EP440 – Year in review and forward at 2023

December 30, 2022

On this episode of WPwatercooler lots of topics were discussed looking back at 2022 and what’s to come in 2023. Topics include the use of artificial intelligence in WordPress, Sé and crew launching the WP Community Collective, the possibility of a rewrite of the Media Library, the implementation of collaborative editing in WordPress, and the future of the WordPress mobile app.

Sé Reed asked the panel what is their word for tech in the new year.

  • Sé mentioned impact which means to her smart operating in terms of working on things that have “the most bang for your buck”
  • Jason Tucker’s word is cloud, at his work he’s looking to move to more cloud services and personally wants to try to use more cloud automation services in his day-to-day life.
  • Jason Cosper is carry on. He wants to look further into ownership and control over the things he creates and the use of certain platforms, such as Twitter. not having a focus on making money, but rather wanting to have control over the distribution and use of the things he creates. Cosper wants to be less dependent on someone else’s infrastructure, owning his own part of a social media platform such as sites that are federated like Mastodon.

Both Jasons would love to work on their show The Query and get that off the ground soon.

The discussion turned to the present and future and Sé began discussing her use of an artificial intelligence tool called Chat GPT for various tasks, such as generating content for websites, optimizing code, and writing blog posts. She mentioned that Cosper should use the tool to rewrite his speaker bio. Sé has used it to rewrite code, and express excitement about using artificial intelligence as a tool.

Launch of The WP Community Collective and the episode EP437 – Funding the Dream with the WP Community Collective.

Sé was appointed Team Rep for the Marketing Team

Jason brought up if the Media Library will get a rewrite and the group chimed in on some of the features they wanted including taxonomy, detecting and combining duplicate images, and tags. They mention the possibility of using artificial intelligence to classify and tag photos and mention the 10UP Classify plugin that leverages Microsoft’s cloud AI for this purpose. The panel also discussed the possibility of bringing this functionality into WordPress core, possibly through Jet Pack or another plugin.

The panel changed subjects and focused on discussing the possibility of WordPress implementing collaborative editing in 2023. They mention that this may require the use of web RTC or other backend connections, and may not be feasible for users on certain hosting plans. They also mention that there are plans for significant changes to the WordPress site, including an overhaul of the support forums and documentation, as well as the ability to use the Gutenberg block editor in descriptions for plugins. They mention that there have been some issues with the implementation of the block editor and that there is a reliance on the Blocks Everywhere plugin from Automatic.

Lastly, the panel discussed the WordPress mobile app may be neglected now that Jetpack has separated. They believe that the mobile app should be a good and functional app, and they believe that people with mobile app skills could make a significant impact on WordPress as a whole.


Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Jason Tucker: This is episode number 440 a Year in review, and looking forward at 2023. I’m Jason Tucker. You can find me at Jason Tucker on some stuff, and you can also go over to my website at Jason Tucker dot blog.

[00:00:15] Sé Reed: I’m Sé Reed. Reed Media is not really the website that I update, but you can look at it.

[00:00:22] Jason Cosper: You know its your boy Jason Cosper, AKA Fat Mullenweg, back at it again on the world’s most influential WordPress podcast.

[00:00:30] Jason Tucker: Over to Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, audible, Spotify, and you can go hang out with us

[00:00:36] Sé Reed: That’s the Blessed, the blessed Place . That’s the blessed place.

[00:00:40] Jason Tucker: place.

[00:00:42] Sé Reed: I was gonna say, that’s the best place to, actually hit me up because you can get right to me and, happy New Year. I actually had a listener hit me up on there and tell me that my sound is bad. Thanks. I think it’s host ho, host.

[00:00:59] Sé Reed: Anyway, I don’t know how to say your name properly. I think it’s host, but, I have this mic right here for you, so hopefully you can hear me now and I’ll get a better mic when I get a better computer. It’s gonna happen someday. People

[00:01:13] Jason Cosper: Someday.

[00:01:14] Sé Reed: but you know what? Just, who’s in a hurry for a new computer?

[00:01:17] Sé Reed: Why would a tech person be interested in a new computer?

[00:01:20] Jason Cosper: right?

[00:01:20] Sé Reed: I’m the most Luddite tech person there ever was. I swear, I’ve got my, I, my, my tiny iPhone with its one dinky little, one Dinky

[00:01:30] Jason Tucker: Wow.

