EP441 – Little Plugins, Big Help

January 13, 2023

This week on WPwatercooler we’re going back to basics and will be talking about plugins we’re using that help us in big ways. WordPress is an amazing system that allows for all sorts of expandability with plugins big and small these plugins can really change the way you use WordPress.


Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Jason Tucker: This is number 441 of WPwatercooler. Little

[00:00:12] plugins, big help. I’m Jason Tucker. you can find me over at Jason Tucker dot blog and all my links are over there.

[00:00:26] Sé Reed: I’m Sé Reed and I am on the internet all around, Sé Reed Media.

[00:00:33] Jason Cosper: And y’all know who it is. It’s your boy Jason Cosper, AKA Fat Mullenweg. Back at it again on the World’s most influential WordPress podcast.

[00:00:40] Jason Tucker: Speaking of podcasts, go to Apple Podcast, audible, Google Podcast,

[00:00:44] Spotify, wherever it is. You listen to podcasts and hang

[00:00:47] out with us in our disc. Hello, how are you folks doing today?

[00:00:53] Sé Reed: Happy New Year.

[00:00:54] Jason Tucker: Woo-hoo.

[00:00:55] Jason Cosper: it’s a new year. New Year knew us.

[00:00:58] slightly

[00:01:00] Jason Cosper: Right.

[00:01:01] some things are new, some things are also new, but also, older. the,I have two things I wanna say before we start the topic. One, if you join our discord, you can do things like coach me through setting up a better sound system like, yos. Yas, not yo. Host has been doing in our discord.

[00:01:19] Sé Reed: So I have my headphone in and my microphone on, and I hope that my sound is better. And if you have comments, please join our discord and bring ’em. Cause I’m not a hardware person. Okay? So this is a hands-on show. you can comment and you can also help us improve our sound. so that’s one.

[00:01:37] Jason Tucker: say

[00:01:38] Sé Reed: Yeah, they’re fine, obviously.

[00:01:40] And then the other thing I wanted to say is I’ve been, presenting, I’ve been lying to everyone for many years now because I’ve been having the snap filter. on my computer and enjoying all of its benefits for a couple years now, and, they have killed it as of January 1st, 2023.

[00:01:58] So I just want all of us who work in technology to consider that technol changes that you make, affect people in ways that you wouldn’t understand. part-time podcasters who really don’t wanna have to do extra work to. Look nice in the morning and, appreciated little services like that.

[00:02:19] Jason Tucker: Yep,

[00:02:19] ya.

[00:02:20] say as soon as you get that new computer that you keep talking about. I will walk you through setting up continuity camera, which is what I’m working with now. that gives the blurred background, it, it portrait mode, it makes me, look, way less hideous than I normally do.

[00:02:37] Jason Cosper: I’ve got a,

[00:02:39] I’ve got a, I’ve got a built for podcasting, so yeah.

[00:02:44] Sé Reed: Everyone’s got trimmed beards. It’s 2023. I think it’s a great time to, this is why I was talking, why we talked about this. Talked about today’s topic, is not because of snap cam going away, though that is definitely an example of this. but our very own Jason Cosper released a little plugin. last week. Was it last week? Who was that? That guy? Nope.

[00:03:07] Jason Cosper: Huh me.

[00:03:09] Sé Reed: I’ll never get that right

[00:03:10] Jason Cosper: the first time. I’m pointing at his, Brady Bunch box up there. yeah, you released a plugin, was it last It was earlier this week. I’ve

[00:03:18] been working on, I’ve been working on getting it into the repository, finally on Monday. managed

[00:03:25] to, to get it approved over the weekend. got, it. Uploaded. Like when you make a plugin, there’s the whole fun thing of, getting access to subversion and then even though you’ve submitted your plugin for approval, they’re like, okay, now go ahead and

[00:03:39] upload the plugin that we already have a copy

[00:03:42] of but still please upload it, everything else.

