EP442 – Little Contributor, Big Community: Navigating the WordPress Landscape

January 20, 2023

This week on the show Jason Cosper & Sé Reed will be joined by Courtney Robertson to talk about the scope of the modern WordPress landscape.



Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Sé Reed: 5,

[00:00:04] 4, 3,

[00:00:09] Jason Cosper: 442 of WPwatercooler, little contributor, big community

[00:00:17] Sé Reed: That’s everything. We have all the answers. Oh, I’m say Reed and I’m first today I am at, say, Reed on all the things, listening on Twitter, but not posting.

[00:00:27] Jason Cosper: Y’all know who it is, it’s your boy Jason Cosper, AK Fat Mic. Back at it again on the world’s most influential WordPress podcast. And speaking of podcasts, check us out on Apple

[00:00:36] Podcast, Google Pod podcast, audible, Spotify, if you’re still using Spotify. But come on, we’ve all moved on at this point. Not really.

[00:00:45] It’s still the largest streaming service in the world, but whatever. Who’s keeping track? And we have a guest with us.

[00:00:52] Courtney Robertson: Am I still a guest at this point? I’m unclear if I’m still a guest.

[00:00:57] Jason Cosper: I think you’re technically still

[00:00:59] Sé Reed: spec. Whoa. You’re I think you’re more like a series regular.

[00:01:03] Courtney Robertson: I think

[00:01:04] Sé Reed: that make you like I’m gonna try to think of a Seinfeld correlation.

[00:01:09] Jason Cosper: A featured player. I wouldn’t call her a banga, but sh and then Newman, that, that’s also. Not a great Seinfeld analogy, but definitely

[00:01:19] Courtney Robertson: No soup for you.

[00:01:20] Sé Reed: not Newman.

[00:01:21] Courtney Robertson: There we go. Hi, I’m Courtney Robertson. You can find me@courtneyr.dev around the WordPress training team at a work camp near you and all those things. Good to be here again, friends.

[00:01:34] Jason Cosper: Wonderful. And it’s great to have you Courtney say, so you proposed this topic today. I’d love it if you could give us a little little background on this. Oh, no. Just start spinning spinning.

[00:01:50] Courtney Robertson: she does. So I will vamp for just a minute, folks, if you haven’t tuned in yet, to check out the big picture goals as they’re outlined from Jfa recently on make network press.org/project. That’s a lot of what we’re going to be looking through for today. In it, she shares a lot of the priorities as we’re looking ahead into 2023.

[00:02:15] I like the way that she’s broken it down. There are some areas there that I think we’ll see still evolve and so that’s definitely the idea of her say, would like to take us today. But I think she might be having some internet difficulties.

[00:02:29] Jason Cosper: Oh or computer difficulty. She has been, she’s had this long suffering DesktopServer computer that she desperately needs to upgrade and just has not yet. But knowing, say, she’ll probably buy a brand new one and it’ll sit next to her desk for a few months before she actually plugs it in.

[00:02:47] But that’s fine. She’s a busy woman. It’s all right. And.

[00:02:50] Courtney Robertson: yeah.

[00:02:52] Jason Cosper: Hey, look at that. Say is

[00:02:54] Sé Reed: Oh, look at that The internet continues to not work for me.

[00:02:59] Courtney Robertson: So I briefly introduced that we would be looking through this post today. I’ll let you take it from

[00:03:05] here.

[00:03:06] Sé Reed: Yep.

[00:03:10] Jason Cosper: or did you freeze again? Oh, no. The wonders of

[00:03:19] Courtney Robertson: I’ve share yes. , Jason, Tucker. Oh, wow. Yes, that is correct. Acher would say that I, had issues quite similar to some that she’s been having lately. And it turns out my internet provider here is Comcast because cables the only available to my house. Chipmunks were eating chipmunks and squirrels were eating the wires from the street into my house.

[00:03:39] And that was why I was having so many problems with darn squirrels. We’ll keep Comcast staff employed. So there’s. Tucker, we miss you today. I

[00:03:48] hope that the watering is fun for your family.

[00:03:53] Jason Cosper: Yes, absolutely. And we’re trying to keep this ship afloat in his absence. And say’s say’s internet problems are definitely helping keep us on our toes. But so one of the things that we were discussing in the pre-show, and normally we we have this role where we don’t discuss the show before the show, but having.