[00:01:31] Sé Reed: camera.

[00:01:32] Jason Tucker: All right. All right.

[00:01:33] Jason Cosper: you to, update to that phone to say how long did you have it in box? Sitting on your desk?

[00:01:39] Sé Reed: It was on my desk for six months, . And my brother was really mad cuz he gave it to me. And the reason he gave it to me is cause I kept complaining about my phone and then didn’t get a new one. And so he’s here. And then I left it sit for six months. And he was mad about that too. That was a couple years ago.

[00:01:55] Jason Tucker: jeez.

[00:01:55] Sé Reed: Anyway. If you wanna buy me a new phone or a new microphone, I’ll use it eventually, but I’m just not that motivated. But this is for you, Yos. Yes. Anyway. Happy end of the year y’all.

[00:02:09] Jason Cosper: Yeah.

[00:02:11] Sé Reed: It’s here.

[00:02:12] Jason Tucker: it’s here.

[00:02:14] Sé Reed: It’s here. it’s clear. I don’t know what else. I just nevermind about that rhyme. cause we’re not outing anybody on this show.

[00:02:24] Sé Reed: All right. anyway, how was your year? Is this is our wrap up

[00:02:30] Jason Tucker: prepared today.

[00:02:31] look, it’s dead week, as you were just saying, right?

[00:02:35] Jason Cosper: Yep.

[00:02:36] Sé Reed: Cosper. And we were all home and we’re like, oh, you could do a show. Why not? So I was. Let’s do a show for the end of the year, wrap up, and then everyone can have it waiting for them when they get to their desks on Tuesday when everyone is ready to hit the road.

[00:02:54] Sé Reed: But, or not the road, the computer. They need a little content to get them going. So this is it. So I hope your end, your 2022 was, Gentle to you, and I hope that you were you, the audience, you people listening. you too also, but, I hope that you are a sweet audience. We’re not ill for Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanza, which is I think happening right now and all the other holidays that happen at the end of the year on the Western calendar.

[00:03:26] Jason Tucker: Yeah. the year, the clo Closing, closing, in closing, closing out the year has been, Nice. It’s one of, it’s okay, now I’m ready for next year. Now I have all these new things that I wanna start working on. I have all sorts of, it, I dunno. We’ve done resolution, episodes and I always think those are super lame cuz it’s just it’s oh, I’m gonna go to the gym, I’m gonna go do this and I’m gonna do that and yeah.

[00:03:52] Jason Tucker: But. . But I think there’s some things that like WordPress itself could resolve to do. And we’ve complained about them enough,over the last couple years and we’re starting to hear some, some rumblings about what it is that’s actually going to be happening come next year.

[00:04:07] yeah, things are looking, things are looking good and it’s, I’m happy to hear that we’re. Able to close up this year on a bit of a, high note and we have some ideas as to what’s gonna be coming up, I have a proposal for us real quick that I didn’t mention to you before the show. So surprise. it actually just reminded me of it when you said, resolutions. So I was reading an article about someone who does a word for the year.

[00:04:29] Yep.

[00:04:30] just what’s your word for the year? And I’m not gonna ask you that personally because, that’s not what we do here on the show.

[00:04:36] but, I will ask you, what is your word for your tech? So WordPress or hardware or work or whatever, like your techie side. What’s your word for your techie side? Mine is not update, although it probably should be

[00:04:55] Sé Reed: I think he kept saying no to that update thing that kept popping up. And now you’re at a point where you’re probably not able to get the latest OS on your phone anymore. So my phone is updated. My computer will not go. It is now at the top of its, it’ll get no further than this. So it has entered the stagnant zone. so words, you’ve had two seconds to think about it.

[00:05:18] Jason Tucker: Huh?

[00:05:19] Jason Cosper: Huh.

[00:05:20] Sé Reed: Okay, I have mine. Who are you guys?

[00:05:22] Jason Tucker: Yeah.

[00:05:23] Sé Reed: Ready

[00:05:25] Jason Cosper: Yes.

[00:05:28] Sé Reed: Impact.

