EP283 – Who are we presenting to at a WordCamp or WordPress Meetup?

  • Dan gives us a tour of his house
  • Russ talks about last week’s episode, give it a watch https://wpwatercooler.com/video/ep282-wpwatercooler/
  • Check out WPblab with James Laws https://wpwatercooler.com/video/wpblab-ep108-marketing-your-wordpress-business-with-loss-leaders/
  • Russ talks about teaching a class about catching people up in the conversation so they know what Gutenberg is.
  • Russ talks about WordCamps, Meetups and other ways to interact with the community. He is a bit frustrated with folks that aren’t getting caught up who attend his meetups.
  • Answering those questions that folks need to be answered so that he can bridge the gap of new folks in getting them to be advanced enough to understand most of the things that people
  • “Who are the people that we are talking to?” Se Reed brings up this idea of who is the audience.
  • Dan brings up asking the audience what skill level the audience is.
  • Jason thinks its too late to ask the room at a meetup, tell folks beforehand so the right folks show up or provide a mix of stuff to the meetup’s event.
  • Russ is doing a talk about blogging with your voice, he wants to make sure that folks know enough to talk about it.
  • Se thinks that once you are “in it” you aren’t a brand-newb.
  • Dan says he doesn’t go to local meetups since he “aged out” as Se mentioned
  • Jason brings up the point that if you don’t have knowledgeable people in the room as well then the “brand-newb” won’t ever learn more about the higher up things.
  • Russ wanted to help fix someone’s website live at the meetup.
  • Se says there is a limit to what you can talk about with the same audience.
  • Dan says the community should take care of itself.
  • Russ wants more feedback for his meetup
  • Jason says that developers need to be stimulated
  • Steve says that you need to segment the meetups to a few skill levels
  • Russ asks Steve if he had the foresight to do this with his meetup. Steve says that segmentation has helped with making sure the right folks are in the room for the topic.
  • Russ meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month and they just have 1 meetup
  • Steve brings up the idea of a breakout session
  • Jason says this is why he records his meetups so people have a reference. https://wordpress.tv/2013/03/02/jason-tucker-how-to-stream-a-meetup-or-live-event/
  • Jason talks about how to tell folks that the resource exists.
  • He also mentioned that WordPress.tv exists
  • Russ talks about the resources that he’s providing to the group but he doesn’t see folks actually using them.
  • Se thinks that some folks just want their website fixed.
  • Jason talks about the comments he does at the meetups as notes.
  • Russ says “Help me, help you”

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  1. Going live at the top of the hour. What should we talk about?
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