EP408 – Selecting the right solution for your project

December 10, 2021

On this episode, we will be discussing the methods we use to find the right solution to a problem we face on a project. Is it a SaaS intregration? WordPress plugin? We’re going to walk through knowing what questions to ask and identifying what features are the best fit for the project and for the budget you are working in. We’ve all been there and there is 100 ways to approach this, here are a few from us.


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WP All Import

WP All Import works with any XML or CSV file, you can import images, and can easily import data to plugin and theme fields or anywhere else you need it. With WP All Import import and export with ease, even schedule it too! https://wpallimport.com


Created to simplify your translation process, Weglot gives you a reliable and easy way to take your WordPress website from local to global instantly.

With a quick and simple install, Weglot is fully compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. Weglot works by automatically detecting and translating your website content, no matter where the content is coming from (e.g any plugins you’ve added). Your content is then displayed without the need for duplicate pages or websites.

There’s no fiddly manual string by string translations. Once Weglot is installed on your WordPress site, everything is translated instantly.

All your translations are then available to edit and manage through your Weglot dashboard. This intuitive interface makes editing your translations effortless – make edits, add your team members to your translation project or even order professional translators to fine tune any nuances.

One of Weglot’s key benefits is its ‘in context’ editor, which allows you to make changes to your translations directly inside your website design and structure – so you can see clearly where each translation is.

Features include:

  • Fast 5 minute setup
  • Highest rated translation plugin on the WordPress Directory
  • Automatic and human translations
  • Front-end language switcher automatically added to your store
  • Optimized for multilingual SEO (translated URLs, metadata and added hreflang tags)
  • Compatibility with all themes and plugins (incl. WooCommerce, Yoast etc)
  • A unique dashboard with an ‘in context editor’, easily edit translations & invite teammates to collaborate
  • Expert support: a fully dedicated technical support team at your disposal

Weglot offers a free trial for 10 days so you can explore the platform.


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