EP394 – WordPress 5.8 “Tatum”

July 23, 2021

This week on the show we’re discussing the new WordPress version 58 release named “Tatum”.


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Episode Transcription

Steve Zehngut: [00:00:00] Yeah.
Jason Tucker: [00:00:08] this is episode number 349 of WordPress. 5.8. Tetum.
Se Reed: [00:00:16] Tatum.
Jason Tucker: [00:00:17] Tatum title brought to you by serverpress.com makers. DesktopServer they make local WordPress development, easy. Check them out over at serverpress.com . I’m Jason Tucker. You find me at Jason Tucker on Twitter.
Steve Zehngut: [00:00:32] I’m Steve Zehngut. I’m the founder of Zeek interactive and I run the OC WordPress meetup.
Se Reed: [00:00:43] Hi
Jason Cosper: [00:00:46] And it’s your boy, Jason Cosper, AKA post formats, Malone, cosper.me. Check it out.
Se Reed: [00:00:54] customer.
Jason Tucker: [00:00:54] can go and subscribe to us as a podcast, go to apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify.
Se Reed: [00:01:00] But just FYI, Jason edits all those cool chat out. If you listen on a podcast, you don’t get all my cool Hayes.
Jason Tucker: [00:01:07] What you downloaded the podcast.
Se Reed: [00:01:09] No, you told me.
Hey, so first question, I’m just going to Rob it right
now, for it.
Jason Cosper: [00:01:20] Okay.
Se Reed: [00:01:21] tat ’em. If you got ’em.
I’ve been going
back and forth. I don’t know. And I looked it
Jason Tucker: [00:01:28] don’t know.
Jason Cosper: [00:01:29] I like to say it the way that Conan O’Brien says Taito as if it’s a, like an Irishman, like an old timey Irishman. So I go Tate.
Se Reed: [00:01:38] Ted it’s
Steve Zehngut: [00:01:42] they name this after a Boston Celtics player
Se Reed: [00:01:45] it’s Arthur Tatum, Jr. But I don’t
Steve Zehngut: [00:01:47] Oh, it’s not Jason Tatum. Okay. Nevermind.
Se Reed: [00:01:50] Jason Tatum pay them. So this must be Tatum too. Okay, cool. I legit have just been going back and forth to Adam Tatum anyway.
Steve Zehngut: [00:01:59] Are we just going to call this one Tatum? Like we call the block editor at Gutenberg from now on.
Jason Tucker: [00:02:04] Totally. That’s exactly what we’re going to do here.
Se Reed: [00:02:06] Yeah it’s very it’s satisfying to say Tatum. I don’t know. I really want this particular name.
Jason Cosper: [00:02:13] But I worry if we keep on this too much longer, we’re going to do one of those Letterman Ooma, Oprah things, and it’s just going to work.
Se Reed: [00:02:22] Yeah, but we’re still remembering that. And it’s 20 years later. So Tatum, anyway. All what’d you got peeps? Cause I got a note. I have notes.
Jason Tucker: [00:02:33] you have notes.
Steve Zehngut: [00:02:35] you prepare, you prepared. It only took 349 episodes.
Se Reed: [00:02:38] Prepare it is generous.
Jason Cosper: [00:02:41] I like it when, say per pairs. It’s rare, but it happens. And when it happens, it’s
Se Reed: [00:02:48] prepare. When something’s brand new, I can’t just wing it the same way. Cause it turns out they’re brand new. So I can’t use my innate intelligence to figure stuff out if I’ve never
Steve Zehngut: [00:02:59] Hey they fixed the media area. No, that’s
Se Reed: [00:03:03] not
Steve Zehngut: [00:03:04] That’s not
Jason Tucker: [00:03:04] true.
Jason Cosper: [00:03:05] okay.
Steve Zehngut: [00:03:06] That’s not true. I’m waiting. I’m waiting
Se Reed: [00:03:08] one thing. They did allow you to copy the URL. To, without having to go in and get the URL when you upload something. So that actually gave me hope and they added in the lazy load for the grid. If you’re ever just scrolling through your media library, looking for all the pictures that are randomly they’re in no order whatsoever.