[00:05:31] Jason Cosper: Huh. I

[00:05:33] Jason Tucker: you’re gonna throw the phone or what are you doing

[00:05:35] Sé Reed: it at you. No, I was gonna say progress, but that sounds so like sluggish, Like it sounds Just slow, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with slow progress, but I don’t want that to be like my mantra, like for the year. So impact, which means to me,smart operating in terms of working on things that will have the most bang for your buck, as it were.

[00:05:58] I’m really hopeful that this little, endeavor right here, which if you haven’t joined, please join us just for free. Sign yourself up. We don’t, obviously we want donations. Absolutely. But we also just want participation and community. So join for free.

[00:06:14] folks listening to the audio. That’s the WP community collective.com. Tucker. Please make sure that’s in the show notes.

[00:06:22] Sé Reed: It’s very important. I’ll be talking about it a lot next year. but I am hoping that we will have some impact, in the community. I, we have some cool announcements coming up in week one already I’m excited about. And,I’ll talk about some of the other things that I’m doing or I can talk about ’em now if you’re not ready with your words. Should I talk about now? You

[00:06:41] Jason Tucker: Like the word I always have the words I, the word I’ve used in the past is optimize, take what you have and try to make it, try to use it to, to, it’s most try to.

[00:06:52] Sé Reed: that has an implication that you are not already optimized

[00:06:55] Isn’t that make that makes, yeah, it makes me sound like I, I’m not like doing this well or something.

[00:07:03] Sé Reed: you are. I need to optimize. You do not you are optimized out. Maybe, I don’t know. I don’t know what your tech world’s thing is cuz you have an interesting relationship with WordPress and tech and the way you use it in your work and in your life.

[00:07:19] Jason Tucker: I guess if I had to, if I had have one at least work wise would be like,we’re, the place I work at, we are very old school and not because of anything in particular. It just, we got stuck with some old technology and we just haven’t upgraded it. And now I’m moving everything to the cloud.

[00:07:37] Jason Tucker: And so we’re getting a lot of cloud-based solutions instead of having everything live locally

[00:07:42] Sé Reed: Okay, wait. Hold on. I just need to make a joke here about all the stuff at your church job being in the cloud. That’s all.

[00:07:49] yeah. There is that. Yeah, but it’s not, it’s local. It’s still on the ground

[00:07:53] Sé Reed: You need to get, you need to ascend all of your church.

[00:07:56] Jason Tucker: Exactly.

[00:07:57] Sé Reed: You should frame it like that, and they’ll be like, okay. You’re like, we should not be of these earthly concerns. should.

[00:08:07] Jason Tucker: So that’s, if I had to say that, it would be just to start using more modern tools and modern tool sets to do the type of work that we wanna do. I think another one would be, I don’t really have the opportunity to do it all that much. So I’m I’ll definitely want to talk with you folks about it, down the road, but, Just doing like those automations that are happening on using something like, Zapier or using something like, make or one of those sorts of things that kind of ties all the pieces together to make the APIs talk to one another.

[00:08:37] Jason Tucker: I would love to do more of that. So there’s an, I hear you folks doing quite a bit of that. I do it, but I don’t do it with WordPress, so I

[00:08:45] Sé Reed: I just launched site, oh, sorry. Go ahead.

[00:08:48] Jason Tucker: So I’d just love to see something like that. it’d be that cloud.

[00:08:53] Sé Reed: That’s your word. Cloud it, baby. Not cloudy, but cloud. Those are different. Yeah,

[00:09:00] Jason Cosper: So I. I really think that, it’s gonna be a little bit of a carry on, near the end of my year. like it, it’s, this has been a theme

[00:09:08] Sé Reed: mean carry on, like continuance, not like a dead carcass, Just.

[00:09:13] a continuance. Absolutely. it started to crop up at the end of my year though, which is,ownership over, the things that I make and do and everything else. Tucker and I are both on, a master on server that I spun up. and, we use that.

[00:09:30] Jason Cosper: But, instead of, using something like Twitter now, I, I barely look at that site, but I’m not going to, keep. Putting things out there that like, make money for other people. I don’t even really give a shit about making money. Like I got a job that provides for my family and myself, like I’m good, but like the things that I put out there, I don’t want them to be dependent on someone else’s, infrastructure on. Yeah.

