EP007 – #WordPress #WordCamps #PageBuilders – #WPblab


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123 responses to “EP007 – #WordPress #WordCamps #PageBuilders – #WPblab

  1. Peter Avatar

    What ar eyou using to record the class?

  2. Peter Avatar

    How many people join your for the WPWaterCooler blab?

  3. Peter Avatar

    What’s your audience size?

  4. Peter Avatar

    You Rock. Period.

  5. Peter Avatar

    yeah. I’ve seen that before.

  6. Peter Avatar

    How long have you used Blab?

  7. Peter Avatar

    for WaterCooler?

  8. Peter Avatar

    Do you know Ozzy Rodriguez by chance?

  9. Peter Avatar
  10. Peter Avatar

    Gotta walk the dog too.

  11. Peter Avatar

    thanks. We’ll chat later!

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