EP2 – WPwatercooler – October 1 2012

This is Episode 2 of our WPwatercooler show.
  • Twenty Twelve theme released to the repo – mixed feelings from all of the panel.
  • WordPress 3.5 beta 1
    • Overhaul of the media library
    • XMLRPC enabled – They did this to allow their mobile apps to work with WordPress installation without users having to enable it.
    • Comparing the changes to the new changes in the Facebook Images
      • We feel this is not finished yet, which is isn’t.
    • Links “blogroll” functionality removed.
    • Privacy settings moved
    • Press This
  • Jetpack Mobile Theme
    • Problems with Jetpack conflicting
  • Quality Control – webapp for WordPress
    • Customizing can be a pain with most webapps which makes it harder for the developer to recommend them to clients.
  • AppSumo – Great place to get deals for WordPress related stuff
  • InfiniteWP is the new hotness
    • A few of us host it on a webserver
    • Security questions regarding it
    • Jason had issues with Deny ALL, Allow specific IP
    • Most of us charge our clients to do maint agreements by leveraging InfiniteWP
  • Themes that suck –  Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
  • Justin Tadlock brings the awesomeness – Unique: Customizable WordPress Magazine Theme
  • Bloated themes
    • The “plugin in a theme” makes things hard for a developer to work with
    • Making a newly installed theme look like the demo requires lots of work and confuses users
    • Documentation, Documentation, Documentation and Documentation!
    • Woothemes take work to make them look like the demo
    • ThemeForest take work to make them look like the demo
    • It shouldn’t take a consultant to make easy changes to a theme that should work “out of the box”
    • Not documenting the prerequisite plugins
  • Post Type Switcher doesn’t work with Press This.
  • You can download this show as an Audio Podcast in iTunes.


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