[00:04:12] Sane Courtney plot things out. Courtney loves to come prepared. I’m running the show and Tucker has things on autopilot normally, so I also like to come very prepared. We have some some things that we’re gonna share today, but

[00:04:25] th this 10,000 foot view is what we focused on when we were talking about things.

[00:04:31] At the jump here the I think it is really interesting and one could argue that some of the things that get put in this, like 10,000 foot view, it’s oh, why is that over here and not over here. But the way that Joseph broke things down is interesting.

[00:04:50] We’ve got the CMS pillar. That we’re gonna have a focus on for 2023. We have the community. Pillar which will be re-engaging our community through learning events, celebrating our

[00:05:04] 20th year as a project. Courtney, you especially have experience with the learning portion of that.

[00:05:10] And then ecosystem update distribution methods and mechanisms for extenders and core itself. So these are the three. Big focuses for the project this year. Say, is your internet

[00:05:22] stable enough for you

[00:05:23] just to

[00:05:24] Sé Reed: Good golly. I hope so. It’s

[00:05:26] been a

[00:05:26] nightmare. I

[00:05:28] think it’s working.

[00:05:28] Is it working? Is this thing on?

[00:05:30] Jason Cosper: yes, we Can hear you.

[00:05:32] Sé Reed: Okay. Yeah. So you totally introduced all that. That’s great. My, the way that I was hoping we could look at

[00:05:38] this today is

[00:05:39] When one is looking at this as a individual contributor or as a team really of

[00:05:46] contributors I think that especially if you’re new,

[00:05:49] I think that it is It’s slightly overwhelming.

[00:05:52] It’s probably more than slightly overwhelming, but it’s at least slightly overwhelming just because there is so much, and there is so much happening in this, global worldwide project, and it’s happening 24 hours a day. Seven days a week because of time zones and the way that works. So you.

[00:06:09] will start pinging on Sunday night here in the west. On the west coast, cuz people are starting their work days at somewhere else. So mute your slacks. No, but

[00:06:17] manage your slack mutes. But so when you’re looking at this whole,

[00:06:21] even just, breaking it down into

[00:06:23] these three buckets or pillars, they’re.

[00:06:26] Huge buckets and I thought that so as having all the experience that you do have on Learn Courtney, but also through something that I wanna talk about that you do every week. And then also in my new role as

[00:06:40] marketing team rep, I was been looking, really looking at

[00:06:43] the onboarding process in.

[00:06:47] also in reflection of the work that’s happening on Five for the Future, which I think is mentioned in this list somewhere. I’m sure it

[00:06:54] is. Really. So essentially looking at all of those things together

[00:06:59] really inspired this because I realized if you don’t know where to go for any

[00:07:05] of this, it’s really.

[00:07:08] You’re like, great, all this stuff is happening but where is it happening? And I can participate but how, and or I, I’ve been

[00:07:14] using WordPress for 10 years and I’m not sure where the discussion is happening on the

[00:07:20] site editor because there’s really people that, can’t find that.

[00:07:24] And then on the other end, there’s folks who are working on the site editor and MC McCarthy. I. Is it McCartney or McCarthy? I corrected. McCarthy. Okay. I was like, wait, is she like Paul McCarney? No, McCarthy. She worked so hard to put out testing calls and, but unless you find those testing

[00:07:44] calls, then you can’t give her input and there’s just so much that’s really what I wanted to speak to today is, when we’re looking at all of these things that Josepha is talking about and that are the, goals for 2023, not even just like

[00:07:57] bigger goals cuz there’s bigger goals past this. How can we navigate that as individuals or people who are wanting to get more involved in the 20th, in this 20th year.

[00:08:07] So I really wanted to introduce this project. It’s a project, it’s an undertaking. I’m not sure what you would classify it as that you have done. It’s a life mission. So Courtney, if you could talk about the what do you call it? A summary that you put out every week about the main

[00:08:24] teams.

[00:08:24] Courtney Robertson: Yeah. I Jason here is a link for you at each week I put together a look at all of the, various teams in make, as well as a couple of key

[00:08:35] GitHub repositories. And I list out here is everything that just happened this week and what to know. There is a great little bot if you’re on, if, since we have some ma on users here. if you’re on Mastodon, there’s a WP bot I think is, the name of it, but it shares some of these same resources too, which is great.

[00:08:54] But This is every week I put together a call out for right?

