EP005 WordPress SEO, Security, Maintenance & Meetups – WPblab

We asked people on Twitter to submit their questions using the hashtag #AskWPBlab

What are the most effective SEO WordPress plugins?

Are there plans to integrate better security measures in WP core? For example, not allowing ‘admin’ as a username?

What’s your weekly maintenance routine look like for your sites? Beyond backup and run updates, what else do you do regularly?

What’s your best tip for meeting wordpress people IRL? How do you find where people are and make yourself part of the group?

What is it about the community that makes it different from or better than or worse than other similar communities?

What are the benefits of using over others like Wix, Weebly, etc.?

What are the most popular WP frameworks and how do you go about choosing the best one?

Is there a place for newbies in the WordPress community?

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Oscar Gonzalez, Adam Silver, and Bridget Willard


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

205 responses to “EP005 WordPress SEO, Security, Maintenance & Meetups – WPblab”

  1. Adam Silver Avatar

    aim to bring me a beer

  2. Driving Maul Avatar

    what do green lights mean?

  3. Oscar Gonzalez Avatar

    Green = good. You got the basics done as far as the plugin is concerned.

  4. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @DrivingMaul Green means you’re doing well. On target, etc.

  5. Van Sliger Avatar

    Getting my microscope brb..,…..

  6. Chris Badgett Avatar

    The metadescription override is my fave

  7. Driving Maul Avatar

    on target for what?

  8. Adam Silver Avatar

    is Jason using an Apple QuickTake™ camera ?

  9. Adam Silver Avatar

    or his screen is at 56k. 😉

  10. Driving Maul Avatar

    go old school and get out the magnifying glass

  11. Van Sliger Avatar

    Can you sue blab for eye strain?

  12. Adam Silver Avatar

    green is a color.. good content is key.

  13. Driving Maul Avatar

    wow zoning in and out there Jason!

  14. Chris Badgett Avatar

    In my view the first SEO job is creating long form unique content that’s valuable.

  15. Heather Steele Avatar

    That was the Copyblogger tool and it searches through current media as well as keywords I think

  16. Adam Silver Avatar

    @jonathandenwood stop stalking me!

  17. Heather Steele Avatar

    Or it did when I owned it for Joompla years ago

  18. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    I was thinking the same Adam

  19. Van Sliger Avatar

    I can’t wait until they transcribe thought!

  20. Adam Silver Avatar

    dangit.. hoping we couild talk about what Jason was wearing

  21. Adam Silver Avatar

    anyone wearing pants?

  22. Adam Silver Avatar

    I spoke to Matt — he said no.

  23. Adam Silver Avatar

    other stuff more important.

  24. Van Sliger Avatar

    I hate when they do that!

  25. Chris Badgett Avatar

    I gave up a long time ago and use 1password too

  26. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    A kingdom a kingdom for a good password

  27. Adam Silver Avatar

    “author” — it is hidable .

  28. Adam Silver Avatar

    like removing email option in settings, as well as page order at the page level.

  29. Chris Badgett Avatar

    This is a starter tool for strong password generation: https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/

  30. Van Sliger Avatar

    A good hacker is going to get in your stuff.

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