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WPwatercooler’s shows have brought over 300 guests to talk about WordPress and the way we work in our community.


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10 years of bringing the top minds in the WordPress community to talk about the software and community that makes WordPress. WPwatercooler is recorded and streamed live weekly Fridays at 11am Pacific.

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Learning from WordPress experts on how to build with and for WordPress. Dev Branch is a monthly show recording and steaming on the first Friday of the month at 11ma Pacific.

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EP484 – Whose WordPress is it anyway?

On this episode, Jason Tucker and Sé Reed discuss the concept of who “owns” the WordPress open-source project and the broader question of who controls WordPress, highlighting the tension between the open-source community’s ideals and the reality of centralized control. The episode concludes with a call for transparency and accountability in the WordPress community, particularly within project leadership.
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A Call for Accountability: Sharing My WordPress Code of Conduct Report

Today I filed an official WordPress Code of Conduct violation report about my experience in the WordPress community over the past week. This is my first CoC report. I have never filed an official report against anyone because, despite having had many questionable interactions in my 11 years in the WordPress community, I have always […]

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Jason Tucker
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Jason Tucker

Jason is the founder of WPwatercooler and a seasoned WordPress user, having started with the platform during the b2 era. With a background in MovableType and Dreamweaver, Jason has been creating websites since 1995. On the weekdays, he serves as an IT Director, while spending his weekends as a passionate woodworker.

Sé Reed
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Sé Reed

Sé Reed is the founder at Kerredyn Collaborative, the marketing chair at the National Association of Women Business Owners, Orange County, and a Specialty Business Advisor for Web and Marketing Strategy with the Los Angeles Regional SBDC Network.

Jason Cosper
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Jason Cosper

WordPress Product Advocate with a strong background in WooCommerce, web hosting, web performance, performance testing, development best practices, security, server maintenance, and troubleshooting.