[00:08:59] Sé Reed: This is what is important

[00:09:01] Courtney Robertson: is one spot. And as the week rolls, I publish on Wednesdays to give most of the teams a chance to put their things out for the week. But if anyone has like breaking stuff, they stay. Or Friday I try and get in here and add to it,

[00:09:12] But you could see here is everything that just happened

[00:09:15] just last week

[00:09:16] in her

[00:09:17] Sé Reed: just last week. So for

[00:09:18] Courtney Robertson: last week

[00:09:19] at.

[00:09:19] Sé Reed: for those of you who are listening, Cosper has been scrolling through this post that Courtney does every week, which is just a collection of sections from

[00:09:27] each team with, by the way, training is just like prolific these days. You all are like, Dumping content out into the ecosystem.

[00:09:34] But

[00:09:36] every

[00:09:36] Courtney Robertson: gem at the bottom too for the devs. There is a nice little spot where I try at the very bottom to go look at.

[00:09:44] PHP JavaScript

[00:09:45] like the Ecma

[00:09:46] script papers. Yeah, this is the Hidden gem

[00:09:48] A lot of people haven’t always noticed. Composer and pm. , any of the change logs that are recent for some of those things that we in WordPress are also using.

[00:09:56] Just note that I’m trying to include a little bit of the things that are super

[00:10:00] common, like that

[00:10:02] Sé Reed: So this is why I say, this is something that you’ve been able to undertake as a sponsored contributor, but this is published on post status. So that is evolved

[00:10:13] as, post status has a huge place in the WordPress ecosystem, including the post status Slack, which is a big community of WordPress.

[00:10:25] Business leaders.

[00:10:26] Business owners,

[00:10:27] Courtney Robertson: but a lot of contributors are there too.

[00:10:29] Sé Reed: Yeah. A lot of contributors where it’s, this it’s like the LinkedIn for WordPress. So LinkedIn, slack for WordPress. And can you tell us a little bit about that collaboration?

[00:10:39] Courtney Robertson: Yeah. Corey and I were chatting about Corey Miller who owns Post Status. We were discussing, more content that would help elevate to the rest of the third party ecosystem. Those that are the extenders of WordPress, what’s happening inside of.org and why they should care, what they should be aware of, what they should know about.

[00:10:59] And out of that came this idea of how can we continue to elevate this? And one of the ways to continue to elevate it is just to keep presenting. , here’s everything that just happened last week. And out of that, what I’d love to have seen is that folks like say, and a few other podcast host kind of folks have told me, they often read these in prep for their shows for the week.

[00:11:19] ahead.

[00:11:19] And they have a more clear picture of what’s going on inside of, or press as well. So not only are we influencing hopefully the the extender community, but also those that are covering the news that the rest of the community

[00:11:33] tends to listen to, which

[00:11:34] is,

[00:11:34] Sé Reed: Yeah, I feel like this is an out a resource of news that is so valuable because so much is happening in all of these make teams and you really surface it and summarize it and link to it, which is the key third component. So I, anyone who’s looking for. That level of information

[00:11:54] Should check it out.

[00:11:55] And which channel? In post status? You post that every week in

[00:11:59] Courtney Robertson: Yeah, I usually share it in club and I share it off of all my own social handles, and it goes out off of post status’ social handles as well. So if you’re following any of those in any platform, you’ll find it.

[00:12:11] Jason Cosper: And you said Courtney, that it does make it into W p Bott over on Master on.

[00:12:15] Courtney Robertson: . It does. And I also did a pull request to add a couple of sources from around.org to WP Bot recently too.

[00:12:23] Sé Reed: Yeah,

[00:12:23] so I, I think even the thing is that you’re already synthesizing what’s happening again, just in the make teams, and it’s this incredibly just full post, it’s like a newsletter on,

[00:12:37] this doesn’t even have any like prose, right? It’s literally just links and titles and

[00:12:43] Courtney Robertson: very neutral

[00:12:44] and just give the facts.

[00:12:45] Sé Reed: and it you’re just really deliver, you’re summarizing what happened in those teams, and it is so much, but each of those issues, or each of those things tend to be whole conversations that are happening on the make team.

[00:12:57] So it’s less of a fire hose. It’s like you took a fire hose and you put One of the like little hose nozzles on it, but it’s still on Jet Stream, . It’s like you could only reduce the fire hose so much when you still have

[00:13:10] just this, massive

[00:13:11] amount of

[00:13:12] content that is happening every day.

