EP439 – State of the Word 2022 Recap

December 16, 2022

This week on the show we’ll be recapping the recent State of the Word 2022 event that occurred in New York City on December 15th at 1 pm local time. An in-person audience was in attendance and the video was streamed on YouTube for the community to watch if you couldn’t claim and seat and make the trek. Much like in previous SotW events Matt answered questions that were emailed in and asked by the on-site audience.


  • Michelle Frechette – Accessibility at WordCamps
  • Michelle Frechette – Openverse Photo Directory is a successful campaign. Where do we go from here? What stats can be made available?
  • Allie Nimmons – What do you think is the biggest challenge for WordPress?
  • Laura Bern – All Female / Non-Binary release squad?
  • Ryan Marks – What is the status of the supported version so themes/plugins for PHP 8
  • Will WordPress still be a thing?
  • Courtney Robertson – WordPress Certifications through Learn?
  • Budd Krauss – What do you see as the future of themes?
  • Nev Harris – Chat GPT and the problem with getting content from clients.
  • Josepha Michelle – Getting younger folk involved in WordPress.
  • Robert Jacoby – Backward compatibility break
  • Mike Melanson – Project Gutenberg and block protocol, what’s the status on this?


Episode Transcription


[00:00:00] Sé Reed: Five golden rings three.

[00:00:08] Jason Tucker: This is episode number 439 of WPwatercooler, state of the word recap, I’m Jason Tucker. You can find me at Jason Tucker dot blog where you can find all the links to me and where you can find me on the different socials.

[00:00:25] Sé Reed: Not on Twitter anymore. Oh, I’m Sé Reed. I’m at, that’s not right, but sure. I’m here. Hi.

[00:00:32] Jason Cosper: And y’all know who it is. It’s your boy Jason Cosper, AKA Fat Mullenweg, back at it again on the world’s most influential WordPress podcast.

[00:00:40] Jason Tucker: podcast. Go to Apple Podcast, audible, Google Podcast, Spotify, and go and subscribe to us over there and

[00:00:47] Sé Reed: We are federated. Ooh, yeah. Federated and distributed and not isolated. We have with us [00:01:00] today the most wonderful, one of the most wonderful humans I know, like literally in the world, Courtney Robertson, who is, joining us. Despite the trek that she went through a blizzard, two directions, two trains,

[00:01:14] Courtney Robertson: Up both ways.

[00:01:16] Sé Reed: subways, uphill both ways, wasn’t home until two in the morning.

[00:01:20] And yet she’s here with us today to give us the scoop, the inside scoop. How bald is Seth Rogan? Seth Rogan, not Seth Rogan.

[00:01:31] Courtney Robertson: Seth Goden. Seth Goden has been very bald for a decade

[00:01:36] Sé Reed: So excited about Seth Rogan than Seth, for the record. Way more excited.

[00:01:42] Courtney Robertson: Yeah.

[00:01:43] Sé Reed: Anyway, yeah,No, it’s not all about Seth Godin. Although the YouTube chat was super. Every time they found out someone saw him, they were like, is that Seth?

[00:01:52] Courtney Robertson: Meanwhile say, new of this before the live stream

[00:01:56] Sé Reed: yeah, I got the inside scoop[00:02:00]

[00:02:00] Jason Cosper: and then she told us to not talk about it, and then the camera cut to him. She’s don’t post this on socials, but Seth Godden is there. And then all of a sudden the

[00:02:09] Courtney Robertson: He’s like front row. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:02:11] Sé Reed: I think, do you think it was placed there? Like I, I have questions about why Seth

[00:02:19] Courtney Robertson: There were a few reserve seats. I remember that in the day Seth used to have, he was one of the holdouts for movable type and had Seth’s blog on movable type for quite some time. but now I would be surprised if he’s not on v I p because his web address, I think is Seth blog.

[00:02:38] Sé Reed: There’s no way He’s not on v i P and at this thing and sitting in the front row. But also interesting is that he was there like a year or a couple years ago or something and had the same person with him. I thought that was really interesting. Like it was like they’re not handlers right. Assistants or whatever, but I think that’s just really interesting that they’re like,

[00:02:58] Courtney Robertson: Yeah. Seth’s

[00:02:59] Sé Reed: But anyway, [00:03:00] there’s Seth.

