EP8 – “Pressnomics” – WPwatercooler – November 12 2012


Pressnomics is the topic for todays 30 minute roundtable at the WPwatercooler. We’re joined with Brad Williams,Chris Lema, Cody Landefeld, Dave Jesch, Dre Armeda, Sé Reed, Steve Zehngut, Suzette Franck and Jason Tucker.

Brad – “Santan where the business gets done.”

Chris launches into a funny and informative story about Chris Daley & investing in ‘mailchimp like WP plugin’ verifying the statement previously made that all the business happens at the Santan.

Sé ask how many called it Pressanomics instead of Pressnomics?

Dre recaps what Pressnomics brought versus WordCamps.

Se asked about the structure?

Dre talks about the breakdown of the structure of events, notes keyspeakers and WordPress Business.

Brad continues with describing the professionalism of the event.

Chris adds about the topics discussed; serious information being dropped at Pressnomics.

Cody mentions how crowd was more focused, ready for business. Cody gives more info about the presenters.

Brad shares about a speaker of FireHost hosting company shared how his got started.

Dre spoke about some of the funding talks that were discussed at Pressnomics.

Brad mentions some other hosts were represented.

Se asks if Automattic was there?

Suzette mentions that Mark Jaquith & Matt were there.
Dre follows up.
Brad discusses Mark Jaquith’s presentation.

Suzette asks if it was recorded.
A discussion launches about the quality of the conference & the trade offs for not videoing.

Ticket price was justified by attendees.

Chris mentions ZenDesk presentation and its caliber.

Cody mentions another story about an inspirational startup; which Brad goes into more detail.

Dre mentions that video was cut and donations went to St. Judes. Pressnomics did a great job for first conference, looking forward to the next.

Jason asks if Pressnomics type of event is going to make WordPress better/stronger?

Brad discusses a suggestion of having a business aspect/track to WordCamp.

Se mentions what WordCamp is ‘meant’ to be.

Dre mentions most value outside of the actual speaker session. Potential that exists in an unstructured conference style ran WordCamp.

Discussion about unstructured meetup value ensues.

Chris mentions the take away from attending Pressnomics.

Dre agrees the conversations were 100% wide open.

Cody adds more about how’s there’s a real opportunity to make an impact on the business side.

Se asked “What were your favorite sessions?”

Dre shares his favorite speaker Chris Drake and his story.

Brad has trouble picking just one… Cory Miller, very inspirational. Brad mentions highlights.

Chris valued the outside/unstructured time, as much as the speakers were good, speaking with attendees was great experience.

Se mentioned that next year will be bigger and hope that they keep that same element for next year.

Ever one seems to think next year will be quality.

Jason asks if any of them played Golf?

Bowling and golf happened and was fun. Summary: great event, attendees looking forward to next year.

Props to Josh, Sally, and all the volunteers at Pressonomics.
Props to James Hicks and the volunteers at Pressnomics.
See ‘Drad’.


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    So for the record, this is our plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wysija-newsletters/

  2. KimGjerstad Avatar

    Aha. Chris didn’t buy my newsletter plugin. But I still might go to San Diego’s WordCamp.

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