EP005 WordPress SEO, Security, Maintenance & Meetups – WPblab

We asked people on Twitter to submit their questions using the hashtag #AskWPBlab

What are the most effective SEO WordPress plugins?

Are there plans to integrate better security measures in WP core? For example, not allowing ‘admin’ as a username?

What’s your weekly maintenance routine look like for your sites? Beyond backup and run updates, what else do you do regularly?

What’s your best tip for meeting wordpress people IRL? How do you find where people are and make yourself part of the group?

What is it about the community that makes it different from or better than or worse than other similar communities?

What are the benefits of using over others like Wix, Weebly, etc.?

What are the most popular WP frameworks and how do you go about choosing the best one?

Is there a place for newbies in the WordPress community?

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Oscar Gonzalez, Adam Silver, and Bridget Willard


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

205 responses to “EP005 WordPress SEO, Security, Maintenance & Meetups – WPblab

  1. Jason Tucker Avatar


  2. Van Sliger Avatar

    What do you recommend?

  3. Sarah E. Collins Avatar

    What are some of your favorite free themes?

  4. Oscar Gonzalez Avatar

    Those are my 2 favorite free… when I need a free one.

  5. Jason Tucker Avatar


  6. Sarah E. Collins Avatar

    Vs SiteOrigin Builder or Visual Builder?

  7. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    Bridget you been listening to much to WP-Tonic

  8. Sarah E. Collins Avatar

    Would you ever say no, I’m just not going to use that, it’s too much of a PITA?

  9. Bridget Willard Avatar
  10. Jason Tucker Avatar


  11. Chris Badgett Avatar

    Goodnight all. Good show!

  12. Jason Tucker Avatar

    “Is there a place for newbies in the WordPress community? #AskWPBlab”

  13. Sheryl May Avatar

    I have WordPress but can’t get my plugins, is there a reason why? QUESTION

  14. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    What do think of the recently changes Envato?

  15. Jacob Aaron Miller Avatar

    @bridget willard Elegant Themes

  16. Fast Forward Avatar

    I’m annoyed by jetpack

  17. Sheryl May Avatar

    I have WordPress but can’t get my plugins, is there a reason why? QUESTION

  18. carin arrigo Avatar

    Blog fodder = Bridgetism

  19. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @carinazimmer It’s hard to come up with topics.

  20. Jason Tucker Avatar
  21. Iris Messina Avatar

    there are a LOT of annoying things about #WP

  22. Adam Silver Avatar
  23. Sheryl May Avatar

    when I go to plugins the page is blank and says to upgrade

  24. Sheryl May Avatar

    I don’t get a list (newbie)

  25. Oscar Gonzalez Avatar

    @ListingVideosLA yes. there are.

  26. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    Jason what happen if the hosting provider gets attacked and it is successful?

  27. Fast Forward Avatar

    updraft one time fee unlimited usage. local and cloud back-up on a regular basis. great for migrating dev sites too.

  28. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    Dreamhost or Inmotion offer better value then WP-Engine however they do offer some nice additional functionality connected to development

  29. Jason Tucker Avatar

    lets do 5 more mins

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