[00:10:04] Sé Reed: the whims. The whims of Elon Musk are musk through the air

[00:10:08] not only owning my, the social media platform that I post to thanks to Federation, but, blogging more, doing, Tucker and I have been talking about this for two years. I would like to finally launch the query, which is our question and answer show. and,

[00:10:29] Jason Tucker: we can just make it say questions, you know that, right? Like we don’t have to actually, I don’t need to even be there. I’ll just listen or something. But We’re here. Let’s do it. Let’s do a we’ll make it happen.

[00:10:44] Sé Reed: it’s

[00:10:44] Jason Cosper: Yeah,

[00:10:46] Jason Tucker: that’s we haven’t done anything for it. We’ve done for it.

[00:10:50] Sé Reed: and the logo to the query cuz it’s ready to go. I think that there was, I know that this is, actually less about you procrastinating and more about you trying to be inclusive. and I know that’s one of the big reasons that you didn’t launch in 2022 and or 2021.

[00:11:05] Sé Reed: And I think that’s really cool like that if you’re gonna not launch something, having it be because you are not trying to be another white guy stepping into the spotlight. Like the best reason, honestly.

[00:11:16] Jason Tucker: we doubled down and we did two white. Both have beards,

[00:11:19] Jason Tucker: and glasses.

[00:11:21] when you put it that way, you’re kinda like one guy. I dunno. Like you could just be the Jason as an entity. So you count. It could be one as an entity, right? It’s just for the show. For the show’s point anyway. I think that’s a great idea. And,we can folks send in your questions, and,

[00:11:38] Jason Tucker: You

[00:11:38] Tucker will not Tucker Cosper will, be your goo Google

[00:11:43] Jason Cosper: Yes.

[00:11:44] Jason Tucker: when

[00:11:44] Sé Reed: gonna be, you’re gonna be like chat G p t cuz now I just ask all my questions to AI and I don’t bother anybody anymore. Notice I haven’t texted you guys about stuff lately. That’s right. I know I

[00:11:56] Jason Tucker: getting, you’re just getting whatever the average answer is that, that the internet provided to

[00:12:00] Sé Reed: Surprisingly, I’m really good at filtering through that shit. Oh, Steph, I’m really good at filtering through whatever, so I can rephrase my question If chat g p t doesn’t get it right, the latest use I’ve had for it, 2023 is gonna be all about me. Using AI first, stuff like that as, because I have already been using it on, a bunch of projects this month and it’s helped me optimize my code.

[00:12:24] Sé Reed: And, this week I’ve been building out a client site who is just, content from a client. Does that ever happen? Do you ever get it? No. But, I started asking chat g p t, just like super basic questions about the industry and it’s giving me, basic. answers and I’m just like, cut and paste and it looks, it’s like you can’t tell the difference because that’s all marketing kind of copy is anyway.

[00:12:48] Sé Reed: It’s not like cutting edge revolutionary like blurbs, So like it’s really just populating my site and it’s a whole step closer to being done. Then if I’m using just dummy text, because now the client can go in there and look at it and be like, oh, I just wanna tweak it this way. I actually used it for a blog post yesterday for a microsite.

[00:13:10] Sé Reed: I was, asking, I did some updates to an internet. Excuse me. I did some updates to an internet and I was like, we sh we have this little news area. We should put something there if we did these updates to the section. And my client was like, no, I don’t have time for that. And I was like, hold, please. I was like, please write a short blog post about, adding new features to an internet, like just spread out. And I was like, blip.

[00:13:35] Jason Tucker: You’re like, oh, I should add that thing.

[00:13:37] Sé Reed: Yeah,

[00:13:37] Jason Tucker: I should add that feature.

[00:13:39] Sé Reed: I was like, look, it’s like a cheesy, I, it’s actually hard for me to write cheesy blog posts like that. So getting it from the AI and sticking it in there super easy.

[00:13:50] Sé Reed: So that’s, you know what, that’s part of my impact, right? So I’m using things for strong impact. So using tools that are, have a higher impact even on my work is what I’ve already started, and I am really excited about that

[00:14:04] Jason Cosper: you’re gonna, you’re gonna have to teach me about using it to rewrite stuff because, I have only ever asked chat g p t to tell me about a thing or whatever, because I would love to get chat g p t to rewrite my speaker bio and not make it sound completely either pretentious or.