[00:03:46] did all that had

[00:03:47] Sé Reed: process that’s been in place for

[00:03:48] a long time, so we can revisit that sometime this year. Let’s just start the topics for the year off right now. We’ll start a little

[00:03:55] topic, billboard or leaderboard. one is, I know I’ll,

[00:04:01] gotta get Mika on for that, but can we talk about your plugin? Because it’s really what inspired this

[00:04:07] episode’s, topic. And I just think it’s

[00:04:10] the best named plugin that I’ve

[00:04:12] really ever come across for what it does. And I just, it

[00:04:15] makes me feel happy inside. So can you introduce it and

[00:04:19] Ja Jason, can you show it

[00:04:22] Jason Cosper: Yeah,

[00:04:22] Sé Reed: It’s.

[00:04:24] here is biscotti. Biscotti is, effectively,the joke is that it’s a long cookie that lasts for a very long. Yeah. And basically what biscotti does

[00:04:36] Jason Cosper: is, it

[00:04:37] goes and takes, the default WordPress login cookie when you log into a

[00:04:41] new,

[00:04:42] install of WordPress or when you log into your existing install of WordPress.

[00:04:46] 14 days is how long you have.

[00:04:48] For that login cookie to last. so

[00:04:52] if you end up keeping,your cookies around a little bit longer than that, sometimes it can get annoying to basically have to log back into your install like

[00:05:00] over and over again. so what I did is I made a plugin that

[00:05:05] Sé Reed: You made a long

[00:05:06] cookie

[00:05:07] Jason Cosper: yeah, that gives you

[00:05:09] Sé Reed: thing

[00:05:10] Jason Cosper: the opportunity to change your login cookie to either three months. Six months or 12 months. So it gives you, long longer, longest cookies, effectively. And yeah, I initially, I wrote the plugin and it just set the cookie value to

[00:05:29] one year. but the options, I, always wanted to come back and,make the options available to folks. So now that I have,and put it in the repository, it’s getting some positive feedback.

[00:05:45] Some, Andy Frain friend of the show,a few other folks are just like, crap, man. I like, I’m putting this on all my installs. Tucker was just telling me he’s got it on a bunch of his,

[00:05:57] Jason Tucker: didn’t even have to log in. I just went to the, I just went to the dashboard and it, I was in. it was

[00:06:02] perfect. I love

[00:06:03] Jason Cosper: Yeah.

[00:06:04] Jason Tucker: Unrelated. If you, if you do have a cookie that’s going stale, you can put bread in the same box with it and it will, it will make it so it’s no longer, getting

[00:06:12] old

[00:06:16] Sé Reed: here for technology

[00:06:18] tips and

[00:06:20] Jason Tucker: It won’t fix yours, but hey, ,there is that.

[00:06:24] I,

[00:06:25] Sé Reed: think this is the, just the cutest little plugin and it really answers.

[00:06:30] I just love the name. I’m a, I love the pun, obviously, but it really answers and speak or speaks to, I should say, those little, all these little plugins that, do something. one little thing, and we’ve talked about this before, but I think a long time ago, just do one little thing and do it well.

[00:06:44] But it’s something that makes the process of, updating or managing, or logging into your WordPress just like easier and better and,more, not more safer. Safer. In the case of your other little plugin that is still in active use over at WP Engine, which is. What’s it called? Using strong passwords.

[00:07:09] I love that. That name is great too, for strong passwords. Yeah, because it just, it’s the same thing. It just, it just, it says what it does in that case, , no pun, but it forces strong passwords and it just does that one thing, and then your people can’t, put in an unstrung password.

[00:07:27] Jason Cosper: While I was working at WP Engine and maintaining that plugin, people, there were, a large number of users who hated that. We basically forced strong

[00:07:40] Sé Reed: Strong, strong password, of course, but that’s the problem. That’s literally the fact that they hate it means that they would not use a strong password if you did not force the strong password. So the fact that they hate it is evidence that you have to use it. We also do philosophy here at, WPwatercooler.

[00:07:59] If you wanna, we could get really existential with that or like some sort of like snake eating its own tail. But, sorry, go ahead.

[00:08:05] Jason Cosper: Or an aura Boros. Is that

[00:08:08] Sé Reed: That, that thing or Boris.

[00:08:11] one of the things though is that, now, WordPress core actually, very, it doesn’t force you, but it very gently prods you. If I don’t know if you’ve, if for the installs that you don’t have that aren’t using for strong passwords, effectively it says, Hey, this password is not great.