So those are there, but it gave me
hope that there could be changes coming to the media. Give you hope that somebody is actually looking at The media library
Steve Zehngut: [00:03:41] the WordPress theme?
Se Reed: [00:03:42] The media library
got touched.
We all like that touch the library. So that was
I Can we just talk about the most exciting thing?
Jason Tucker: [00:03:53] Yeah, go for it.
Se Reed: [00:03:54] you jump in the loop. The loop is.
Steve Zehngut: [00:04:01] We don’t need no water. Oh,
Jason Tucker: [00:04:05] Let them, yeah, let it burn.
Se Reed: [00:04:10] I love me a loop. I love me aquaria custom query.
Jason Tucker: [00:04:14] yeah, I was that’s and that’s using the if you use the little you can just have that pop up and then you can start building out how that loop is going to be set up, which I was watching some videos on how other folks were using it and I’m like, oh, okay. I can see this as this is going to be very helpful.
Se Reed: [00:04:34] I think the real problem is that obviously what it is, it’s a query loop. That’s totally what it is, but I feel that naming it, that. Is gonna not have it. It’s fine for developers obviously, but for the lay person, that’s a scary block title. Like I don’t necessarily think that it should have been called that, but I do almost feel like this is WordPress’s my space moment. Are you saying we’re going to have
Steve Zehngut: [00:05:00] dancing babies and things like that.
Se Reed: [00:05:03] because this brings the concept of the loop and the query. And what, and really post types, even out The user, the backend that the users using it out into the admin, like it’s not in, in core, it’s not in a builder. It’s not in the backend, it’s not in the code. it’s not in the builder, you know, it’s right there in French. I think That will lend itself to people being like, oh, so wait, I can make more post types. Oh, wait, I can do this. What I mean, when I say it’s my space, how my Inadvertently taught an entire generation a CSS, because they wanted to have their names, no,
Jason Tucker: [00:05:43] Yeah. What would you call this? If you weren’t going to call it like the query loop.
Se Reed: [00:05:50] a post player or something like that. You want me to post?
Steve Zehngut: [00:05:53] post it’s cause there’s other post types. So you know,
Se Reed: [00:05:56] Yeah. But post types, like they’re still posts cause they’re post types. A CPT block Steve Zehngut: [00:06:04] You know me.
Se Reed: [00:06:05] like, I think that, I just think that the name is, Um, is, uh, a little Cody for sure. But S C CPT is not
Jason Cosper: [00:06:16] much better. And, uh, could also be considered a little racist Hmm. for the people know, they know,
Se Reed: [00:06:27] Yeah.
Steve Zehngut: [00:06:28] Okay.
Se Reed: [00:06:29] We’re all like do live in Bakersfield, so you would have more experience,
Jason Cosper: [00:06:33] I’m a Stone’s throw away from Oildale, racist as hell. Yeah. I
Se Reed: [00:06:41] think that the thing is, is that custom post types are still posts, right? Well, they don’t always behave like posts, but that’s what they’re called. So calling it, something like that, I think would be a little bit better, but it is what it is probably not going to change now. So just going to be called the loop and I think that’s the thing. And I think it could introduce people to more complex, Cut. Post types should really have been called content types. I mean that then it’s not confused with a post. And that’s actually how I refer to it when I’m talking to my clients so that they understand that this is, these are types of content. Yeah. All right. So a content block actually would make sense that you’re like, I’m going to put some content here. What content do you want? I want these posts or these whatever. So That makes more sense from a user perspective to me, um, in terms of cause cause that’s the real question, right? Who’s using this block Who Is this block for Is this block for the lay person or is this block for assemblers? Is this blocks for developers? Like not sure what think
Steve Zehngut: [00:07:40] this, I think this sort of it, yeah, that’s exactly what I was going to say. This sets the stage for full site editing, right? This is bridging that gap.
Se Reed: [00:07:49] I have the same question about full site editing. but again, this really is, to me, the MySpace moment, we are starting going to start to teach people about how to build their site and how, what they can do can move things around, but they’re not locked in. And so I think we’re going to start to see if people start to use this, More. creative, unique, because people are going to find ways to stick stuff in weird places. I, it
Steve Zehngut: [00:08:19] trust me. We will. We will.