[00:14:23] you gotta just give it those things. You say, here’s my speaker bio, please add some more professional, write, rewrite this now more professional, rewrite this to sound more casual. and honestly, for stuff like that, it’s gonna use the exact same content and just reword it like it is perfect for that stuff.

[00:14:39] Sé Reed: And I am. I am really anxious about the use of AI in society, but I am really happy about the use of it as a tool. And I know, there’s, that’s really the dialogue that’s gonna, like 2023 is gonna be all about this, right? even in the state of the word, Matt, Mullenweg was talking about it a lot, , surprisingly, considering it has nothing to do with WordPress,

[00:15:05] Jason Tucker: yeah. Do you think that it’s, it. that you’re better off using it you’re providing it. Something that you want it to derive from. Like instead of you just saying I need you to conjure up this,this paragraph, and I’m giving

[00:15:20] Sé Reed: definitely better at

[00:15:21] Jason Tucker: ultra vague stuff, but if I gave

[00:15:24] Sé Reed: at editing.

[00:15:24] like what saying his bio and said, here, rewrite this thing.

[00:15:28] Jason Tucker: At

[00:15:28] Sé Reed: doing it like right

[00:15:29] Jason Tucker: pulling from its own stuff. Yeah.

[00:15:32] Sé Reed: He like left. He’s sorry, I’m rewriting my file. . yeah, I think so. also with my code, I’ve been writing it in there. This is now turning into an AI episode chat, G p D episode. But, I’ve been, putting it in there and saying, can you see if there’s any way to optimize or any other ways to write this code?

[00:15:50] Sé Reed: And it’ll say, it’ll lit. It’s so great. It’s like having like a teacher, honestly, because. It writes back in full sentences, right? And it’s here, there are no errors. Which by the way, I really love that when it’s like there are no errors in this code. However, you could optimize this by using, and it actually like will number and give you the reasons.

[00:16:09] Sé Reed: It’s like when you make this call, you’re, calling the database multiple times. I actually shifted some of my code from, you know how you can write code in a lot of ways,

[00:16:20] Sé Reed: you may have noticed right?

[00:16:21] Jason Tucker: It’s have you ever heard of object oriented programming? Here, let me show you.

[00:16:26] Sé Reed: Actually saying, and I was like, no, I have not learned JavaScript Deeply computer. Why

[00:16:33] Jason Tucker: I see that, PHP four. Good job. Here. Lemme show you something else.

[00:16:37] Sé Reed: It’s not wrong. That’s not wrong. What I really wanna ask Chut, are all of my skills useless now? It’s yes, they are. Anyway, they’re a good basis. So that, that, that’s part of my impact, like using tools that have impact. So the cheesy way to say that would be to work smarter, not harder, but like I’ll work harder too.

[00:16:58] Sé Reed: I don’t mind. I’m excited cuz my baby’s almost three and so she doesn’t need as much I can sleep through the night it’s just like a new, I have a new lease on life. and,I’m really excited for, all the stuff that’s coming up. I actually have a little announcement to make too.

[00:17:13] Jason Tucker: Yeah, go for

[00:17:14] Jason Cosper: Please.

[00:17:15] Sé Reed: Okay. so I was, appointed as one of the. team reps for the marketing team for make WordPress. And, I am super excited about it for a multitude of reasons. I’ve been off and on the marketing team for a really long time. It’s had some problems, , but, this year it’s got a fair, it’s like starting to do stuff.

[00:17:37] Sé Reed: Put, putting things out on social. I think it’s gonna be really important. For I do think it’s really important for even what we were talking about a couple weeks ago when I was talking about how, there’s no blog posts for announcements and the communication. So I’m really hoping, and this again goes back to impact, I’m really hoping that I will be able to connect, do some cross, Cross collaboration between the teams in May, which are usually very siloed and they have been having a lot more crossover lately.

[00:18:04] Sé Reed: I know friend of the show, Courtney Robertson has been really instrumental in tagging people and getting people into different groups, into different teams, channels, but. I’m really excited to see if marketing, the marketing team can start to ease some of the friction that comes from having devs do communication. Again, not all devs are bad at communication

[00:18:30] Jason Tucker: Yep.

[00:18:31] Sé Reed: Most devs are, they’re fine. It’s not that they’re fine, just maybe they don’t think of some of the more, Public facing issues or communication, strategies that could be employed to help the community buy in to what’s happening.