[00:03:01] That’s really hard for me to say.

[00:03:02] how delightfully old school that it’s, what frames,

[00:03:07] Courtney Robertson: Yeah. We have a scroll

[00:03:08] bar.

[00:03:08] I just got the screen a little short here and small and whatnot. Oh no. It actually is eye

[00:03:12] Courtney Robertson: Oh no, it’s frames. Just kidding. there’s a scroll in that sidebar. it’s not the ip, but the dot log address is definitely purchased,

[00:03:20] Sé Reed: Oh, he’s dot blog. That’s right. Actually, I saw somebody had posted, I can’t recall who apologies. Someone posted a picture of all the swag they got and it was, obviously cuz it was at the automatic offices, it was all automatic swag and it was like Tumblr and blog and v i p and I really wanna run v i p sticker even though I don’t use v i p at all.

[00:03:42] Courtney Robertson: But Yeah. Yeah. so I found a few fun things while there.

[00:03:47] Sé Reed: Do you have a

[00:03:48] Courtney Robertson: I am double verified as a

[00:03:50] sticker. Yeah.

[00:03:52] Sé Reed: Yeah. I wanna know what is the turnaround time that they did the Tumblr merch crew on the, internet check.

[00:03:59] Courtney Robertson: [00:04:00] Stickers are pretty fast.

[00:04:02] Jason Tucker: Yeah.

[00:04:03] Courtney Robertson: Yeah. Yes.

[00:04:05] Yeah. Pins. Pins can be pretty fast. I, I don’t have this large, I didn’t until yesterday. I have a large, you can’t tell with the lighting, but it’s got slightly purple. on the WordPress logo for our listeners, the sticker that I first held up for our audio folks is two blue check marks, very similar to the way Twitter’s check mark badges would appear, except that it’s from Tumblr.

[00:04:28] Sé Reed: that is a Tumblr meme

[00:04:29] Courtney Robertson: pay $8 to get your own versions of these on your Tumblr

[00:04:35] Sé Reed: also, speaking of Tumblr, I noticed that behind the, lectern was a Ovv poster, which is another ov, I don’t really know how to say. It turns out, the, Tumblr meme that has exploded recently of the fake Martin Scorsese movie. That is like a whole thing. And I was impressed with Turnaround time on that.

[00:04:53] I’m like, not only is there a poster, but it’s framed and it’s on the wall and it’s well placed. So there was definitely [00:05:00] thought put into the images. behind

[00:05:03] Courtney Robertson: The offices were really cool. this was on the 11th floor of Automatics Building. It’s close to one of the New York City. We work facilities. Yeah. okay. The floor,

[00:05:14] they are the

[00:05:15] Courtney Robertson: they are the 11th floor. The area has a couple of glass in meeting room areas, so imagine that it’s a whole rectangle.

[00:05:24] But out of that, there are some glass in meeting room areas, which leaves the rest of the floor print as a large L shape. And so the actual place where the chairs were set up and with the backdrop for the presentation the last two years was on the lower part of that L shape, whereas the rest of the room had some couches and some working.

[00:05:43] And some things like that. Upon check-in, I got this cute little version of a WordPress journal. It’s a nice little mosk.

[00:05:51] Sé Reed: really not get anyone? Did you really

[00:05:53] Courtney Robertson: and then I got, so it’s Christmas, it’s getting close. We do Christmas in my house and so we’re getting close to Christmas with my [00:06:00] kiddos. And so one child has a lot of things in blue and the other in green, and so I found some more moleskins that were full size by the swag, so I can have hard back.

[00:06:12] My kids have gotten their first journals already and they loved. So now they have hard back versions of journals and we’ll see what becomes of that. With a five and a

[00:06:20] Sé Reed: Courtney, I have a really important question for you, and this is important and it needs to be covered first. Okay? I know we already talked about swag, but this is even more important than swag.

[00:06:29] Courtney Robertson: Ah.

[00:06:30] Sé Reed: How are the snacks

[00:06:32] Courtney Robertson: Oh, there were many, there were lots of good snacks to be found. However,I’ve been a little, I’ve shared this publicly.

[00:06:39] I enjoyed a nice glass of cider with Matt after the event was done. It was a hot cider with a dried orange slice in it and cinnamon stick and some whiskey. And so we were having a couple of those. That was really good.

