EP030 – Using #WordPress for Your #SmallBiz /w @sereedmedia – #WPblab

This week on WPblab Bridget Willard & Jason Tucker speak with Sé Reed of Sé Reed Media about how small businesses can use WordPress. There is much ranting and raving about the difficulties of getting small businesses to choose WordPress over companies like Wix and Squarespace. Sé shares her perspective on educating new users to WordPress and her quest for making the entry level of self hosted WordPress easier for small businesses.


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

423 responses to “EP030 – Using #WordPress for Your #SmallBiz /w @sereedmedia – #WPblab”

  1. Devin Walker Avatar

    had to roll in mid-show this week

  2. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Sorry what I miss?

  3. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman Hi Kevin

  4. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    Tom just published that today

  5. Verious Smith III Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman nice.

  6. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    @YouTooCanBeGuru hellooo

  7. Verious Smith III Avatar

    That seriously sucks.

  8. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman 😀

  9. Verious Smith III Avatar

    They can pay for every change.

  10. Verious Smith III Avatar

    WordPress is the BEST.

  11. Devin Walker Avatar

    They can learn HTML!

  12. Mario Silva Avatar

    most business sites are brochure type sites

  13. Mario Silva Avatar

    they dont take money

  14. Mario Silva Avatar

    my name is Mario

  15. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    static HTML doesn’t mean set in stone forever…

  16. Tara Claeys Avatar
  17. Verious Smith III Avatar

    there are scripts to activate areas of an html site as a mini CMS

  18. Devin Walker Avatar
  19. Mario Silva Avatar

    Maybe I used the wrong term.

  20. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    your argument is based on the idea that a website requires a CMS to change. not true.

  21. Verious Smith III Avatar

    PageLime is one example i used to use.

  22. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Microsoft Frontpage.

  23. TechnoSiren Avatar

    Look, you don’t want to be a dev who finds themselves twenty years in still editing HTML for clients. Trust me on this.

  24. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    and getting a client to understand Beaver Builder is a walk in the park?

  25. Mario Silva Avatar

    You don’t need a database for a site, Se. Unless the site requires content to change often.

  26. TechnoSiren Avatar

    It doesn’t matter if they’re willing to pay for it, it’s important that content be in the hands of the content creators and owners.

  27. TechnoSiren Avatar

    It is 2016. Databases are cheap. Storing content, versioning content – this is cheap, we have figured this out, there is no reason why anyone managing content DOESN’T need a content management system (the majority of which run on databases)

  28. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    My point is there are clients where it is easier to add a post in Jekyll than it is to teach them all of WordPress

  29. TechnoSiren Avatar

    Jekyll is cool. For devs.

  30. Mario Silva Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman This!

  31. TechnoSiren Avatar

    I have clients whose WordPress site are handled via email. I have clients who import Facebook Page statuses as posts and never touch the WP db. Figure out how your clients are creating content and then make that happen

  32. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    just saying lets not speak in absolutes… static HTML can work

  33. Mario Silva Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman I agee and most companies don’t need fancy a CMS

  34. Devin Walker Avatar

    that’s a long time

  35. Devin Walker Avatar

    you lost me a yahoo

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