[00:18:48] Jason Cosper: Yeah.

[00:18:48] Sé Reed: like I really think that the taxonomy feature or the taxonomy being added for commercial or community plugin, that was the original issue.

[00:18:57] Sé Reed: Like I think that’s a great idea. Like it really is, it really helps clarify to the user what they’re using. And I think that is always good. And it’s also gonna have, it does have directions to both the. The plugin support forums and to wherever the commercial support might be for that plugin, which is very helpful to be helpful to the user.

[00:19:21] Sé Reed: But again, the way it was announced was alarming to people instead of, excited. and that’s my main goal for the marketing team is to help ease that friction. and maybe just build out, build out. Communications a little bit past just promotion of WordPress, but more about inter, inter community communication.

[00:19:44] Sé Reed: So that’s my cool announcement. And my, some of my, those are like some of my big dreams for 2023 in terms of WordPress. and the community summit is coming up in August right before Word camp us. So that hasn’t been for, a million years. And I am really excited and I hope to be able to go so, yay.

[00:20:03] Jason Tucker: Do you think between the two of you, do you think that the media library will actually get some type of optimization at some point here? Do you think we’re gonna get what we’ve been wanting to get at least I

[00:20:15] Sé Reed: Taxonomy in media. I was actually, I was looking at the media library literally yesterday and I was like, why is there just not taxonomy here? That’s all we need. And you can put taxonomy on any, you can make custom taxonomy for it. Like I’ve, and I actually was thinking, I was like, why have I never made a custom taxonomy for my media?

[00:20:34] I like w me who’s always like talking about the media library . Like, why have I not done that yet?

[00:20:41] Jason Tucker: And why doesn’t it detect that? Like the same image is already in there and just combines them.

[00:20:47] Sé Reed: Just,

[00:20:47] Jason Tucker: why doesn’t detect that

[00:20:49] Sé Reed: is already in here. Do you wanna do it

[00:20:50] Jason Tucker: being used? I wanna know, is it being used in a post? is it, is it a duplicate? and is it, oh yeah. Can you somehow, use, I don’t know. It’d be nice if it just did some tags for me.

[00:21:05] that talking about AI in, in, in, WordPress, I wonder if

[00:21:08] Jason Tucker: there is a horse in this. yes. There is a car in this photo.

[00:21:12] Sé Reed: I think that could happen in terms of,I don’t know what’s going on in the open source, open verse or photos teams in terms of tagging and that sort of a thing, but it seems to me that given the focus that, photography it has in the project, it seems that is a natural, Natural step that we could take within the project.

[00:21:35] Sé Reed: So that’d be another cool way to apply AI specifically to photos because it in theory might wanna already exist or may even already exist for photos or open verse team. So

[00:21:47] Jason Cosper: I was gonna say, you,y’all maybe don’t remember. We did an episode on this. We had Helen on and, talked about 10 ups, classify, plugin. and, yeah, it leverages I think a Microsoft service to, use their, cloud AI stuff to, to classify, photos, help tag them a little bit, help, help do that stuff.

[00:22:10] Sé Reed: I,Can we bring it into core

[00:22:14] probably like via jet pack or something like that, honestly.

[00:22:18] Sé Reed: I said I laughed really loudly. Sorry about that. For people with ears

[00:22:22] Sé Reed: I didn’t mean to laugh quite loudly.

[00:22:24] I have gotten a little less down on Jet Pack since they’ve started to split things up and make like more, single-serving or like vertical focused, jet pack, like offshoot plugins.

[00:22:37] but I would love to see,a service. I think that,we’re going there in 2023 with the collaborative, editing,and moving forward with that.

[00:22:48] I don’t think unless the automations have already been working on it, I don’t think that’s gonna be a quick lift for anybody. We’re gonna spend some time there, but they’re going to like people on. bargain hosting or even people on, low end manage hosting. I don’t think that they can handle the, like web RTC or whatever backend connections are needed to do collaborative editing.

[00:23:13] Jason Cosper: Good. Like Google has a whole Google behind

[00:23:18] Sé Reed: of that wasum stuff,that I feel like that has potential for I actually, I don’t know enough about it, but I feel like that type of like instance that’s not saved somewhere deal until you hit save or something like that could be part of that. Like I guess that wouldn’t really be so much real-time collaborative editing though.