Jason Cosper: [00:08:22] It is time for WordPress to get weird. I I let’s get weird.
Se Reed: [00:08:28] We’re going to get weird. I think we might open the door to weird a little bit with this, and I’m informative. People do weird stuff with tools. You know what I mean again?
Jason Tucker: [00:08:37] I’ve been on websites where there’s widgets all over the place. So for instance, now we have a block-based widget. Yeah. So does that want to take an old the widget and drop it. in there, you can, you know
Se Reed: [00:08:48] Yeah. essentially widgets are blocks anyway. So now they’re just like extra blocks and you can block and block I’m like, where are widgets even going at this point? If you’re going to go to full site editing, isn’t block a widget is just a block and a hard
Steve Zehngut: [00:09:06] I think I th I think widgets is antiquated, right? Would you say imply sidebar only type of stuff or footer, right. Even if that made widgets kind of is that the fact that you can put them other places besides the sidebar.
Se Reed: [00:09:23] that’s the thing, now they’re just blocks, right? Widgets were already like blocks, right? You built out your sidebar or you built out Twitter and now like, now I just think it’s funny. It’s like a inception where it’s you’ve got a widget inside, a block inside of it. Instead of block. Is it a widget? A block?
Jason Tucker: [00:09:45] the one, I think that’s really weird is that they added is this ability to add filters.
Se Reed: [00:09:50] my
Steve Zehngut: [00:09:51] thought that as
Jason Tucker: [00:09:52] This is the, this is like the wordpress.com like equivalent for wordpress.org type sites where they’re like, oh, look here, you can edit your photos. Now let’s add a filter.
Steve Zehngut: [00:10:03] But th the only filter there is duotone. So what if my site’s not To take duotone photos? Like It is an interesting choice.
Se Reed: [00:10:13] The funniest part about this for me personally, is that my business partner hates images of photos that are screened of people that are now purple or people that are green. She’s like why are you making people agreeing? Like she, she just hates it as a designer. Selection, not for images or whatever, but specifically people at night, when this came out, when it was coming out, I texted her and I was like, word press is putting your most hated design feature into core. Just get ready to submit more.
Steve Zehngut: [00:10:42] And I’m wondering if they pick this particular filter Deliberately cause maybe it’s the lightest GD library, That actually does the image changes in the background. They could have picked this because it’s simply going black and white and then adding a color, which is probably pretty light on the Then compared to some of the other things that you could do with GD lib.
Se Reed: [00:11:01] Yeah, I think that This is weird.
Jason Cosper: [00:11:07] Okay. th th like that, to
Se Reed: [00:11:09] me, seems like a really strange, um, feature to go deeper into There’s so many things you can’t do to edit your image already, and now they’re like, but you can make it a different color. Listen, you guys, everybody here has been asking for media improvements for so long. They’re finally giving you
Jason Cosper: [00:11:30] a feature that they ripped off from Spotify. All the artists covers on Spotify. So now your site can look like Spotify. I, you know what? You’re welcome.
Jason Tucker: [00:11:41] Ooh, you’re onto something Cosper. they just bought a podcasting set up. So I get it. This makes sense now.
Se Reed: [00:11:50] Continue Matt
Steve Zehngut: [00:11:52] I’m assuming this is setting the stage for other filters is what this is doing. So I’m assuming this is only the first of many,
Se Reed: [00:11:58] it’s basically a filter, right? like on Instagram or whatever. So you can just filter out your images.
Steve Zehngut: [00:12:03] And so I’m assuming they wanted us to. start with one, see how it goes. And then we’ll add more, but we’re going to end up with a whole bunch of sites that look exactly the same.
Jason Tucker: [00:12:12] Yeah. Yeah.
Se Reed: [00:12:13] And if they want to have a filter, they should choose this one. This is a better filter than the duo.
Steve Zehngut: [00:12:18] A yarn, frog hat.
Se Reed: [00:12:20] I really like my new hat my, so I understand at some point we’re going, man, I hope automatic doesn’t buy snap. Cause then I wouldn’t have all my cool filters and I couldn’t look over it
Steve Zehngut: [00:12:35] No. I want all the Snapchat filters in, within my WordPress site so that I can, no
Jason Tucker: [00:12:39] Totally.
