EP10 – “Theme Frameworks” – WPwatercooler – November 26 2012

This week’s we will be discussing WordPress Theme Frameworks.

Dave Jesch – http://www.davejesch.com
Patrick Rauland – http://www.speakinginbytes.com
Sé Reed – http://www.sereedmedia.com
Steve Zehngut – http://www.zeek.com
Gregg Franklin – http://www.greggfranklin.com/
Jason Tucker – http://www.tucker.pro

Chris brings up WPMU reviews, Chris Lema’s site, chrislema.com, and Clifford Paulick has two in depth articles regarding frameworks.

Jason asks for Chris’s favorite frameworks. Chris mentions which frameworks he likes: CatalystWooFramework

Se mentions which framework she likes, & her views.

Steve mentions his thoughts on frameworks.

Chris mentions the importance of frameworks.

Genesis robust and mentions the results.

Chris delivers thoughts about working with frameworks and becoming a tool.

Patrick shares his thoughts on the value of frameworks.

Steve mentions the value of a freelancer.

Chris mentions the value of some other frameworks.

Jason mentions Headway and a mention of Genesis, he likes it.

Steve speaks about Headway.

Chris mentions what drives the use of a framework.

Chris mentions the popularity of Woothemes control panel for the end user.

Se mentions main concerns about dependency.

Patrick asks Se about her workflow.

Se mentions what she uses.

Steve mentions what he uses.

Gregg uses a lot of everything.  Looking to simplify, going modular, he uses “Office”

Dave mentions Thesis, Thematic, & Genesis; the pros & cons.

_s “underscores” by Automattic mentioned.  Use what is appropriate for task at hand.

Steve plugs Genesis, and gives his two cents.

Dave sees Genesis as a way to hook in with what’s already there.

Steve goes into cons of Genesis.

Gregg Franklin mentions a theme he’s working with AppThemesVantage; seconds the challenge of ‘undoing’ the hooks for what you want is a challenge.

Chris mentions the benefit of being able to unhook. ProFramework some themes that should be plugins become part of a theme.

Dave agrees that there’s a difference between what belongs in a theme vs. a plugin, presentation vs. functionality.

Theme developers installing a theme with plugins is a more complicated install for nondevelopers, Steve counters.

Gregg mentions his experience with AJ at ThemeForest, about putting all as plugins.

Chris brings up how functionality is embedded in theme and the pain it causes.

Steve mentions how he supports functionality as plugin when he’s developing it himself.

Jason mentions how developers are taught to put function in plugins.

Steve goes into the pros of WooThemes.

Chris & Se agree with Steve.

Jason speaks about Genesis and clients response to it.

Se asks what the advantages of Genesis and framework?

Jason speaks about what a framework can do for you, he used Genesis to build his new site Gadgmatic.com

Se uses premium themes.

Chris uses both parent premium theme and then tap into the framework with a child theme; depending on the clients’ budgets.  Chris mentions the pitfalls of getting hung up on one framework and goes into his experience working with the major frameworks out there.

Chris gives his determining factor to use what theme.

Steve compares a Genesis built theme vs. Woo ready theme.  ‘There’s many ways to skin a cat.’

Jason has Woo & Genesis, and why he chose Genesis.

Bill Erickson mentioned with Genesis.

Point made that once you learn a framework/theme, work can be done a lot faster, efficiently.

Se discusses the importance of staying with native WordPress tools.

Steve mentioned the speed of building a site with Wootheme.

Chris mentions a blog going up in 2 hrs.

Chris mentions Catalyst and what it can do.   Chris mentions frameworks that are providing the ability to move things.

Cyber Monday!!!


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