EP321 – The workflow of a WordPress Solopreneur

May 10, 2019
On this episode Sé Reed, Jonathan Wold & Steve Zehngut discussed many pressing WordPress topics such as beverage selection with LaCroix and autonomy with working as a solopreneur and having things fall through the cracks.

Jokingly Sé asked if Jonathan is a Virgo, he’s a Gemini.

They discussed expectations and if Jonathan felt he was meeting them. Jonathan “says yes to the idea” but he finds that he can’t keep up anymore. The three of them uncover prioritization, focus, and workflows. Sé goes back to this being an issue with Jonathan being a Gemini and wanting to do everything. Sé asked about “what system” Jonathan is using. He has paper, a journal and a to-do tracker. They worked through accountability, meeting client expectations and such. They talked about Trello, Basecamp, Asana and other tools that are used to manage their todos. Virtual Assistant came up but Sé seems to think it’s more about a Virtual Manager but they found that being a personal manager is what really needs to happen. Jonathan is conflicted because he doesn’t really want a manager. Sé puts on her counseling hat and talks about the 2 personas that Jonathan needs: Jonathan the person that produces and Jonathan the person that manages. Sé discusses habits and how to apply them as a manager and as a producer and discussing imposture syndrome when feeling you can’t do all of this. Sé shares her shortcomings and how she over 16 years has found that she can’t do everything (including paying herself) and found she needed to delegate these tasks to other people or systems to make sure they get done. Sé uses a “hype button” to call to attention when you are fibbing or not providing an accurate estimate of your effort to yourself or to your business partners. Pomodoro style came up in how Jonathan approaches various projects he does.

Steve steps in and talks about how he ran Zeek as a coder and as a manager. He realized that biz dev is where he should be and hired others to take care of the tasks that needed to be done that he shouldn’t be doing himself. Steve mentioned joining a Mastermind group and making sure that accountability is something you are applying to your business. The group circles back to Email and how much of a pain it is. Inbox Zero, Slack, text and other methods of communication are discussed. Sé introduces a “Management Day” and how she uses Asana to check boxes, move tasks around as needed.

In the comments tell us what your workflows are!

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