EP318 – WordCamps – It’s all too much?

April 19, 2019
This week on WPwatercooler we discuss WordCamps – how many there are in SoCal, what you can do to get more out of a WordCamp and what we’d like to see less from WordCamps if we choose.

  • Jason mentioned the number of WordCamps in Southern California is staggering and is wanting to talk about the excessiveness of WordCamps.
  • Manny mentions that beginners and first timers get a lot from WordCamps
  • HallwayTrack and Hallway Chats are big for veterans in the WordPress community
  • Jason Cosper brings up the Watch Later button in YouTube and watching or not watching the missed talks at the camps you attend.
  • Se brings up that getting out of the office is important, having an expensive write-off for travel and giving an excuse for meeting people IRL.
  • Cosper talks about getting out of the house, getting dressed and interacting with other humans in person.
  • Jason Cosper lists the following WordCamps: Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, San Diego, Phoenix, Sacramento, Denver, Santa Clarita, Portland, Seattle.
  • Sé compares this to the Grateful Dead… WordPress Heads.
  • Jason Cosper talks about taking a few WordCamps off and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Cemal talks about WordPress.tv and choosing sessions and dealing with duplicates or repeated content from other camps. Speakers speaking over and over about the same thing at many camps.
  • More than 1/3 of the people going to WordCamp OC are new WordCampers.
  • Cosper will be attending 5-6 camps this year.
  • Jason Cosper speaks about WordPress swag, shirts, and other things and he’s looking to see if there is a way of opting out of them and maybe that money can be spent on something like closed captioning. WordCamp OC won’t have closed captioning this year due to budget constraints. He wants a dropdown to not have a shirt or other things.
  • Quilts can be made out of WordCamp shirts if you are into that thing.
  • Leo speaks about doing workshops, something between the WordPress meetup and the WordCamps.
  • Manny talks about the workshops he’s done for WooCommerce in Las Vegas, much like a happiness bar but just for WooCommerce.
  • Manny asks about on-site vs off-site afterparties
  • Jason Cosper talks about Sacramento and their on-site afterparty.
  • Is alcohol a need at a WordCamp Afterparty?
  • Cemal talks about the “Sunday Social” they are doing at OC WordCamp
  • Leo talks about the weird in-between of interacting with people older than him and younger than him “the human story”
  • Talking to people and learning their story is valuable at a WordCamp
  • Leo talks about non-sustainable products and that socks are a great replacement to t-shirts
  • Jason Tucker mentions not handing out plants
  • Sé shows a bulb flower that she got from Yoast

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