EP32 – How to get the most out of WordCamp? #WordPress – #WPblab


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240 responses to “EP32 – How to get the most out of WordCamp? #WordPress – #WPblab

  1. Paul Oyler Avatar

    I had people I only knew online coming up to me and calling me by name

  2. Paul Oyler Avatar

    you also should make fun of the Green Bay Packers when Lisa is around

  3. Paul Oyler Avatar

    I just saw @TheJeffMatson give that talk this weekend about WP Community changing his life

  4. Adam Thomson Avatar

    @enqueue_russ *bubbling* #420blazeit lolll

  5. Adam Thomson Avatar

    sorry. as you were.

  6. Jason Tucker Avatar

    What is oEmbed and why you should use it.

  7. Paul Oyler Avatar

    “WordPress and Wine” was an interesting session title

  8. Jason Tucker Avatar

    “A problem with WordPress Theme Demonstrations”

  9. Paul Oyler Avatar

    thank God for WordPress.tv

  10. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @jasontucker I have 10,000 mAph – charges my phone 4x

  11. Jason Tucker Avatar

    charge all the things

  12. Jonathan Perlman Avatar

    Never trust the tech!

  13. Paul Oyler Avatar

    notes on paper still help me learn best, then transfer to EverNote

  14. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @PappyOyler Me, too. It’s about neurotransmitters

  15. Paul Oyler Avatar

    slack team with channels?

  16. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @PappyOyler exactly

  17. Paul Oyler Avatar

    I took off one this weekend to just sit and talk w/ Chris Lema – totally worth it

  18. Jason Tucker Avatar

    @PappyOyler Totally worth it, especially if you can find a way to pay for him without him knowing #itsagame

  19. Adam Thomson Avatar

    I go to WordCamp for the badges, stickers, and lanyards.

  20. Paul Oyler Avatar

    I’m “sponsor wrangler” for WCPGH

  21. Adam Thomson Avatar

    So who do you contact if you’re interested in organising a WordCamp? I helped do Wellington 2014, and have done a bunch of very successful meetups. There hasn’t been one in NZ for 2 years. I’m ready to take the reins, but I’m not sure who to talk to…

  22. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Haha sorry that’s so long

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