EP50 – Learning resources – What’s the best way to get started with WordPress? – WPwatercooler – September 2 2013


Today’s topic is Learning resources – What’s the best way to get started with WordPress?

Chris’ best tip for any and every WordPress beginner question is to go to google and type in “WP Beginner” and then write your question.

Sarah suggests getting offline and going to a local reputable WordPress meet up. Instead of just reading blog posts and tutorials, get in front of people that know WordPress. Have a conversation in person.

Go to wordpress.com, set up a site and just start playing with it.

About WPBeginner – 95% of articles come from users submitting questions.

You’re always going to be a beginner of sorts because WP is always changing. You’ll always have to be learning.

If you really do know WordPress, be a resource yourself! “Know enough to know what you don’t know.” If you don’t know something, don’t give out bad information.

Resources for WordPress beginners:

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