EP24 – One blog or multiple? – WPwatercooler – March 4 2013

Today’s topic is One blog or multiple? The topic was suggested to us by Chris Lema.

On this episode of WPwatercooler we are talking about if you should have two sites (with personal and business content on each) or just one (with both on it). Live stream starts at 11am PST Monday March 4 2013.

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4 responses to “EP24 – One blog or multiple? – WPwatercooler – March 4 2013

  1. BFTrick Avatar

    @dustyf Cracked me up today! 🙂

    1. dustyf Avatar

      @BFTrick Can’t believe I did that!

  2. rezzz Avatar

    The title of this Watercooler should be changed to “A case of the giggles” 
    But to be on topic, I 110% agree that you have to cater to the audience.  Yes SEO matters, but without the physical eyes looking at the content, then you have nothing.  As a developer, it goes along with how I view CAPTCHA – I always tell my clients, “I’d rather make the computer do the work than the human” and I usually just use either a honey pot method or some other “tricks” to validate the form submission.
    I think that blurring the line between personal life and work life really depends on the person.  Like for myself, I tend to go with the idea of “remember if you put it online, it’s there forever, even if you delete it.”  That makes me take a step back sometimes and evaluate what I’m putting out there.  Being that I do work for myself, anything I push out there, whether personal or professional, will connect back to me anyway.  So if I say something good or bad, someone looking me up on any social network (which isn’t hard to find) may see it and use it to evaluate whether they want to do business with me or not.

    1. sereedmedia Avatar

      @rezzz we totally had the giggles, it was all @zengy’s doing. and yes, there really is no privacy now. if people want to find it, they will. so it becomes a matter of branding and user experience.

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