[00:06:50] but as far as the appetizers, there were lots of appetizers going around. I am brand new to owning an EpiPen, which tells me that for a little while, I should not be [00:07:00] experimental in the foods that I am testing out because especially be traveling to New York.

[00:07:07] It’s like there was seafood going on and there was a lot of things. There was like dessert things. There was some barada and. oh,what’s the Italian corn meal polenta that, so there was like a lot of good apps going on. However, I did not feel particularly adventurous, since I was traveling just for the whole day that if there was,

[00:07:30] Sé Reed: You didn’t wanna have to go to the

[00:07:32] Courtney Robertson: out.

[00:07:32] Sé Reed: But I wanted to be sure there was Weird.

[00:07:35] Courtney Robertson: no shellfish for me these days.

[00:07:36] Sé Reed: So I’m glad the snacks were good and now we can check out. Cause that’s really all I care about. And that’s what matters. The snacks and swag.

[00:07:44] and, the hot cider was

[00:07:45] Sé Reed: There’s content also. Okay. Just kidding. Okay. Content. Who wants to go first? These are not fists. That was like being, I was not trying to fight people who were on the audio [00:08:00] stream.

[00:08:00] I was just enthusiastically moving my fists.

[00:08:04] Courtney Robertson: Yeah, as expected, we didn’t have a whole lot of time for the online q and a and I did overhear SFA indicating that any questions that people submitted that did not get answered during the event, there will be a post about that. So I would

[00:08:16] expect that to be a couple

[00:08:17] Sé Reed: Yeah, they said that in the chat too, which I thought was really interesting because they actually asked one of the questions that was in the chat and I know there was pre, ask Matt a question that stated the word, like a post that went out. And I didn’t actually hear any of those answered in the q and a.

[00:08:34] But I don’t really care. I know they’re gonna get answered in the, probably not by that, in a blog post. And, that’s fine. A lot of the questions that were happening in the chat were. Slightly rhetorical. Some of them were like, for example, there was a whole section about ai we all might recall about chat, G p t

[00:08:55] and there was a little dialogue about how, all of chat G P T and the [00:09:00] AI system is trained on stolen data and that type of thing. And so there were some questions about like, how do we feel about that? Yeah, I don’t know if those will be answered. because they’re more philosophical and I think people want an answer from Matt when it comes to philosophy, when it comes to questions like that.

[00:09:17] Sé Reed: Not a, like here is the official project policy on ai. And, just, we’re just not gonna get that. And I know now having been in this community for quite some time, cause I’m older than I look. That we’re not gonna get those answers. So that doesn’t mean people should stop asking them. I just wanna set those expectations in advance.

[00:09:40] No, no one’s tackling the, is AI and ethical use of, data sets on the Word Press team. It’s not happening. If it does, I will be shocked and a amazed, and I will, I will hope we will dedicate an entire episode to it and I will in that process, find a tiny hat and eat it or something, but pretty [00:10:00] sure. Anyway, that’s my prediction about the chat questions,

[00:10:05] Jason Tucker: Yeah.

[00:10:05] is the theme dead? Which is so yes, but also maybe not. And if

[00:10:13] Jason Cosper: so talking.

[00:10:14] Sé Reed: do it or if you don’t want it to be, just kill it. Maybe. I

[00:10:18] Jason Cosper: about the questions first is jumping ahead to the end, but it was honestly,

[00:10:23] Sé Reed: Do not, never.

[00:10:24] Jason Cosper: Yeah. it was honestly one of the more interesting parts. one of my, favorite things that happened during this q and a period was, Laura Byrne, asked Matt, hey, it was great when, a while back when we had, a female and non-binary release team for a release of WordPress.

[00:10:43] can we do it again? And Matt’s yeah, sure. O okay. I, A at some point in the future. And Laura stood up there, still holding the microphone and went, what about in 2023?

[00:10:56] Sé Reed: This. That felt to me like when you ask [00:11:00] someone to get together and you’re like, we should get together for like coffee some time, and you’re like, yeah, totally. We should do that. Let’s stay in touch. Let’s schedule that up. That’s how it felt to me.