[00:08:31] Jason Cosper: Are you sure that you

[00:08:32] Oh yeah. actually.

[00:08:33] Sé Reed: have to click. You have to click. I acknowledge that this is weak. That’s like literally what you, it says, I, it’s not even like you don’t wanna use a strong one. It’s like you have to click. Yes, use weak password, which I think has set, I don’t know how that translates to other languages, like there might be different versions of weak, but I think for like in America at least weak is this.

[00:08:55] Especially for, for everybody really, saying, oh yeah, I’m weak. It’s like you have to like, you have to like, it’s like there’s an emotional component to that, but you have to like knowingly choose to be less safe. So I think that’s, that’s a funny thing, but you can still do it.

[00:09:13] And,in my case, I use strong passwords and if I’m not using, and if it’s clients, then they’re on WP Engine for the most

[00:09:20] part, or Dream Host. So I, don’t know. Is

[00:09:23] Jason Tucker: one I have one to share. So

[00:09:26] Sé Reed: Not, they’re not all

[00:09:27] cos babies

[00:09:28] Jason Tucker: so one

[00:09:29] of, one of my favorites is this one called an, enabled Media Replace. And the idea is

[00:09:35] you can take an image that’s already on your site and, then, re-upload it and give It a new name so that way it can break cash and do all that sort of thing, but still makes it so that you can replace an image that you may be using in multiple places, on the site. so it’s really nice. and there’s

[00:09:51] Sé Reed: By name, right? that’s the main thing. it’s it because of the default renaming

[00:09:55] system, right? The dash one, it, you can’t like that, that

[00:09:59] overrides us. does, it

[00:10:00] do other stuff or is it literally

[00:10:01] it does that But it also will, knock out the background, on an image. So if you have a an image that, yeah, it’ll do that.

[00:10:09] Sé Reed: got a little Canva.

[00:10:11] Jason Tucker: yeah, a little bit of that

[00:10:12] Sé Reed: just it’s little hint

[00:10:14] Jason Tucker: But one of, one of the things they say in here is that.

[00:10:17] all links pointing to the current file will be updated to point to the new file name additional options for the folder to, put the new name or in the date.

[00:10:26] Jason Tucker: So it rearranges it

[00:10:27] Sé Reed: so it’s not necessarily renaming the file,

[00:10:30] it’s updating the database.

[00:10:32] Jason Tucker: Yeah,it does all of that. Yeah, so it’s really handy and there’s a bunch of

[00:10:37] options that you can do to mess with that. a little bit. So yeah, take a look at that one. That one’s pretty rad. and six has, 600,000 installs, so it’s good stuff.

[00:10:46] Sé Reed: I love that last updated two months ago vibe.

[00:10:49] Jason Tucker: Yeah,

[00:10:50] Sé Reed: I just, you

[00:10:50] see that And it like, gives you like this little like

[00:10:53] active development. I get that anyway. Do you does, is that not normal?

[00:10:57] Do other people not get that?

[00:10:59] Jason Tucker: I get that.

[00:11:00] Sé Reed: Oh, look, it’s all updated. They’re paying attention. do you have more, you have

[00:11:06] another one you wanna do, Malone or

[00:11:10] does. I know Cosper has one. I’ve got one too, but I

[00:11:13] wanna hear yours. I’m, I really wanna know,

[00:11:15] Jason Tucker: do you wanna tell us about Wayfinder?

[00:11:19] Jason Cosper: I really do.

[00:11:20] Sé Reed: boy does he

[00:11:22] Jason Cosper: boy, howdy, what Wayfinder does,

[00:11:26] Sé Reed: The Moer Moor, that is the most amazing, company name I’ve ever heard.

[00:11:33] Jason Cosper: Yeah.

[00:11:33] Sé Reed: about that later. Sorry, I got distracted. It is in all caps for those who are not,watching the video. it is the name of the plugin developer. In all caps it says The Molitor. So

[00:11:44] Jason Cosper: yes,

[00:11:44] Sé Reed: something to note.