[00:13:14] So I think that

[00:13:16] this is not this is the place to stay informed for

[00:13:20] exist not

[00:13:21] existing people. Hopefully only existing people are using your materials.

[00:13:26] Courtney Robertson: Yeah.

[00:13:27] Sé Reed: Ooh, spooky, WordPress, supernatural. But in terms of new people or new

[00:13:34] places to find out

[00:13:35] what’s going on that are just getting into the project or are trying to

[00:13:40] get back into it, or stay more informed or

[00:13:43] reconnect whatever, in between word camps

[00:13:46] I’ve been looking and really found.

[00:13:49] a dearth of

[00:13:50] entry points for that. So I was hoping we could go through that list a little bit and maybe talk about some of the places that it’s best to join in the conversation or at least see what’s happening.

[00:14:03] Courtney Robertson: Down.

[00:14:03] Sé Reed: Depending on all those, on those different buckets, pillars. Are they buckets or pillars?

[00:14:10] Are really different things. Like a bucket is like a reverse

[00:14:13] p maybe.

[00:14:14] Courtney Robertson: not a tag. I

[00:14:15] Sé Reed: bucket turned upside down so that it’s like a pillar slash soapbox.

[00:14:19] I don’t know.

[00:14:19] Jason Cosper: Bill billers pockets.

[00:14:22] Sé Reed: It’s a pillar. It’s

[00:14:24] A Lucke.

[00:14:25] Jason Cosper: Just Yeah. bring it

[00:14:26] together.

[00:14:27] Sé Reed: Yeah. Yeah. All right. Oh my gosh, I even just looking at this list, I feel even knowing what’s going on and paying attention when I, as soon as I start looking at this list, I am like, wow, that’s so much. Because the first one is APIs, , it’s just oh, this is a small little, a little topic, just APIs but the font, the fonts, API is a big deal.

[00:14:47] I know I have was it on this show that we were talking about font.

[00:14:53] Courtney Robertson: It could be. I know that

[00:14:54] Jason Cosper: very likely.

[00:14:56] Courtney Robertson: one of Yo’s contributors Ari was handling the the fonts API early on, and that had to get punted a bit. But the idea being that Helping with localizing the fonts onto your website without needing to load lots and lots of them. Google fonts, integrating Google Fonts is violating GDPR in some places and some other concerns.

[00:15:19] It’s a

[00:15:19] drain on performance and some other, so Fonts API is supposed to help us with solving that

[00:15:27] we like.

[00:15:27] Sé Reed: Yeah. It’s, but I think this is something that’s really important to theme developers specifically. And also

[00:15:34] just folks, folks who use

[00:15:36] performance, that’s you, Cosper, and also just folks who are using it because I think a lot of users like

[00:15:42] having. All of the

[00:15:43] options, that not being restricted to just a couple things.

[00:15:47] And so

[00:15:48] how does that becomes that

[00:15:50] decisions, not options part of that ethos that you would limit within each theme?

[00:15:55] Really, or perhaps within each style, the fonts that are, you’re only calling very

[00:16:00] specific fonts. So I think that is an issue that’s, it sounds almost innocuous as part of, it’s phase three.

[00:16:05] We’ll talk about some fonts or something, but that has a real potential to have a really big impact on just use in general and style and design and where web go, where WordPress goes, so goes the web. So if we’re really limiting fonts I wonder how that, will, Ecosystem. But anyway, keep going.

[00:16:23] We can keep going. I don’t actually know where to talk about fonts or APIs.

[00:16:27] Courtney Robertson: Sure what the interactivity

[00:16:28] API is.

[00:16:30] Sé Reed: I think that’s related to the Gutenberg phase three of simultaneous editing. So being users, being able to interact as they do on Yeah, on Google Docs. So I think that’s brand new. And I, I don’t know.

[00:16:45] So I’m, I guess I’m not coming fully equipped to this. I don’t actually know where the API conversation is happening. Do you

[00:16:51] Jason Cosper: If it I don’t know where it’s happening, but I think it’s an interesting thing in that when you get into especially. Courtney and I both work at hosting providers and the hosting providers that we work at offer anything from a nice managed WordPress experience down to shared hosting that anybody can come along and a few dollars a.

