EP102 – Your WordPress business: it’s not a hobby – Sept 1 2014


On this episode of WPwatercooler we discuss treating your WordPress business as a real business and not a hobby. Treat it like a real business and you’ll being in more clients, make more money and gain a higher level or respect with your clients.  Show airs Sept 1 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC [LISTATTENDEES event_identifier=”wp102-your-wordpress-business-its-not-a-hobby-september-1-2014-5-5403d921cc” show_gravatar=”true”]


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2 responses to “EP102 – Your WordPress business: it’s not a hobby – Sept 1 2014”

  1. Patrick Steil Avatar

    Hey guys, this was only the 2nd episode I have watched – I am just bringing my Agency (ChurchBuzz) into the WordPress world! Woohoo! But I have been in “business” for 20 years this October… about 5 years ago (lol) I FINALLY figured out what a “business” is and even though I had built up my business to a staff of 11 people twice – I realized I didn’t have a “business” after 13 years after we incorporated.

    I would say to you each that being a freelancer in any way, at any rate is NOT a business. My definition of a business (that I learned from the E-Myth book) is a standalone ENTITY that takes in leads as input and produces cash as output AND DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE BUSINESS OWNER to do this… 🙂

    In other words, if you can’t sell it, then it ain’t a business… look at it this way… even if you are charging $500 an hour, but you don’t have any repeatable business processes that take a lead, turn them into a customer (hopefully on a recurring revenue stream) and produce a profit – that someone ELSE could easily step in and do, then you don’t have a business…

    What you all are calling a “hobby” I would just call a “job”… you are doing jobs for people, whether it is full time or part time it is just a “job”… it doesn’t become a business until it is a “thing” that makes money even when you are on vacation, or if you get sick, or if you turn the reigns over to someone else.

    If you want to build a business, you have to commit to learning how to be a “business owner”, not a more skilled WP developer or what not…

    (BTW, I sell church websites, not business classes, lol)

    Love the show! Hope this is helpful and would love to “hangout” with you guys sometime… As I learn more about WP I plan to become more involved in the great WP Community… 🙂

    Patrick Steil

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