    we roll til’ 10 bro

  6. Jason Tucker Avatar
  7. James Maabadi Avatar

    if you count learning languages

  8. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @heyadamsilver yep my clock just rang

  9. Adam Silver Avatar

    i’m in bed in 30 mins.

  10. Jason Tucker Avatar

    Jason Tucker’s 3 hour tour

  11. Adam Silver Avatar

    Jason “The Skipper” Tucker… I guess I’m Gilligan?

  12. Adam Silver Avatar
  13. Jason Tucker Avatar


  14. Jason Tucker Avatar

    5 mins and lets wrap

  15. Made Better Studio Avatar

    so the WordPress plugin I want is testimonial / reviews automatically pulled from google+, yelp, etc

  16. Made Better Studio Avatar

    make me that I will be a happy girl

  17. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @MadeBetter We have reviews plugins. #ShamelessPlug

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