[00:11:47] Jason Cosper: What Wayfinder does is it adds, effectively outlines over the blocks that you were using

[00:11:54] Sé Reed: good Lord.

[00:11:56] Jason Cosper: the block editor in the full site editor, like whatever you’re working on. So if you’re editing your site, if you’re editing,if you’re editing just a page or whatever, you can effectively see which block and especially when it comes to like having nested blocks, things like, that, that you are selecting and working with.

[00:12:17] it is

[00:12:18] so

[00:12:19] I’m like, oh, I am installing that immediately on, on block-based sites, obviously. But Wh when is this getting adopted into Core?

[00:12:27] Jason Cosper: I

[00:12:28] Sé Reed: of those plugins where you’re like, shouldn’t this, won’t this be, What do you think? Yes. No, maybe so please, like where this makes sense. I It must be in the, must be in the roadmap somewhere

[00:12:42] Jason Tucker: So the, so on the bottom there, that’s including the, the class name that’s being added to it is that what’s going on? That’s so cool.

[00:12:50] Sé Reed: Yeah, and it looks like in those, so in the settings you can say, like for example, if that, if for my uses, if I was developing, I would obviously be able to use the classes, but I would wanna turn those off for my. users because I don’t want, they don’t, they’re gonna be like, what is that with the underscores or whatever, but the names of the blocks would be helpful because then you can correlate them in list view. I’m a huge advocate of naming your sections. Oh, come on. I was gonna, I was gonna ask Courtney this actually this morning, and then I got distracted so I didn’t ask her what her favorites were. So we should, just go to whatever it is, the missing menu plugin.

[00:13:28] I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. This is when you just, hit, I’m feeling lucky into Google. You just type it in, like I’m feeling lucky while you guys are looking that one up. Oh. Are you ready? you’re fast. Okay. Take it away. What is it? I feel like we’re playing roulette. We’re gonna all figure out what the plugin does while we look at it.

[00:13:55] Jason Tucker: Who wants to read the marketing speak?

[00:13:57] Sé Reed: Not me.

[00:13:58] Jason Cosper: Frustrated, navigating around the latest WordPress admin while building your site. Why does it take so many clicks to get to editor templates? The missing menu items for WordPress Plugin adds useful editor related links to the admin navigation

[00:14:12] missing menu items.

[00:14:14] Sé Reed: read, wait, hold on. I really wanna read that first paragraph. Why does it take so many clicks to get to the editor templates? That’s

[00:14:22] Jason Cosper: Are these people?

[00:14:23] did it, did we work? Did it go? I don’t know. you, we can look at that, but I wanna talk about another one real quick. Will we figure out what that does?

[00:14:31] please.

[00:14:32] and this is actually another thing that inspired the, I wonder what all these little plugins that we’re all using everywhere,secretly are secret, like reliant on plugins, is I had, just installed for a client, a duplicate post, plugin. And I can’t remember right now if it was actually duplicate this.

[00:14:52] Sé Reed: I can’t remember. Anyway, w one of their names. awesome motive. Just acquired duplicate post, I believe is what the actual plugin is called. and I thought that was really interesting in terms of it being, first of all that plugin has been around for a really long time and is one of those kind of like utilities that doesn’t do much except for, pop a little button up under the quick edit to allow you to duplicate the stuff.

[00:15:17] That seems. It’s so tiny that it almost seems inconsequential. But the ability to do that for actually managing content is exponentially useful. Like even, for WPwatercooler we always use our own,site as an example. I’m not in there doing this, but I know it’s gonna be a lot easier for Jason to get copy posts on the show layout each day.

[00:15:40] Sé Reed: You. Or maybe that’s just templates. Now also, maybe we don’t need to copy post because they just all have their own templates right there built in. So maybe it’s moot. I don’t know. Do you do either of you? so anyway, point is I started using a different, there’s many points, but one of the points is I started using a different,copier plug.