[00:17:15] To host their site. and when we get into having this collaborative editing going on the interactivity API is gonna turn out to be really interesting. Cause I mean it’s, it’s hard enough having the heartbeat run on cheap shared hosting, the

[00:17:32] Heartbeat api what are we gonna.

[00:17:35] Courtney Robertson: schedule boasts,

[00:17:36] Jason Cosper: Yeah. It’s yeah. Running,

[00:17:39] WP Kron on a on a midsize WordPress site that’s been around for

[00:17:44] a couple years on shared hosting is enough of a lift. Like now we’re gonna have collaborative editing where two or three people you know, built into WordPress and It’s,

[00:17:55] built to run anywhere.

[00:17:56] So I, I don.

[00:17:57] Sé Reed: three people are uploading images at the same time and they all get converted to WebP in addition to all of the other things at the same time, what then does the matrix explode?

[00:18:10] Courtney Robertson: I, think what we need to do here is really boost the performance team, because that’s a lot of what performance team looks at, is what happens in these various configurations, right? What will happen toward press at a large scale enterprise.

[00:18:25] Type of configuration and what will happen to WordPress installs on that shared hosting experience or on the Plesk experience or, any number of these other things.

[00:18:35] What’s that experience going to look like? And I think performance team could use a boost. They’re a subset of the core team, but they do have their own make blog. So you can find out more about them. Just go to make network press.org and you can

[00:18:47] find out, they

[00:18:48] cross

[00:18:48] Sé Reed: It’s I’m linking it. I’m linking it. Core performance,

[00:18:51] Courtney Robertson: Yep.

[00:18:52] Yep, yep. I thought it

[00:18:54] Sé Reed: The last post that they did, because the performance team is new, so the last post they did is

[00:18:58] also the first post. I think performance is a similar, in a similar place as mobile and it’s like being I don’t know this for, I haven’t gone through the makeup of the team, but I think it’s being definitely I don’t wanna say underground, brought up by the underground, but it’s getting more attention from a wider breadth of contributors.

[00:19:15] Would you agree with that Kos? It’s not just necessarily some of the same old, same, not same old people, but I’m trying to be nice and say that

[00:19:22] Jason Cosper: We’re

[00:19:22] Sé Reed: not getting as much attention as it once was, and so other people are taking up the mantle on mobile and performance. Is that accurate?

[00:19:31] Jason Cosper: I think

[00:19:31] that’s fair.

[00:19:32] Yeah. I, I do I’m, since Tucker’s not here, and I’m tasked with watching the clock. We’ve got a about eight minutes.

[00:19:39] So I wanna make sure that we cover everything. Yeah. Our,

[00:19:43] actually a big thing that? is, very exciting to me. It’s something that Matt called out, it’s something that’s listed up here in the

[00:19:49] cms group Is media management.

[00:19:53] Sé Reed: Woohoo.

[00:19:54] Jason Cosper: We have been tilting at four years on the WPwatercooler. And to see it actually get some attention. I’d love to see where it ends up going. But just to see where

[00:20:05] that is.

[00:20:06] Sé Reed: Where, who manages that What team is would media manager be

[00:20:11] Courtney Robertson: core, still core,

[00:20:12] and

[00:20:13] Sé Reed: Gosh, everything’s on core

[00:20:15] Courtney Robertson: everything. So a lot of parts of WordPress that are not and a block editor experience are still core, and we see that we haven’t made a lot of changes to the rest of WordPress outside of The post editor or introducing

[00:20:29] the site editor. We haven’t touched a lot of other features from a drastic feature change or UI improvement at this time.

[00:20:36] And to power some of that, just to plug in there, that PHP eight compatibility, the PHP 8.2, I think is really vital. But listing it as the same weight of significance per the outline as the nav block, I’m not sure that, but yes, the nav block

[00:20:52] needs help too.

[00:20:53] Sé Reed: The nav block actually has some stuff going and for that you can actually go to the fs. It’s still called fse, even though now we’re, we, it’s just site editor, but FSE Outreach experiment channel in Slack has a lot of great testing calls, again from Anne McCarthy. And they have

[00:21:09] they’ve really put a lot of effort into updating the navigation block and testing that.

[00:21:15] So there, that’s been something that’s, I actually went through some tests on it, and the new version of the navigation block is, I don’t think it’s been launched yet, but it

[00:21:23] is, it’s much more of the native experience where you manage settings in the sidebar as opposed to just all of a sudden managing settings

[00:21:32] directly on the page.

