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WPwatercooler consists of WPwatercooler and Dev Branch. You can subscribe to them on many different services.

Each episode is streamed live using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and are made available in video format for you to watch on our YouTube archive. From there, the audio of these shows is shared on various podcast friendly services. Links to all of these places to watch or subscribe to our content are below.

Our weekly shows are available for auto download (once you subscribe) for free to your favorite device. Check the links below for your favorite podcast player or search for our shows in their search interface.

General WordPress discussions suitable for all levels of experience

Every week, a panel of experts discusses trends and news regarding development, design, and anything else WordPress related – including conferences and WordCamps – all in 30 minutes. Hand out with us and listen in on conversations involving our community and WordPress in general.

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WordPress technical features & tricks from Web developers in the community

This show is for all the times we wanted to get more technical on WPwatercooler but wanted to respect the various levels our listeners and viewers are at in their WordPress journey. Dev Branch is all about getting geeky and in the WordPress weeds. I hope you enjoy our 30 mins of geekdom ????.

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