EP121 – Maintenance tools for your WordPress website – Jan 26 2015

On this episode of WPwatercooler we’ll be discussing plugins, free and paid services to help you with your WordPress website performance.

Show airs Jan 26 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC

Las Vegas WordPress Meetup
Update Control 
WP Optimize
Sucuri Scanner
Sucuri Security
iTheme Security
System Snapshot Report
WP Backup
Updraft Plus
WP Engine
Suzette Franck

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6 responses to “EP121 – Maintenance tools for your WordPress website – Jan 26 2015

  1. CJ Avatar

    Crucial episode, and well handled. Thanks all.

    I’ve seen my share of neglected WordPress sites in the wild: Once shiny, well planned WordPress gems, turned into decrepit, online back-alley shacks; simply because the owners have not updated (anything) in years (even). No backup, or partial backups; or even worse, all 50 backups resting on the hosting server (for ages), and likely already infected with that nasty internet malware thingy…

    Education is important, both for site owners and suppliers/freelancers; and this episode does a good job of starting the conversation.

    I like how the discussion goes from tools to processes, and caters to both technical provider and new website owner.

    This is a broad (and important) topic though, and perhaps it requires additional Watercooler sessions…

    Having Russell and Rami on this show was a master stroke. Their insights are much appreciated, as are those of all the other panelists.

    I think it would be useful to get the opinions of Ryan Sullivan (@wpsitecare) and perhaps Andy Stratton (@wpmaintainer), on what small business owners can expect with regards to WordPress maintenance; and maybe have them offer some advice to keep sites running smoothly.

    WP Watercooler rocks!

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