Steve Zehngut: [00:12:40] I Not want that.
Se Reed: [00:12:42] I’m surprised no more stories. The stories weren’t integrated into core stories. They didn’t jump on that trend. They’re like, come on, everybody put your story where your mouth is.
Jason Tucker: [00:12:55] and I did see that there were some improvements to columns. If you’re putting in any of the, in the the columns, you’re able to do some some more attributes there for the spacing. Yeah.
Steve Zehngut: [00:13:07] Yep.
Jason Cosper: [00:13:08] yeah.
Se Reed: [00:13:10] Yeah.
Steve Zehngut: [00:13:12] Go ahead.
Se Reed: [00:13:16] You do whatever you need to say.
Jason Cosper: [00:13:20] I was gonna say speaking of control over columns and stuff like that this control with a theme, Jason and block Jason that they added to core. Is absolutely a huge thing. Like we can actually go someone on the Pagely breakdown, a five eight said, can we finally say goodbye to the chaos of overriding a million CSS classes, just to get a page builder to stop ripping our styles apart. I am looking forward to this so much and getting to actually
Steve Zehngut: [00:13:55] I actually th this was, I was going to bring up this exact same feature from a developer standpoint. This feature is awesome. Just being able to control, save out mess with the theme dot Jason file, just to get to the core of the settings of your site is pretty cool.
Se Reed: [00:14:14] What are you
Steve Zehngut: [00:14:16] With great power comes, great responsibility. So this allows theme developers and plugin developers to kind of mess with your site the way they want by having this open thing, but they could already do this. It’s just makes it easier for them to do that.
Jason Tucker: [00:14:30] And now we got web P
Se Reed: [00:14:32] this is just making things easier and cleaner, right? It’s not putting something in that wasn’t there before, other than title.
Jason Tucker: [00:14:40] Yeah.
Se Reed: [00:14:41] That’s a question. That was a question. Not a statement. Thanks. Thanks guys. Thanks for the answer.
Steve Zehngut: [00:14:47] You’re
Jason Cosper: [00:14:47] no I’m going to treat it as a statement. Thank you.
Jason Tucker: [00:14:53] Your statement has been recorded. Web piece support, SES stays broken. She needs to hit refresh or something, but web piece support is now a thing you don’t have to go and run some extra plugin or extra something in order to be able to do it. It’s just built into it. I also saw the ability to be able to do PDFs now and having have a PDF actually. Tied in seems like a nice thing. There’s plenty
Steve Zehngut: [00:15:21] So what do you mean.
Jason Tucker: [00:15:23] Let me see if I can find it here. One of these sites had the PDF like a PDF, you were Yeah. Built in.
Steve Zehngut: [00:15:29] on the front end. Okay. Yeah, that is very cool.
Jason Tucker: [00:15:31] Yeah, because there has been plenty of plugins that you could use that would make a PDF work, but I think that’s it, that’s native to most browsers now is the a, is the PDF capability. I think, I don’t know that you need a plugin for that anymore. Yeah, but this is more of inline embedded yeah. Support, which that’s cool. That’s very cool. that’s what you need and yeah. Being able to set it looks like there’s a couple settings in there to do it in line as well as set the the heightened pixel. So just enough and nothing more.
Steve Zehngut: [00:16:02] and I know we mentioned this on a past episode, but they also dropped support for 11,
Jason Tucker: [00:16:07] Oh yeah.
Steve Zehngut: [00:16:09] which is good. Yep.
Jason Cosper: [00:16:13] The thing I think I am most excited about, I tend to get excited about the developer features as was shown at least initially by my excitement around theme dot Jason and block dot Jason. But a thing that I think is huge is the new plugin header tag, the update URL. Plugin header tag which will basically allow you to set a new update URL for your plugin, which means that if you have a plugin that’s named say the plugin is named Jetpack.
Se Reed: [00:16:49] Okay.
Jason Cosper: [00:16:50] And you don’t want it to update because there’s the jet pack in the repository. You can actually have your own jet pack on the site and not have things conflict. An interesting thing that got brought up in again in the page Lee post was that basically you could take this and fix a bug in a plugin. That you’re seeing a problem. You fix a bug, you set the update URI to something else until that bug has been fixed in the plugin. And then once the bug has been fixed, you can change it back and say, okay, no more update URI here.