[00:15:59] it’s called like copy post instead . but there are so many of them, and I have to, I feel like I need to find a new one because, no offense to the folks at Awesome Automotive. I love you all. I most of,the ones I know, but can’t deal with. The admin can’t deal with it. So

[00:16:16] Jason Tucker: Yeah, I was trying to figure out could you get, could you make a very simple duplicate post plugin that would take over the entire screen, like all the other stuff I, it’s, I know it’s just gonna ha I don’t know, but like, how can it not? Because every plugin within that ecosystem, it gets its own colored icon, it like really comes and hangs out and,it’s presence is palpable. And that really causes problems for, I just think my user’s experience, literally my UX because, not my user experience, but they’re my user’s experience because now they’re looking at this icon.

[00:16:55] Sé Reed: Unless I, disappear everything. But anyway.

[00:16:58] Jason Cosper: Yes.

[00:16:59] Sé Reed: So now I need a new copy plugin and I’ve been experimenting with them and there’s a bunch of them, and they all do little things and I think it’s fascinating that such a small, tiny, really function is not something that’s part of core or something you could turn on

[00:17:14] a, a button, like in reading or in writing, maybe in the writing options.

[00:17:18] I feel like that could be something that’d be really. Not complicated on the build out end, but really simple in the or like really useful in the experience End.

[00:17:33] Jason Cosper: for sure. There is. I will, give a tip of the cap to Yost has, their duplicate post plugin, is, really,a as with Yost and I know that,we were goofing on awesome motive a little bit for. Yeah. To, for

[00:17:51] Sé Reed: All in good love. All love. Love is the.

[00:17:54] Jason Cosper: hit hitting everything with, with unnecessary banners and upsells and this and that.

[00:18:00] the yo duplicate post plugin, I know Yost has been a little iffy on my doorbell. Just rang, has been a

[00:18:07] it wasn’t the universe agreeing with you. It was like yos has been a little iffy. Ding d No, I like the folks at Yos. I just thought that was funny. That was comedy, not criticism. Yos is not iffy.

[00:18:18] Jason Cosper: One of the things I really enjoy about the duplicate post plugin is that it has, something where it allows you to either copy to a new draft or then rewrite and republish,

[00:18:32] a duplicate

[00:18:33] Jason Tucker: That’s an s that’s like seo,that’s got SEO flavor. that’s a duplicate post with a little SEO dashed in there because you’re like, you have your content already, let’s upgrade it and republish it and get some of that, that sweet. Some more of that. Sweet, sweet. Yeah. That’s cool.

[00:18:51] Sé Reed: Google Juice,

[00:18:52] Jason Tucker: I’ll have to, I’ll have to, I’ll have to take a look at this one cuz I, I’ve played with a couple different ones and this one seems like a pretty, a neat thing cuz of the fact that when you’re looking at a list of posts, you can create a new draft or rewrite and republish. I think that’s really cool.

[00:19:09] Sé Reed: So on the

[00:19:10] Jason Cosper: Apparently my doorbell ringing is, something that I have to get, so I am going to silently drop out for just a minute. I’ll be right

[00:19:18] Sé Reed: Okay, byebye, we’ll see you in a second. I think I envision, Cosper as, like Sandra Bullock in, was it like what the wire, what? Not the wire. What was that movie called?

[00:19:30] Jason Tucker: I

[00:19:31] Sé Reed: she like ordered pizza online and then she like discovered a secret hacking. Service. Nobody. The net. The net, that’s what it

[00:19:39] yeah. Yeah.

[00:19:40] Sé Reed: Anyway, things for the nineties are cooler. okay. I have another one too. yeah, I actually, can I, real quick, I wanted to, oh, yeah, I just wanted to say off that rewrite and republish thing, one of the ones that I use is Publish Press,revisions.

[00:19:53] Jason Tucker: Ah.

[00:19:53] Sé Reed: is this, it performs a similar thing. And I also wanted to say that I, used, I, I actually skipped over Yo’s plugin.

[00:20:01] because of ui, like admin takeover stuff as well. but now I’m gonna go look at it again, see what happens.

[00:20:09] Jason Tucker: Sweet. here’s mine. This one is called, better Search, replace. I like this. you pretty much put in, a term on the left side, a term on the right side. You pick which tables you want it to do and then you run a dry run. And that dry run will give you a list of, things that could potentially be

[00:20:28] Sé Reed: been holding out on me. I think this is amazing.

