EP3 – “WordCamps” – WPwatercooler – October 8 2012

Today we’re discussing WordCamps with: Lucy Beer, Suzette Franck, Jon Brown, Verious Smith III, Cody Landefeld, Chris Lema, Steve Zehngut, Dre Armeda, Jeff Hester and our host Jason Tucker.


  • Meeting people face to face and that awkward moment when you realize you aren’t following someone you just met.
  • Networking and social aspects are key for these events.
  • Observing knowledge and learning, after attending a few events you tend to pick and choose the talks to want to see.
  • Hallway discussions are used more with the seasoned WordCampers.
  • Meeting in person makes it feel more like a community then just knowing people online.
  • Meetups are great for local networking, WordCamps bring in talented people from all over the country/world.
  • Dre speaks about WordCamp San Diego and how he brings in people that make his WordCamp a great event.
  • Intensive learning in 1 day is important to Suzette
  • Best sessions for Steve Z are the ones with more discussions occurring during the talk then just a presentation.
  • Cody L discusses his recent talk at WPLV and how he may team up with someone else to do more of a discussion about UX than a presentation about UX.
  • Dre talks about the Sucuri security presentations and how they go about doing their talks at various WordCamps. Lots of interaction.
  • Jeff Hester talks about various ways that people do things during their talks and how you can learn more by their live demos
  • Everyone asked Jon Brown about his upcoming WordCamp Maui, no date yet but all 10 of use want to go! Lots of logistics to still work out.
  • Suzette purchased tickets to BuddyCamp Vancouver
  • Question: What is the farthest WordCamp you have attended:
    • Cody – Austin, bbq!
    • Steve – San Diego
    • Lucy – Seattle
    • Chris – Toronto
  • Question: Where is one that you’d like to attend?
    • Jeff Hester – Maui and Paris
    • Dre – Australia
    • Chris – He’d suffer through going to Maui
  • Question: Do you bring your family and kids to WordCamp if it’s in a remote location?
    • Dre – He has 30 kids, no way.
    • Chris – Travels 30-40% a year, he sometimes takes them but typically local.
    • Jason – Wants to take his up to SF next year.
  • WordCamp IE?
  • WordCamp Fresno?



  • Dre speaks about PressNomics
    • Lots of movement and growth in the community
    • Interacting on the service level
    • Happening in AZ on 11/8, 11/9, 11/10 3 day event, $150 (early bird) or $250 ticket price
    • Tickets on sale now
  • Read more about PressNomics

WordPress Community Summit

  • Tybee Island GA, USA.
  • October 29, 2012
  • Invitation Only
  • Talk about WordCamps and other WordPress related events
  • How to influence positive change in the community
  • A few people on the panel would love to go to this
  • Jon is interested in it and had some points regarding them
    • WordCamps
    • Manuals, Codex
    • How to run WordCamp
    • Pain points in how code is generated
  • No schedule just yet at the time of this recording
  • Looking forward to the format of this event
  • Chris thinks we need more people with more opinions *jokingly*
  • Dre thinks there needs better two way communication between
  • Invite only, Lucy thinks that more siloing will occur
  • Jon says there was a nomination process to the inviting
  • Read more about WordPress Community Summit

Dev Day at WordCamps

  • Jon speaks about Dev Day at WordCamp Las Vegas and how much he learned while there
  • Dev days and hallway networking is important to Jon

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2 responses to “EP3 – “WordCamps” – WPwatercooler – October 8 2012”

  1. behladesign Avatar

    Great session today! WordCamp Maui sounds like a no brainer!Thanks for the shout out, Lucy, for the Topanga Meetup group. We will meet on the third Thursday of each month at the Topanga Public Library. Please see the into and details here: http://www.meetup.com/Topanga-Wordpress-Meetup-Group/ Also, if anyone would like to speak at the meetup, please suggest that through the Meetup Group page.

    1. JasonTucker Avatar

      @behladesign Thanks, I added your meetup to the show notes 🙂


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