Steve Zehngut: [00:17:34] So are you telling me I could fix the bug that’s in the current version of WooCommerce?
Jason Cosper: [00:17:39] yes, you would.
Steve Zehngut: [00:17:41] There’s a pretty, we should probably talk about this next week, but there’s a significant, there’s a significant performance bug in the current version of WooCommerce. That is a known issue,
Jason Cosper: [00:17:51] I’ve never heard I’ve never Of Rue commerce performance issues,
Se Reed: [00:17:56] you’re right. It’s usually pretty flat. Just like
Jason Cosper: [00:18:01] no, but I think that.
Se Reed: [00:18:02] down. Flawless. Cool.
Jason Cosper: [00:18:06] I think that’s really cool because w like I said you have these updates from a hosting perspective from somebody who has worked at three web hosts now And just having something where there’s a security issue and it’s oh, we have to push a fix. There’s like a zero day security issue. We have to push a fix, but the developer hasn’t released anything yet. There’s a path. On get hub or something like that, where or there’s a poll request that, that we could actually merge in ourselves, but we want to wait for that official release. You don’t have to wait for that official release any longer, you can pull down those changes, change the update URL to something else. It doesn’t even have to be valid. And then it’ll check that for updates instead of, and like I said, you just flip it back over. To the, or you remove the header altogether and then can start getting updates from the repository again. Huge.
Steve Zehngut: [00:19:09] Cool.
Jason Tucker: [00:19:10] That was cool.
Se Reed: [00:19:12] Cool.
Jason Tucker: [00:19:12] One thing I noticed in a video though, gene, where someone was describing, I did a little bit of work as well, but one of the things that I was watching was where the the person was describing this persistent list view that shows over on the left-hand side of the screen. And one of the things that was super interesting with that is the fact that you could go and click on one of these items. And then on the right hand side, you could actually set in HTML.
Jason Cosper: [00:19:38] Okay.
Jason Tucker: [00:19:38] And by setting that HTML anchor. Now you can actually see in that list, oh, I just lost it, but I’m in the, in that list, you can actually see that HTML anchor will actually show up on that persistent list on the left. So you’ll be able to like quickly be able to locate where that’s at, which was.
Steve Zehngut: [00:19:53] That’s handy. Yeah.
Se Reed: [00:19:55] Anger before, but I don’t think it.
Jason Tucker: [00:19:57] Yeah, right here. It’s like right here on the right hand side. So it, it puts that name in there, which is pretty neat. It’s Chanel anchors are good just in general because you’re able to set maybe a table of contents or something like that, to be able to drop down to those spots, but being able to have that listed on the left-hand side, super, and that list by the way that you’re looking at that list of blocks that’s in your post is very handy. So if you’re,
Steve Zehngut: [00:20:22] and this isn’t a new
Se Reed: [00:20:23] but apparently better.
Jason Tucker: [00:20:26] Yeah, it was a pop open before.
Steve Zehngut: [00:20:28] exactly. So if you are, and I like that, it’s now it can be a sidebar. So if you are using
Se Reed: [00:20:33] you have to really get familiar with this feature, especially if you’ve got a whole bunch of nested blocks, this makes it way more I’m I’m excited for the changes to the, uh, the updates to this, because when you were using columns, when, when using columns and you’ve got columns and side columns or whatever, it was such a pain to click the dang thing you were trying to find. I’m like, I don’t know how other, like, I always, when I’m doing something, it’s like, I can do it. Like I can find it. I know where it is. I know how to click around, but I always think. about the, just the laser and I’m like, The there’s no way they’re figuring that they’re just frustrated by this and it’s just while we were, talking in our, very secret group chat that we have. Last night I mentioned the Wayfinder plugin, which is one that I’m really I’m happy with and how it works. It gives you like a hover state on your
Jason Cosper: [00:21:28] blocks to show you yeah. To show you where, what block it is. It’ll give you the
Se Reed: [00:21:35] that’s what I care about so much. I was like
Jason Cosper: [00:21:38] yeah.
Jason Tucker: [00:21:39] that’s awesome.