[00:20:33] Jason Tucker: you

[00:20:33] from the admin.

[00:20:34] Jason Tucker: Yep. From the admin

[00:20:36] Sé Reed: Wow.

[00:20:37] Jason Tucker: that’s it. Ta-da. You,

[00:20:39] that

[00:20:39] Jason Tucker: your dry run, you figure out if something’s gonna break or not. And if nothing’s gonna break, then you can tell it to do the, replace and it’ll actually replace it. And you can do case sensitive and case insensitive.

[00:20:51] for instance, if. Misspelled someone’s name or you had a company name change or something like that,

[00:20:58] Jason Tucker: and you just wanted to like blast through the whole thing and do all of ’em, and you only wanted to do it in posts and maybe not post meta for some reason.

[00:21:05] You could just select posts, WP underscore posts and only do it in that table.

[00:21:10] So yeah. Super

[00:21:12] Sé Reed: p h p admin, but like inside the dashboard with a clean.

[00:21:18] really limited ui. I, can’t believe I didn’t know

[00:21:20] Sé Reed: about this plugin. ,that’s

[00:21:22] Jason Tucker: sure you run a backup. Like with anything. If you’re

[00:21:24] gonna do something, make sure you do a backup. But other than

[00:21:26] Sé Reed: must be part of what they use for,

[00:21:28] cuz this is from WP Engine, which really, they have so many of these kind of little plugins that do all these.

[00:21:36] You know exactly what we’re talking about. Do these like bigger helping things. a lot of theirs also run behind the scenes. They have some must use plugins that are built in that they do this sort of thing.

[00:21:47] Jason Tucker: but I

[00:21:47] Sé Reed: think that they,

[00:21:48] Jason Tucker: from Delicious Brains, initially when, they were the ones running it and then WP Engine,

[00:21:53] Sé Reed: when they got a c f.

[00:21:54] . Yeah.

[00:21:55] Sé Reed: I didn’t, yeah, I somehow, missed this and, think that would be really handy. But that’s, that seems like a tool they probably use in their,at least they definitely do searching for strings and all that stuff when they do their pushing to, pushing from staging to production or whatever.

[00:22:10] Jason Tucker: This is one that we just talked about,

[00:22:13] Jason Cosper: Yeah,I still had you in my ears. I could hear everything, but,

[00:22:17] Sé Reed: Jeremy call you Sandra. Bullet, then

[00:22:20] Jason Cosper: yes. Yes. on the net is what you were thinking

[00:22:23] Sé Reed: Yes.

[00:22:24] Jason Cosper: the Pretorian guard.

[00:22:25] Jason Tucker: we have three minutes left today, so if you wanted to share what, share one. Let me know what it is and then I’ll pull it up real quick.

[00:22:31] it was, I publish Press is one we could talk about. I don’t, but Publish Press also has a bit of a UI takeover issue. They have a whole suite though. of, yeah, they have a whole world of their, there they are. they have a brand in the way of Yost. Yost has a very, I feel like they’re.

[00:22:51] Sé Reed: Their branding has a Yost vibe to it. Just I think the colors or something. But, they do have all of these sort of little comp components that are usually glued together in some bigger plug-ins, like for role management and stuff like that. And they, , they separate them out. And so you can bring in different things like managing,capabilities, roles, all that stuff.

[00:23:15] But I use them for, it’s up there, it’s revisions and yeah, they see there’s permissions. There’s a lot of ’em. it’s kinda like you can get member, a member, plugin, but like in pieces. And they do have a, a pro version as well. But they’ve broken out all these like tiny. Tiny useful plugins, for,the makeup, I don’t know, they extend the service revisions, is actually pretty handy.

[00:23:39] It actually makes a custom post type called revisions and then uses that. it’s actually, it makes a whole other

[00:23:45] spot. I think that the idea of revisions and having additional saved archive versions of different. Different versions of content is actually part of an eight year old ticket on WordPress track

[00:24:03] Jason Tucker: Wow.

[00:24:03] Sé Reed: to be able to show and like review and look at revisions on the front end.