[00:11:10] for the record, Laura and I sat together. Laura was referring to the panel where Josepha, Michelle Ebony, and I presented at Word Camp Montclair about that release squad. at that time I had just begun resurfacing as a contributor coming back from Sear’s way with Littles at home. And so Laura stumbled just a tiny bit and has profusely apologized.

[00:11:33] Courtney Robertson: And Laura, again, I want to re. I would never wish you any kind of harm or ill will. because she, flustered in the moment

[00:11:42] she was, she like totally backtracked so much.

[00:11:45] Courtney Robertson: I know. And I’m like, I’m sitting right beside you. It’s okay. so anyway, so yes, that really squad, was a lot of fun. And that was, I think, was it five eight, I think?

[00:11:56] 5 8, 5 9, somewhere in there. And. [00:12:00] that I would like to see one of those happen again. And this time I have my bearings a little bit more. One of the things that, that we saw in that release squad is that non-binary folks and women were in n it was not to say that men could not contribute, it’s that more of those that hold the release leads role and or prominent positions on the.

[00:12:25] were brought in and mentored through that process. And so since I’ve taken some time to get my bearings back as a contributor again, Scott loves the release squad. Yeah. I was chatting a little with Josefa after the event and we were discussing about how. Each of the make teams, Matt had a question asked, again, q and a kind of thing and said, high priority for Matt is the various teams and that collaboration.

[00:12:47] And I actually really agree because I think oddly during Covid we saw the teams having contributed before Covid. And then walked away for some time and then come back in the middle of this pandemic. we saw the team starting to cross collaborate a [00:13:00] lot more. I know that Melana and I have been cooking up ideas, among docs and training team working together, the overlaps of that.

[00:13:07] so that release squad previously had done a lot to mentor people into what this process is like. to do so again, I love Laura’s idea and that, and I think that idea of onboarding folks to not just the work that happens from the software pushing out code, but also all of that other work across all of the other teams.

[00:13:27] Courtney Robertson: Laura happened to have co-founded the WordPress marketing team and was a pivotal person in getting that team off the ground and launched. So onboarding folks to areas like that around how do you market the. Onboarding folks to the training team and the docs team, all way is welcomed. Say you’re muted, but you have boards.

[00:13:49] I’m gonna take their thing right there and segue. it. Do it. Do

[00:13:52] Sé Reed: coughing so much.

[00:13:54] Courtney Robertson: Sorry.

[00:13:55] Sé Reed: Still sick. don’t get the flu. PSA for people. Get your flu shots or something if [00:14:00] you want to. Cause don’t, just don’t get the flu. It was

[00:14:02] Jason Cosper: sh. Shout out. Shout out to Courtney, by the way, for being the only person I saw the entire time wearing a fucking mask.

[00:14:09] Sé Reed: freaking.

[00:14:11] don’t get sick. Cor Courtney took that like

[00:14:14] Sé Reed: Way to go.

[00:14:15] Jason Cosper: to logical. Yeah.

[00:14:16] Sé Reed: I was so proud. every people were flying in from all over. what are you doing? No one has had any time to de decontaminate themselves.

[00:14:25] I have little, we have holidays coming up. I don’t know what my kids are bringing home from school that I might share. I don’t know what happened on the train, like.

[00:14:34] Sé Reed: Bring.

[00:14:35] Courtney Robertson: of that. Like I might be the one with bringing the things and I don’t wanna share that. But also if I can avoid spending Christmas with the flu because say it has taken you forever to feel like you’re halfway

[00:14:47] Sé Reed: And I like can’t hear outta this ear like pretty much at all. yeah. I just want to tell you all from personal experience, don’t Okay. It really hurts a lot.

[00:14:56] Courtney Robertson: Confession. I had my mask off when I was consuming [00:15:00] that cider because it’s hard to

[00:15:01] Sé Reed: Yeah. Alcohol,

[00:15:03] Courtney Robertson: but it went back on pretty quickly afterwards. Yeah,

[00:15:06] Sé Reed: the whiskey will handle that part for you. okay, so wait, I wanna segue that. I was segueing before I was, my, my sick sickness became oh, so important yet again. is that, you were talking about cross team, collaboration and that, dovetails quite nicely with, cross team, but also.

