EP47 – Backing up WordPress regularly and before an upgrade – WPwatercooler – August 12 2013

On this episode we will be focusing on tools and techniques to backing up a WordPress installation and how to backup before a major upgrade.

Backups are really important, and everyone should backup their sites.

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using, you need to be checking your restores every now and then to make sure that in the event of a site crash, your backups will work. Make sure your backup is going to a separate server and NOT on the same server your site is on.

How often should you backup?

  • It really depends on the site and how your site changes.
  • It’s content dependent. If you have a site that puts out content all day, your would do well to back up several times a day.
  • Many sites back up nightly.
  • If you’re in e-commerce and having a lot of customer transactions in a day, you need to back up multiple times a day.
  • Back up every time you make any change whether it’s upgrading WordPress, a plugin, activating a plugin, updating a theme, anything.

Ways to test your backup/restore:

Restore it locally on a desktop server – DesktopServer is built for just about anyone. It’s a single solution you install on your computer. It creates an entire environment for a WordPress site.

On Migration:

If you pick a host, and your site fails, having a backup is important so you can migrate to another server.  The same infrastructure can be used to get you to a different server/solution/company. Some hosts will do the migration for you if you give them a good backup

Solutions for Backing Up in WordPress

Other Mentions:

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3 responses to “EP47 – Backing up WordPress regularly and before an upgrade – WPwatercooler – August 12 2013

  1. Dave Bell Avatar

    Great episode! really points out that backup is not necessarily easy. Which is one reason many do not do it. And that any site is only as good as the host! Great show. Thank you!

  2. nom de domaine maroc Avatar

    wp plugin for backup may cause issue for long time migration

  3. Alex Avatar

    This post has been really helpful for my understanding of wordpress backup. thanks you!

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