[00:24:10] That is an area, I don’t know that it’s like someone to watch, considering it’s eight years old, but there is some discussion about,bug fixing is, has been a discussion lately, in some WordPress circle. I think that would be exciting if that got handled. So anyway,

[00:24:24] I remember asking about, about doing series posts, especially with doing WPwatercooler, having a series and having that all set up. And a lot of folks were talking about using that series for,doing, they’re, they say it as like newspapers, magazines, publishers, writers, all that stuff.

[00:24:41] Jason Tucker: But being able to do something like that, so you can essentially have a little block that says, this is part of a series and here’s all the different ones that are there. So yeah.

[00:24:48] Sé Reed: And event calendar, not a small plugin has made series as a custom. Sounds like we’re saying series like from Apple series is cus as a custom post type. so that, but that’s part of a bigger chunk. Anyway, there’s so many to talk about. Tell us your favorite, tweet us at it or

[00:25:06] I’ve got,

[00:25:07] Jason Cosper: one more because we’ve got, about a minute and a half left on the little counter at the

[00:25:12] top of

[00:25:12] Jason Tucker: the axle clock

[00:25:14] Jason Cosper: Yeah. So I feel like, I can actually squeeze this one in very quickly. I went ahead and sent it. It is, a very little plugin. sent it to our little private

[00:25:25] chat, Tucker, if you wanna pull it up. It is, simple. CloudFlare

[00:25:28] turn style. CloudFlare, I.

[00:25:31] Don’t, really love putting so much of the internet behind CloudFlare. But this is a very useful, service for, WP login for form field.

[00:25:41] Basically it replaces, the capa, from, like recapture from hcap,

[00:25:47] things like, that with, a very simple, check that CloudFlare does.

[00:25:52] You don’t even need to, interact with anything. You don’t need to fill out a cap.

[00:25:56] it uses some things that, are built into your browser, to your operating system. if you’re on a newer version of iOS or Mac os, it does a

[00:26:05] check effectively, to help see if you are, an actual human, as opposed to,not. and,it cuts down on so many login attempts, and bought traffic that I’m getting to, like my login forms, to my,contact forms to things like that. E Elliot Sabe, wrote this. we, I actually reached out and was like, this thing is cool. I wanna have you on the show to to talk about. it And they were like, it’s a pretty simple plugin. Y we don’t need to dedicate a whole half hour, to this, which I appreciated. I thought was like, actually okay, cool. But I was like so excited about it at the time, and I have deployed this to every. every one of my sites.

[00:26:49] And, I use limit login attempts on my sites to, to see like how many, bad actors are trying to log in to my sites. And, The number has just crater since I went ahead and implemented CloudFlare Turnstile.

[00:27:05] Sé Reed: these are, this is exactly the, exactly it, like these tiny little plugins that like just, they, maybe they weren’t getting in anyway, but it just completely avoids that, right? it doesn’t, does it avoids people being annoyed at your, your caption, it annoy it, prevents the bots from coming in and just, it just stops those things from happening.

[00:27:23] So it just reduces friction and makes the process. It’s so much smoother. It’s,there’s definitely more. That one’s a great one. I love it. Also, I love that name. I just picture people like clicking in boop,

[00:27:35] Jason Cosper: All.

[00:27:36] Jason Tucker: like looking for, I like looking for fire hydrants, though. It sucks that I can’t do that now with this plugin. where is the fire hydrant?

[00:27:44] Sé Reed: How am I gonna showcase my truck knowledge?

[00:27:47] I know, in the middle of your day, it’s like for your brain. it keeps you sharp.

[00:27:51] Jason Tucker: They should just add that to

[00:27:52] and then when you don’t find all the fire hydrants or trucks, you’re like, am I a robot?

[00:27:58] Sé Reed: is

[00:27:58] a mountain or is that a foothill? I

[00:28:01] Jason Tucker: and with that, we are out. Here’s our outro

[00:28:09] Sé Reed: Happy New Year. Listen to us on Spotify, on Stitcher, on podcasts, on Apple Podcasts, on Google Podcasts, on YouTube, on LinkedIn, on Twitter. Ugh, on Facebook. I don’t think we’re unmastered on yet live. Maybe I.

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