[00:15:24] Team to community communication. And I brought this up today in the Meta channel, . There’s a long discussion in there. If anyone wants to read it, go for it. but, so I actually, I’ve been paying attention and the, and attending and participating on the meta team since earlier this year. when Matt told me to do that cuz that’s where I could have my convers.

[00:15:46] That part was not true. However, I really like the meta team and, I feel comfortable there. So I’ve been hanging out with ’em. and I noticed earlier this week that, there had been a commit about, business taxonomy for plugins. And I was like, woo, this is [00:16:00] interesting. Obvi. My, one of my, areas of extreme interest is business development.

[00:16:05] and another area of interest is you. WordPress . So these things, dovetail nicely and I was like, this is super interesting. I have not heard of this. What’s the deal? so I know that the commit happened, prior to, the state of the word, earlier this week, I know that it was a last minute thing because I know that Matt liked to reveal things at the state of the word, which I get from a, just having something worthwhile to present point of view, from. Just any sort of presentation kind of annual sum up. You want some sort of, meet to your proposal or to your presentation. And I get that. So there’s a lot of last minute stuff that happens, in the,in that last minute process. And all of us and a lot of folks who’ve been around know how last minute, word camp presentations are and say to the word is really no exception.

[00:16:57] the point being here is that when that was [00:17:00] announced, there was probably very predictably, some confusion and some questions and some issues that were brought up within the community and that results in people, taking to the internet or coming into the meta channel and being like, what’s up?

[00:17:17] Sé Reed: This is a problem. What are you doing? and generally, feeling concerned or confused. And, we, one of those folks is friend of the show, Matt Cromwell, who’s, give, wps. you have that somewhere, right? Didn’t I send that to you? The Matt Cromwell thing Anyway, you can pull it up if you want, but for example, he was having a lot of, concerns about it.

[00:17:39] Obviously someone who’s a plugin, has plugins. This is a concern and interesting. People want more information. Also, the owner of contact form seven who has declared dramatically and in no uncertain terms that contact Form seven will always be free, will always be a community plugin, will never have a free version.

[00:17:59] Was one of the [00:18:00] plugins, and it was mistakenly not on purpose, just mistakenly labeled as a commercial plugin that caused some, confusion on Twitter, and I’m sure within that person’s heart. and this to me speaks, this is a much more benign, example, a softball example, if you will.

[00:18:18] Sé Reed: And there is now a blog post that, wonderful human being and. wordpress.org extraordinaire, manager of all the things auto put together, which is great. It is not your fault. It’s fine. , none of this is auto’s fault. I just wanna state that unequivocally. Unequivocally. but that, There, there is a way to communicate this stuff to the community even at the time, cuz we have the ability to schedule posts.

[00:18:51] I don’t know if you knew that, but we do.

[00:18:53] Jason Tucker: No way.

[00:18:54] Sé Reed: Yeah. It’s a feature. the. This type of thing is the type of thing that [00:19:00] causes what I consider to be unnecessary friction within the community. An unnecessary distrust. There are plenty of things out there that are. I was gonna say like rightfully caused distrust, but that’s not what I mean.

[00:19:15] Like things that need to be secret. For example, the active growth chart, which may or may not have been a security issue, those things have to happen fast. I understand that last minute things happen for state of the word. We want that wow factor, but this is the type of thing where I very much believe that process definement would help us as a project.

[00:19:38] To, just be more on the same page, literally on the same post . but we would be able to, we have enough places where there will be friction. , end of story, there will be friction. So if we can find ways to create less friction, that would be great. and over again, this presents itself and a lot of the folks in the meta [00:20:00] conversation today, we’re talking about how this is really a project management issue, which I agree to a certain point.

[00:20:06] A communication issue, a project management issue, a process issue. But, I just wanted to bring that up because this is the type of thing that I actually think is a really cool development. Like I think this is a good thing to put on the plugins, like this is a helpful feature. The contribute button, which allows people to participate in the community plugins, the idea of canonical plugins that is stewarded by the community, by the make community.

[00:20:32] Great plan. Good idea. Some of this stuff we need to have in-house and. I support this fully and support things like contact form seven, which just wants to be part of the ethos of this is free. You can use it.

[00:20:47] Jason Tucker: I jokingly said that was a canonical plugin,

[00:20:50] Yeah. you.

