EP030 – Using #WordPress for Your #SmallBiz /w @sereedmedia – #WPblab

This week on WPblab Bridget Willard & Jason Tucker speak with Sé Reed of Sé Reed Media about how small businesses can use WordPress. There is much ranting and raving about the difficulties of getting small businesses to choose WordPress over companies like Wix and Squarespace. Sé shares her perspective on educating new users to WordPress and her quest for making the entry level of self hosted WordPress easier for small businesses.


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

423 responses to “EP030 – Using #WordPress for Your #SmallBiz /w @sereedmedia – #WPblab

  1. Devin Walker Avatar

    The customizer should take notes from Beaver Builder

  2. Naveen Samuel Avatar

    can I ask a ? bout WP?

  3. Devin Walker Avatar

    square space is winning with 0.2% of the web?

  4. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    my issue with page builders is they encourage a desktop-first mentality and go to crap on mobile.

  5. Verious Smith III Avatar

    That’s a good point Kevin.

  6. Mario Silva Avatar


  7. Verious Smith III Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman do you mean the mobile admin ?

  8. Mario Silva Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman you mean like the wordpress admin interface?

  9. Verious Smith III Avatar

    There is the Mobile App

  10. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    core is barely usable and most plugin UIs completely fall apart

  11. Verious Smith III Avatar

    The mobile app can connect via xml-rpc

  12. Verious Smith III Avatar
  13. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @techno_siren bummer

  14. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    Exactly, these owners are doing all of their business on their phone. But to affect their business site, they have to open a laptop.

  15. Mario Silva Avatar

    imagine using the admin on an apple watch!

  16. Verious Smith III Avatar

    definitely not apple watch,

  17. TechnoSiren Avatar

    I’m afraid to talk in case the app shuts me down again

  18. Jason Tucker Avatar

    we’ll have you hop on after were stop the recording

  19. Jason Tucker Avatar

    which is like 3 mins

  20. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    except when their content is in custom fields and they wonder whey they can’t edit it in the mobile app

  21. Verious Smith III Avatar

    But WE are the community and WE can make it what WE want.

  22. TechnoSiren Avatar
  23. TechnoSiren Avatar

    we are having tornadoes

  24. TechnoSiren Avatar

    so my connection is lame

  25. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    I like your impression of me 🙂

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