EP32 – How to get the most out of WordCamp? #WordPress – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Bridget Willard, Robert Dall, and Russell Aaron


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

240 responses to “EP32 – How to get the most out of WordCamp? #WordPress – #WPblab”

  1. Robert Dall Avatar

    @enqueue_russ Truth

  2. Russell Aaron Avatar

    Wordcamp is the new comic con

  3. Robert Dall Avatar

    Yup the entire Internet still runs off RSS

  4. Russell Aaron Avatar

    gmail the orginal rss

  5. Jonathan Perlman Avatar

    that will get you the feed.

  6. Robert Dall Avatar

    RIP Google Reader

  7. Russell Aaron Avatar

    if you cant go, donate it back, dont mark them up for $$$$

  8. Cemal Tashan Avatar

    MAyor is in.. A bit late but…

  9. Russell Aaron Avatar
  10. Russell Aaron Avatar

    vegas is going to have sick video this year

  11. Cemal Tashan Avatar

    It is also on Youtube

  12. Russell Aaron Avatar

    @jasontucker i use curl

  13. Robert Dall Avatar

    @jasontucker Can I get it via smoke signals?

  14. Russell Aaron Avatar

    @robertdall just put your ear to the ground

  15. Robert Dall Avatar

    @enqueue_russ Truth!

  16. Russell Aaron Avatar

    @robertdall i put a glass to my screen and I can hear through the internet

  17. Russell Aaron Avatar

    invite me. I have a ton to talk about

  18. Robert Dall Avatar

    I have some seriously good comments

  19. Jason Tucker Avatar

    JSON API — This can be used by developers of mobile apps, websites, etc: https://central.wordcamp.org/wp-json/posts?type=wordcamp

  20. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @jasontucker awesome

  21. Jason Tucker Avatar
  22. Paul Oyler Avatar

    I went to my 1st WC in April, 2nd this past weekend, going to at least 3 more this summer & on committee for WCPGH

  23. Paul Oyler Avatar

    community is great

  24. Paul Oyler Avatar

    who did that talk?

  25. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @PappyOyler Cemal (pronounced JamAL) Tashan

  26. Jason Tucker Avatar

    @tashan is awesome 🙂

  27. Jonathan Perlman Avatar

    WCMIA, the projector would not run at the end of the day. the projector overheated. Cal Evans owned even so!

  28. Paul Oyler Avatar

    that is a topic I just submitted for my very 1st proposal

  29. Jonathan Perlman Avatar

    Montreal has kittycount.com

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