[00:20:52] but I just wanna say, so I think that this is, one of those examples of, a place where we have some room to improve [00:21:00] the process. That’s

[00:21:01] Courtney Robertson: very quick thoughts. One,the communications, I would think that this would be an area that the marketing team might be able to help with the writing of some of these. Types of content that might go out even on an individual team site, but might impact the wider project. So comms about the plugin, we need to get the word out to the entire third party plugin ecosystem, especially those that have things in the repo.

[00:21:25] I would envision that the same might be true for themes because they’re in the same bucket at times. there’s been things that go out on training, for instance. . I ask Matt about certifications, we’ll come back to that. But the same idea, like a significant post, but what it’s contained within a theme or within one of the teams.

[00:21:42] having some comms help with marketing and marketing is definitely always looking for more contributors and people to volunteer. If you’re good at thinking through those types of things, come back to that piece in a bit. The other two thoughts that I had around this also, friend of the show, Scott Clark, is in our [00:22:00] comments section here today.

[00:22:01] Courtney Robertson: Coincidence. I just saw Scott, just like an hour ago. It was good times. so Scott is the lead dev for pods that I owe, and that is a plugin that is entirely free open source. Invites and encourages people to come and contribute to that plugin. The model for that is not driven by a business.

[00:22:22] Hello Scott. Scott does have some extensions for pods that are paid for Pods Pro, which bridge the functionality of pods, which with a lot of the page builders. And knowing Scott as I do. Scott takes that money and then dumps it back into pods uses it to keep the lights on for things going on at pods.

[00:22:42] And I just had Scott come on to my show, we’ll call it. I was on with Maya last week talking about pods recently, and that’s something where. . I know Scott’s not making a profit on these things. no. And he’s probably losing money, but loves this passion project. And [00:23:00] out of that, there have been a couple of contributors come through that, that have gone on.

[00:23:03] No, I won’t tell your secrets to, especially the rest of your family. , there have been a lot of people to go on from pods that have worked in some of the major WordPress agencies and other plugging companies over the time. It’s been a great training ground for individuals. My time with Scott was not just at GoDaddy.

[00:23:23] We worked at a different plugin company together. And again, working on a team with Scott, I learned a lot that led me to the career. Where I’m going, so is a free plugin like pods that has the extension going to meet the criteria because Matt indicated that. Those that have a pro upsell option would not meet the criteria for community.

[00:23:45] Sé Reed: So as.

[00:23:46] Courtney Robertson: that, say, we’ve had some questions. Sorry. The other piece to that, because I know once you get going, the other questions, we’ve had a couple questions of people coming to W P C and saying, would you sponsor or help fund out of W P C, this [00:24:00] other plugin and fund me to work on that? And we were like, no, it’s only for the things that are on the project, but does this community plugin now. that’s a bigger question, but I think,that this conversation about, What are the taxon, what are the terms within this taxonomy? what are the criteria for those terms, et cetera, et cetera. This is something that is in development and Otto was very clear and, in his post that he posted today that has this information, which we can link to, in the show notes as well.

[00:24:31] There’s another area

[00:24:32] this is in development, right? And so while the process is something that I, have communication process, something that I want to, continue to work to improve within the project, the. Desire for input and the ability to take in input and develop and change something that is only a nascent, feature is very much there.

[00:24:53] Sé Reed: And that was very clear in Otto’s blog post. And I would encourage everyone who has any plugin development, [00:25:00] involvement, literally like whatsoever to go to that blog post and talk about this stuff because, . This isn’t just it. The problem is it feels like it, but it is not actually just laying down the law of this is how it is.

[00:25:13] It really is just the beginning implementation of a feature. I would like it if our communication reflected that so that people didn’t have to feel, oh, someone big bad, somebody is making decisions that are gonna mess up. my world over here. And that we are all part of a conversation. Yeah. so just everyone can go to that post and have that conversation because that is really valuable and really important.

[00:25:40] And honestly it is listened to, even though it is often felt like it is not. And over the next year, hopefully you can work on that feeling. but still it is worthwhile to go.

[00:25:52] Courtney Robertson: I would also say one of the other questions that I had in there was about, we only have a few folks that handle the media, the plugins [00:26:00] being vetted, plugins being to, reviewed, and the update process and the notifications about all of that. Does this put an undue burden upon those already very overwhelmed individuals that are maintaining that?