[00:21:32] So there’s been there’s been so much constant work happening. On the site editor

[00:21:38] what you were talking about, Courtney, of the backend meeting it, and that’s a lot of the work that’s happening on meta in the meta channel as well is applying the site editor to different parts of wordpress.org, including the plugin.

[00:21:52] , the plug and repository support and comments layout. What is that? I don’t know what you would call that. Summaries that plugins do. And anyway, bringing the block editor into those components is happening and has not been from my observation, not been totally seamless either. It’s not just oh,

[00:22:10] boom, bam, boom.

[00:22:11] There have been some hiccups happening.

[00:22:13] Courtney Robertson: I thought the PHP 8.2 compatibility item should probably also go under Ecosystem, or instead under ecosystem, because

[00:22:20] even if CORE reaches 8.2 and hosts. Like where Cosper and, I work are offering 8.2 for those that wanna run at that pace. It is more about the third party ecosystem, your plug-ins and your themes supporting it.

[00:22:34] So if you’ve got a plugin that does a lot of lookups in the database and things, you’re dealing with them also needing to be

[00:22:40] fully supportive of 8.2 as well. And that’s more an ecosystem area I. would

[00:22:45] say.

[00:22:45] Sé Reed: Yeah, I agree.

[00:22:46] Courtney Robertson: Let’s see. I thought something caught my eye inside. Learning Josepha just edited that right before we in the community section edited that because of some comments that I was exchanging in on this

[00:22:57] post.

[00:22:58] But shipping, learning content at the current pace, one of the things.

[00:23:01] that the reason I very first met Angela

[00:23:03] Gin was because

[00:23:04] I asked.

[00:23:06] Sé Reed: manager,

[00:23:07] right?

[00:23:07] Courtney Robertson: Yes yes. She oversees programs inside of wordpress.org on behalf of Automatic. Angela Gin and I first met to talk about trying to get all of the content on.

[00:23:17] Learn Out with the release, and that’s

[00:23:20] something Doc’s team has

[00:23:21] been happening,

[00:23:22] as have

[00:23:22] Sé Reed: huge thing you’ve been working on.

[00:23:24] Courtney Robertson: It’s interesting that she is saying, continue to ship at the current pace, not set the goal. , all materials should be revised as close as we can to release. So that means to me, like right now training team is working on sorting through, how do we have courses revised for releases? I don’t have a good process for that.

[00:23:43] And we’re asking people like, so it’s saying we’re gonna keep going at the,

[00:23:47] current pace. But now we have complaints coming in that things aren’t current. And

[00:23:52] I.

[00:23:53] Sé Reed: What is the current pace that might be something that’s a little broad in terms of I, I think what I think the intention behind that, and again, in terms of how can people be a part of that. is the Learn team has really been pushing out a lot has really been restructuring and putting out a lot of

[00:24:11] different types of content. And there is there is a lot of opportunity for content creation there as a, an engine of WordPress

[00:24:19] Not furtherance in the world, to make it easier to use and develop. WordPress, and so that is an area that definitely can use contribution at all times.

[00:24:30] Courtney Robertson: I love the.

[00:24:31] Jason Cosper: a, dovetail. I’m sorry to interrupt Courtney, but a dovetail to that and

[00:24:34] a dovetail to something that the Learn project

[00:24:37] has been putting out and this actually should should help, is if you do want to get involved, in a lot of cases, you will need a

[00:24:46] wordpress.org account and Here on the Learn site there are in how many different languages here, Courtney?

[00:24:54] It’s wild,

[00:24:55] but.

[00:24:55] Courtney Robertson: marketing team made. Several years ago. I

[00:24:58] wanna say they started them

[00:24:59] in

[00:25:00] Sé Reed: Go marketing team. Go marketing team.

[00:25:02] Courtney Robertson: you can see the little marketing team badge there. Yeah, it looks like,

[00:25:04] there’s close to a dozen languages that are shown of how to get your.org account and join Slack, which we know is a

[00:25:11] barrier to entry for

[00:25:12] contributors.

[00:25:12] Sé Reed: The fact that this require something like that requires like, training videos and that even that process I don’t think has been updated. But like that requires so much

[00:25:22] just effort to just even get onboard, like into the system to be able to see where any of this stuff is happening.

