EP79 – What is a WordPress framework and why should I use one? – Mar 3 2014

On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing what is a WordPress theme framework and why should you use one when developing a theme? What if you are not developing a theme, does it matter what framework the theme used? Live stream starts March 3rd at 11am PDT / 2pm EST / 7PM UTC

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2 responses to “EP79 – What is a WordPress framework and why should I use one? – Mar 3 2014

  1. janw.oostendorp Avatar

    The audio feed right now is missing this episiode and the one before that (78)

    Is the mp3 not automaticly createded / uploaded?
    This is happening a lot.

  2. Mike Campbell Avatar

    I loved this Google Hangout and I have to say that although Sé focused on Genesis and it’s problems from a usability, I have to disagree. I think people buy Genesis because of it’s use of ease and the ability to build a nice looking website fast similar to the demos which they are looking when they purchase.

    The reality, is also that many people are on limited budgets these days, especially startups, entrepreneurs and people who just want to blog. This is why many have chosen the framework, because of it’s popularity, nice looking themes and user base. I know when I purchased Genesis for the first time, the decision was based on the help I could get via the forums and people already using it, and now it’s in abundance with blogs like WP Beginner and others which are helping people everyday.

    So if someone can buy something they like and not have to pay a ton of money to create something of great quality, why wouldn’t they? I think this is the benefit to Frameworks and for people who really want to create something fast and simple.

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