[00:26:13] I really wanna take care. Am. Very important to our community.

[00:26:17] Sé Reed: She’s an important person. the plugins team, literally Otto and Amika is,and even the meta team, like when these things happen, people react at the state of the word and then just jump in here and start freaking out. And that is a trauma response from the community. I feel like we’re just like conditioned to feel like, Hey, don’t take away our things.

[00:26:37] I don’t think that’s what’s happening and we gotta get the perception to line up with reality. And I want Matt to be able to give exciting surprise things to the community at the state of the word. Fun fact, not a ton of people are paying attention to the Meta Channel. So even if we were talking about it openly, there

[00:26:57] Courtney Robertson: I, I broke the news about the playground [00:27:00] on the, weekly post status roundup that I do with the full link to it, like the night.

[00:27:05] Sé Reed: Yeah,

[00:27:05] Courtney Robertson: it’s just gotta watch in the right places. And it’s

[00:27:07] Sé Reed: the playground is cool. We should actually have a whole episode on that, I think with a dev ranch because someone needs to explain to me what the heck is

[00:27:14] Courtney Robertson: it’s all over. Learn already. It’s all over. Learn

[00:27:17] Sé Reed: Good. You can come back and tell us what the hell is happening. Like how is what a database and browser, I don’t understand.

[00:27:24] we’ll do this we’ll, we’ll plan out our next episode in public, since we, pushed our dev branch to, let y’all announce the W P C C. can we have a dev branch, Tucker at the end of the month and discuss the kind of interesting, developer focused stuff both.

[00:27:41] Sé Reed: We should just do it January 1st, cuz no one’s listening to the WPwatercooler on the 23rd of December. It’s just not happening.

[00:27:49] but see, it’s not the WPwatercooler step branch, but.

[00:27:52] it’s true. is there anything, I know we’re like out of time, but,

[00:27:55] Jason Tucker: I only had

[00:27:56] Sé Reed: all that matters. What did you, [00:28:00] Okay. I wish I don’t show pictures of my child on social media or on the internet because. It’s the internet. but I took this adorable picture of, I actually watched the state of the word with my almost three-year old, and I have this adorable picture of her just like staring at Matt.

[00:28:16] And she’s who’s I like Matt. That’s Matt. And she’s is he nice? And I was like, yes.

[00:28:25] Courtney Robertson: So my takeaways, other things to take note of in yesterday’s state of the word, there’s some chatter about PHP compatibility and being fully compliant. I also, as soon as we started talking about the media library, as a person who has been watching this very fine establishment of WPwatercooler for the 10 years, I immediately say, said, say, says what? Because. because we were talking about bringing more of the Gutenberg experience into, we heard about more Gutenberg Rob app things. media library is on the horizon of things to [00:29:00] do in the not too distant future. So that’s exciting. And,

[00:29:04] Jason Tucker: to hold my breath. Here we

[00:29:05] Courtney Robertson: yeah,

[00:29:05] Sé Reed: But I have one more thing to say. Wait, I wanna talk about next year in January, we will talk about the Gutenberg is bigger than WordPress conversation because I think we need to have it.

[00:29:17] Courtney Robertson: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:29:18] Sé Reed: He said it twice now at Word Camp us and probably more than twice, but twice in my personal hearing that he predicts Gutenberg to be bigger than WordPress.

[00:29:29] And I have questions about that development. That’s all I’d like to look into it. So we have a lot to talk about in 2023. You thought we were gonna shut up. We’re not

[00:29:39] I do wanna keep our cl our pro keep our promise of doing a 30 minute show. I know we’re 32 minutes in, but hey, I wanna say thank you for hanging out with us. We really appreciate it. Talk

[00:29:48] Sé Reed: least we covered the snacks.

[00:29:50] Jason Tucker: At least we covered the snacks. See ya.

[00:29:54] Courtney Robertson: that I.[00:30:00]

[00:30:00] Sé Reed: Don’t.

[00:30:01] Jason Tucker: dot com slash subscribe where you can go and subscribe to this content over there. And also, if you wanna listen to us or watch us, there’s a.

[00:30:13] Sé Reed: It’s tut, right? That sounds so weird. I don’t know what.

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