[00:23:37] Sé Reed: But you know what? I’m so happy that’s not my problem.

[00:23:40] Sé Reed: I don’t wanna figure that one out. I can figure out a lot of problems. I’m like, I’ll test it.

[00:23:47] it may be worthwhile,in the future, especially as they’re getting all of this ready and they’re talking about the, the, what goes into making this, if they have a component that the meta team is gonna have to like, spin up to handle some like backend coordination stuff, it might be worthwhile having, auto on to, to see like what they’re thinking about there.

[00:24:09] Sé Reed: That’d be fun. I, there’s actually a lot planned in terms of make and the WordPress site. Obviously they’ve been, redoing it all, design wise, but there’s a whole shift coming from support, the sup support forums and documentation. so it’s just gonna be really be forums and documentation. So that’s getting a whole overhaul.

[00:24:28] the rest of the site’s gonna get designed overhaul, but what they’ve been doing is using, the,the new stuff they’re putting on the wordpress.org site first. So that’s actually right now, I think in the plugins, directory, when you’re doing your. Like in the forums or sport forums or when you’re doing your description, you can actually use Gutenberg and the block editor now in those descriptions.

[00:24:51] Sé Reed: So that’s pretty cool. I know they’re, they’ve been having some hangups. It doesn’t work like perfectly and I know there is a lot of emphasis on the blocks everywhere, or there’s a lot of reliance, I should say, on the blocks everywhere, plugin from automatic, so that’s interesting. In terms of ownership.

[00:25:07] Sé Reed: One thing, I really, just changing the topic real quick, sorry. But what I wanna hit this before we go is I really think we, we need to talk about, and the community needs to talk about the mobile app. I am very much,

[00:25:20] Jason Tucker: It’s

[00:25:20] Sé Reed: I, concerned is not the right word, but I am very much bullish on the fact that it should be a good app and it should work.

[00:25:27] Sé Reed: And now that Jetpack has separated, I feel. It will be neglected, and I really want to, not neglect it. So if you have any mobile skills, app skills, that type of stuff, that is a place that I know there could really be some impact on WordPress as a,as a whole, like the whole software. Because right now really our mobile app has been, Jet pack dependent.

[00:25:51] Sé Reed: And with that separation, I actually haven’t used the WordPress non Jet Pack mobile app. Have either of you used it yet? I really should, since

[00:26:00] Jason Tucker: and frustration.

[00:26:01] Sé Reed: Yeah, so I think that is something that is really important. And I, I am a supporter of Automatic, I think Automatic does amazing work, and literally the community and WordPress could not exist without it.

[00:26:12] Sé Reed: So I am not a, I am not an anti automatic person, but I do think that we shouldn’t be like I.

[00:26:21] Jason Tucker: If you will.

[00:26:23] Sé Reed: But I do think that we shouldn’t have to be reliant on jet pack. yeah. Whatever you say. anyway, that’s all I have to say. What did you say now? Cause then I can figure it out.

[00:26:33] Jason Tucker: manual tissue.

[00:26:35] Sé Reed: Manual. Oh. not aian?

[00:26:37] Jason Tucker: Yeah, there you go.

[00:26:38] Sé Reed: that I got it. Anyway, off my soapbox.

[00:26:44] Jason Tucker: Sounds good. into the show. Thank you very much for hanging out with us. I really appreciate it. And, next year’s gonna be fun where I’m looking forward to, building out a, a long list of things we’re gonna be discussing and getting the three of us together to get those figured out is gonna be very fun.

[00:27:01] Sé Reed: Yeah, if you’ve got topics or ideas, send them to us. Come in the discord and chat us up. We are very much open to talking with y’all, and we want to build community within the show as well as within the greater. WordPress community, so come on in. We’re really nice

[00:27:19] Jason Cosper: Water’s fine.

[00:27:20] Sé Reed: snarky, but really nice snarky. Happy New Year.

[00:27:26] Jason Tucker: here’s our how Trail. Subscribe to.

[00:27:34] Sé Reed: Just a quickie,

[00:27:36] Jason Tucker: appreciate it

[00:27:39] Sé Reed: Subscribe, to us. Listen on Spotify, YouTube. Stitcher Apple Podcast. Really wherever you get your podcasts. See, I know the lines. for listening to most.

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