[00:25:29] And this is also why, it’s like where’s

[00:25:32] Courtney Robertson: Yeah.

[00:25:33] Sé Reed: You can get involved if you can find.

[00:25:35] One thing I wanted to mention, oh, sorry. Were you gonna hit on that too?

[00:25:38] Courtney Robertson: About the part with the Let me see. Established contributor and mentor programs. So one of the goals inside the training team will be to have courses available for those that wish to become contributors. That mentor

[00:25:51] program I have met with Amy June Heline. Comes to works these days for Red

[00:25:56] Hat, but works on open source.com, the website.

[00:25:59] And she shared with me about how Druple handles their mentorship program and also how Druple shared their cert, created their certifications and the pros and cons with that established. And so I think I’m really excited about that bullet point personally, but I wanna see

[00:26:15] What,

[00:26:15] where

[00:26:16] Sé Reed: How that was implemented.

[00:26:17] Courtney Robertson: Yeah.

[00:26:17] Is that what part of that goes to which

[00:26:19] teens and.

[00:26:21] Sé Reed: Yeah, how does, how I think the standardization and across the teams of that process will be really interesting. I, I did wanna note before, cuz we’re basically outta time, but I did wanna note one thing that is really important is the continuing upgrade of the design of wordpress.org. Which includes the design of make.wordpress.org, and right now what is happening is the switch from slash support as the place where documentations and forums are to a split where documentation is slash documentation and its own world, and then forums where you can get, ticketed, not ticketed, but.

[00:26:56] Non-live support will be the other component of that. So that’s gonna be a huge shift, I think for users that’ll be really easy. But again, that’s happening in the design team and in the docs team and if you have input on that it’s moving pretty quickly. But, and it’s a process that’s been in

[00:27:12] place for I think a few years now, and it’s it’s moving quickly now.

[00:27:16] Hasn’t moved quickly overall, but.

[00:27:18] I know there’s still opportunities to weigh in on that if that’s a area that you’re using a lot of especially if you are a plugin or a theme developer or even a user who uses the support forums. So that’s a good, I think people need more, we need more input from people who use those, either on the plugin side,

[00:27:39] Providing support or on the user side asking for support.

[00:27:42] Courtney Robertson: I’m excited to also see where that playground goes.

[00:27:45] The WordPress playground.

[00:27:46] That’s my

[00:27:46] last

[00:27:47] Sé Reed: Yeah, that’s a whole other episode in itself too. This is like just our outline of episodes for the year, so

[00:27:52] it’s cool.

[00:27:52] Jason Cosper: And actually to, I know we’re over time, but I’m

[00:27:55] controlling this one,

[00:27:56] Sé Reed: Sorry. Chucker.

[00:27:57] Jason Cosper: sorry. To loop back around to the contributor and mentor programs. Just wanna call out. On episode four thirty four we had Joe Binder on to talk about diverse diversity and inclusion and informally there is a mentorship.

[00:28:14] program that is being run

[00:28:15] Sé Reed: Speaker mentorship.

[00:28:17] Jason Cosper: yeah, speaker mentorship. So

[00:28:20] Courtney Robertson: for Word camp organizing.

[00:28:22] Jason Cosper: yes.

[00:28:23] Sé Reed: Yeah.

[00:28:24] Courtney Robertson: they have mentors to go in and partner with their. New

[00:28:28] Word camp organizers, those that are seasoned for camp organizers and, a process for that.

[00:28:33] Jason Cosper: Yeah, so I, expansion of this is gonna be great. I think that the existing programs if that’s something that you’re, you’re watching the WPwatercooler for the first time one welcome, but also you hear that and you go. I’d like to get involved. There are already programs out there where you can you can

[00:28:49] pitch in and help out.

[00:28:51] Sé Reed: Yeah, find it, do the log on and and make it a 20, 23 resolution to get involved if you have the bandwidth. And if you don’t, then just tune in and we’ll tell you about it.

[00:29:03] Jason Cosper: and I think that is a great way to end it. So

[00:29:05] here we go. I’m gonna hit the out. All right. Go ahead and subscribe to WPwatercooler slash subscribe. We got WPwatercooler, we got Dev branch. You can subscribe at Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube t I l, beds, all the places.

[00:29:26] We’ll talk to you next time.

[00:29:28] Sé Reed: Ah, happy, contributing.

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