EP1 – WPwatercooler – September 24 2012

This is the first episode of WPwatercooler.

We recorded our first episode of WPwatercooler today. A bunch of folks from the OC WordPress community got together and joined in.

Topics discussed:
pricing models.
Building an managing virtual teams by Chris Lema.
Done Done.
WordPress TV.
OC WordCamp and video uploading.
Crowd sourcing ebooks? [email protected]
Loud typing! 🙂
Back to woothemes and pricing with developers license and their new pricing model.
Monetizing and GPL.
StudioPress – Genesis Framework.
Darthvader on the mic.
iThemes developers suite.
Licensing themes and giving your clients access to forums? Client needs to get their own account with the forum.
Types and Views
Dynamik Theme.
Dealing with Child themes and managed clients.
Avada on themesforest 
Themeforest themes and updates.
Licensing and paying for a theme for a client.
Woothemes is $200 a year + a per month charge.
Pass the charges off to you client so they are kept up to date.
How much are you bringing in? Is this saving you money or time? It’s a no brainer.
There is a value to a solution
Are the themes expensive? For a user it’s steep but for a developer it empowers us to provide more for less.
Client is paying for your expertises AND the theme you use.
Sample content to go along with themes
WooCommerce documentation is good
WordCamp Las Vegas
Adjusting permalinks

Folks around the watercooler (left to right)
Chris Lema, David Jesch, Jon Brown, Jason Tucker, Lucy Beer, Suzette Franck, Stephen P. Kane, Steve Zehngut, Brandon Dove and Sé Reed


Episode Transcription
No Transcription

12 responses to “EP1 – WPwatercooler – September 24 2012

  1. Jason Tucker Avatar
    Jason Tucker

    Chris Lema, David Jesch, Jon Brown, Jason Tucker, Lucy Beer, Suzette Franck, Stephen P. Kane

  2. Jason Tucker Avatar
    Jason Tucker

    Steve Zehngut, Brandon Dove and Sé Reed

  3. Brandon Dove Avatar
    Brandon Dove

    Name dropper!

  4. Chris Lema Avatar
    Chris Lema

    I made the cover! That’s me in that picture!

  5. David Jesch Avatar
    David Jesch

    Better you than the cartoon.

  6. Stephen P. Kane Avatar
    Stephen P. Kane

    WPwatercooler or “How to herd cats”. Too funny too short too cool.

  7. Stephen P. Kane Avatar
    Stephen P. Kane

    This is the missing footage from today’s meeting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk7yqlTMvp8

  8. Andrew Behla Avatar

    Jon Brown mentioned woo themes and needing to have a subscription to get the themes. Later on there is discussion with the woo themes developer license. I buy the theme that I want for the one time price of $70 with lifetime updates. This is available without subscriptions. It’s an either or (one time payment vs a subscription to ALL themes). i would rather pay once and you can get lifetime updates from that one time purchase. I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding on this. Your support and updates work for the onetime payment for lifetime for the theme you purchase..

  9. Scott Schang Avatar
    Scott Schang


  10. GaryLeland Avatar

    Is there a way to subscribe to a RSS? I don’t see anywhere, but I could be missing it.

    1. JasonTucker Avatar

       @GaryLeland  We’ve went ahead and added in the podcast RSS feed, itunes feed and other social icons to the top 🙂

  11. 9to5wordpress Avatar

    Thanks for the wonderful details on WPWaterCooler. The blog is really helpful for me.

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