EP030 – Using #WordPress for Your #SmallBiz /w @sereedmedia – #WPblab

This week on WPblab Bridget Willard & Jason Tucker speak with Sé Reed of Sé Reed Media about how small businesses can use WordPress. There is much ranting and raving about the difficulties of getting small businesses to choose WordPress over companies like Wix and Squarespace. Sé shares her perspective on educating new users to WordPress and her quest for making the entry level of self hosted WordPress easier for small businesses.

423 responses to “EP030 – Using #WordPress for Your #SmallBiz /w @sereedmedia – #WPblab

  1. Good discussion. I definitely heard, toward the end of the episode feelings from the non-technical people. The sentiment that is not expressed is that not everything is meant to be done by non-technical people. The frustrations expressed toward the end of the show seem more in line with not understanding the reason for the limitations is because a higher skill level is required. Example, Nursing level vs Doctor level, Draftsman vs Architect, Cook vs Chef.

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