WPwatercooler EP297 – DollyBlock

November 9, 2018

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Our guest contributor this week is Kevin Marshall Shop Magic Woo Commerce Automation from RistrettoApps https://wordpress.org/plugins/shopmagic-for-woocommerce/

Sé laments the amount of stuff she’s doing with WordPress as of late, George is getting Meta.

We’ve switch over to Zoom and are streaming to Facebook, Twitter’s Periscope and as always YouTube. Thanks to our sponsor ServerPress makers of DesktopServer for their support.

Kevin talks about his e-commerce experience and why he made Shop Magic and how we started with doing commerce sites for Dentists (his wife is one).

Sé thinks that Dentistry is hard to market due to imagery. Should you show messed up teeth or shiny teeth? Steve hate when people show messed up teeth but what’s the right way?

Kevin’s tool is doing cart abandonment and sending coupons to get people back to the site using his Freemium product.

Se started out with building forms by hand and figured that she needs to work with great plugins that are “hand-off-able things”.

Kevin mentions Help Monks and there feature request and help is on Trello publicly viewable so people know what things are being worked on. This end up providing instant gratification for the customer when new features they submitted are shown and when completed are notified of its completion.

Jason talks about what George mentioned earlier and the split between the freemium and paid versions are forks and at some point become merged. Customers like this because it’s the same product, not two derivative products that may not have the same core functionality after the fork. ACF recently came to parity with their two offerings so they have a good place to build off from.

WordPress is really good at saying no about not adding everything to core. They pick and choose their extensibility knowing that there may be inherent dependencies.

Companies like Slack, Mailchimp and such provide a free version of their product and most folks are ok with using that but when the use goes above and beyond the free people don’t mind paying for it if it provides the right features.

WordPress has Jetpack as a way to of providing a premium version of WordPress functionality.. its a freemium in a freemium.

Kevin mentions Drupal and Joomla that had its NPM like build a plugin on top of a plugin sort of thing.

Jason asks if Hello Dolly is Gutenberg Compatible. Se pushes George to do it. George is scared that Matt Mullenweg is watching the show and will ask to do this. George is going to take the afternoon to build the Gutenblock for Hello Dolly. You ask and it gets built.



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