Se Reed: [00:21:41] of all of that stuff and not so handy.
Steve Zehngut: [00:21:45] And this plugin has already reached 30 plus installs. So it’s pretty popular.
Jason Tucker: [00:21:50] Cosper. You’ve told 30 people about this. That’s awesome.
Se Reed: [00:21:53] It’s brand new. Isn’t it. now that, yeah,
Jason Cosper: [00:21:56] it’s, it is brand new. and now that it’s been on WPwatercooler I’m just
Se Reed: [00:22:00] WPwatercooler books
Jason Cosper: [00:22:01] just sky
Steve Zehngut: [00:22:02] go to Italy, at
Se Reed: [00:22:03] hold. If it goes down, it goes down. It’s like 15.
Steve Zehngut: [00:22:08] I’m going to log in tomorrow. It’s going to say 32 way, that’s a weird Yeah. the plus is weird. It just means that it’s somewhere between 30
Se Reed: [00:22:16] I was assuming it meant to run between, you know, 30 and a thousand.
Jason Cosper: [00:22:20] Okay. 30. when they it’s re it’s, I’ve got assume that when it gets to 40, it’ll go
Se Reed: [00:22:25] I mean, that’s an assumption you’re making.
Steve Zehngut: [00:22:28] I’m going to tell my whole team to download it and see what it does. I just want to find out what that metric is.
Se Reed: [00:22:35] Can you guys let us know who you’d like to see by end of the day? That’d be great. Um, I’m getting, I wanted to talk about. Speaking of what binder and label
Steve Zehngut: [00:22:45] Okay.
Se Reed: [00:22:47] the icons are getting ridiculous. Can you bring the query loop up?
Jason Cosper: [00:22:54] Okay.
Se Reed: [00:22:54] Yeah.
Jason Tucker: [00:22:55] me find it for you real quick.
Steve Zehngut: [00:22:56] I are you talking about, are you talking about the icons in the sidebar?
Se Reed: [00:23:00] No, no. The icons within, I mean, there were just needing so many icons. So the icons within the crane loop, if you like, they just, like, if you’re just looking at them, what do they mean? I mean, obviously that one’s filters and centering, but like the one that’s dark, what, what, what is. that? But it’s a little.
Steve Zehngut: [00:23:19] I actually get, I get
Se Reed: [00:23:20] I know you don’t use to them, but I’m just like, you know, like I w ho how many icons can there be in there? Like lines. It just kind of cracked me up. I’m not upset.
Jason Cosper: [00:23:30] I agree. tell you it’s, I’ll tell you it’s fun as we we natively in our, our repos always installed feather icons and box icons. I don’t know
Steve Zehngut: [00:23:40] if you’re familiar with either of those sites and it’s an actual part of the developer’s job here to figure out which icon represents the functionality that you’re building into a client site. And I always find that the most fun part of the job. Yeah.
Jason Tucker: [00:23:53] these guys.
Steve Zehngut: [00:23:54] Yeah, feather icons and box icon. So they’re very similar. If you put an alert triangle the, it’s triangle. I think it’s triangle
Se Reed: [00:24:01] it does,
Steve Zehngut: [00:24:03] right? it’s got sharper
Se Reed: [00:24:04] but are these happening.
Steve Zehngut: [00:24:06] may be using what’s that other icon that everybody uses where it’s a associates font. Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. It was a probably font
Se Reed: [00:24:14] There are Dasha cons that have to do with block editing. I just, I noticed that there, there Even like,
Jason Tucker: [00:24:19] these guys, the way that they’re displaying them this way too, it’s oh, wow. All right. Yeah.
Steve Zehngut: [00:24:25] If you look Jason, at the, if you look at the, URL, I just gave you Jason. There is actually a page on the word. repo, for the dash ICANN so that they explain, they lay out all the dash cons and what they do. And I’m actually seeing some of the, block icons are in there. There’s a whole section for block editor now, so that it is a dash icon. These keep expanding, but go down one more. Jason, there’s a block there, right there. There’s a block
Se Reed: [00:24:50] Okay. It says keep expanding. But also at the same time, I thought, yeah, Sasha cons was being, uh, D D like taken away that word. Like never say it. I don’t know, somewhere. I don’t know.
