EP304 - Let's talk about AMP

January 11, 2019

Join us around the WPwatercooler!

00:03:15 WordCamp Orange County 2019 is officially launched! Mark your calendars for April 27th & 28th, 2019
00:07:11 Accelerated Mobile Pages Project – AMP
00:10:59 Real URLs for AMP Cached Content Using Cloudflare Workers
00:11:14 AMP + WordPress product site AMP for WordPress – Official AMP Plugin for WordPress
00:16:56 Malte, Tech Lead, taking about lessons learned and touching on the origin Standardizing lessons learned from AMP – AMP
00:19:35 WPtouch | WordPress.org
00:19:55 EP303 - WPwatercooler
00:30:14 WordPress Gears — The WordPress.com Blog


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  1. Going live in 30 mins!
    EP304 - WPwatercooler jtuck.xyz/2QBXuhT

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