I don’t know I don’t. None of my,
Jason Cosper: [00:25:06] Yeah.
Steve Zehngut: [00:25:07] it’s not like they’re adding much weight to the repo, there’s just little
SVG files like who’s designing, um, and like, you know like what’s this paperclip, you know, with the like
Se Reed: [00:25:18] Okay.
Steve Zehngut: [00:25:18] I think, I really think we need to get to the bottom of this puzzle. Jason I think next week’s episode is just dash of cons.
Jason Tucker: [00:25:25] Okay.
Se Reed: [00:25:26] I’m fascinated by them. I just, I just wanted to bring that up. I know it’s, it’s just a tiny thing, but you know, icons I’m betting. There’s a dash ICAN team member on the, on the WordPress it’s just so interesting. It’s like, you know how more code I would actually put that on my business card. I’m the dashcam guy.
Jason Cosper: [00:25:44] Yeah. Now I was going to say it’s really hard. I, and I appreciate like your frustration with us. Say it is very hard to boil down functionality to 32 pixels,
Se Reed: [00:25:57] like this tiny thing. like, pull this up, pull up the like the icon, you know, like it’s so far removed look at the ones in the, in the top row, all the way to the right. Those are interesting dash of
Steve Zehngut: [00:26:10] concert there because I think they’re trying to imply tag of some sort of media. the they’re the ones that wasn’t the top, those four right there. They’re like a media type and then a tag indicator, on the, in the bottom right corner. so yeah, costumers, right? they’re putting a lot of information inside
Se Reed: [00:26:32] That’s what I’m talking about. And I just like, what do all these mean? Like F1, like it’s like the picture with some I like, and there’s no columns.
Jason Cosper: [00:26:41] Okay. that has to transcend language. what’s
Jason Tucker: [00:26:46] we need a debt.
Jason Cosper: [00:26:47] say you’ve learned how to use
Se Reed: [00:26:49] I have funds back. The math that I took in college was actually math. I learned how to count in hieroglyphics in Egypt. So I guess this is just more of that. Same why I’m fascinated with it, but
Jason Cosper: [00:27:01] Brag.
Se Reed: [00:27:03] Okay.
Jason Tucker: [00:27:04] So what we’re saying is we need an Emojipedia for Dasha cons is what we’re is what we’re talking about here. I think what we’re, I think what
Steve Zehngut: [00:27:14] we’re saying is Dasha cons were so important that we spent five minutes of this episode talking about,
Se Reed: [00:27:18] Smiling face with hearts.
Jason Tucker: [00:27:22] If we didn’t even have time to talk about tiny MCE acquiring somebody.
Se Reed: [00:27:28] I’m good.
Steve Zehngut: [00:27:29] talk about icons, tiny MC.
Se Reed: [00:27:32] Okay.
Steve Zehngut: [00:27:32] Tiny MC is icon happy. Have you ever turned on all the options for tiny MCE advanced? Like you get, you got five rows of icons. You can’t tell
Se Reed: [00:27:41] I mean, yeah, because it’s like, those are, they are like, they’re like, I think It’s Aristotle’s like prodo, meaning that’s what those are. That’s what it comes down to. It’s like the core meaning of what something is, is reducing it down to its icon. Sorry. Am I getting too philosophical?
Jason Tucker: [00:27:57] boy. no, that’s okay. We’re just, I think we’re entering seven minutes. So talking about icons That wraps it up for us folks.
Steve Zehngut: [00:28:04] next week, separate. So tune in for more icon talk,
Jason Tucker: [00:28:10] WP icons or icon, water cooler,
Steve Zehngut: [00:28:14] icon cooler,
Jason Tucker: [00:28:17] cooler.
Se Reed: [00:28:18] It’s no problem.
Steve Zehngut: [00:28:20] Oh, just play the outro.
Jason Tucker: [00:28:26] We can just have that conversation about it right now over the Outre. So gore do a debut art core.com/subscribe, where you can subscribe to our content over there.
Steve Zehngut: [00:28:34] in the word balloon bubble mean thing. W what is that? Oh, let me look it up on let me look it up on a motor con Wiki, whatever that is.
Jason Tucker: [00:28:45] Okay.

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