EP35 – Your 1st #WordCamp talk – What to know to share your Passion of #WordPress – WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Bridget Willard, Adam Silver, David Margowsky, and Made Better Studio


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

251 responses to “EP35 – Your 1st #WordCamp talk – What to know to share your Passion of #WordPress – WPblab”

  1. Kelly kinder foster  Avatar

    3 cops dead 10 officers shot just now

  2. Adam Thomson Avatar

    ^ I wasn’t going to say but yeah all over the news

  3. Adam Thomson Avatar

    (annoy them on twitter xo)

  4. Cemal Tashan Avatar

    specially at the Hallway

  5. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Err’body obv just reading about Dallas…

  6. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Tragic shit. Stay safe, pals.

  7. Made Better Studio Avatar

    scalping #wp tix?? 😛

  8. Adam Thomson Avatar

    tix rhymes with wix 🙁

  9. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @AdamThomson See? That’s why I hang out with my WP peeps. Not sad news.

  10. Jason Tucker Avatar

    “Ripping you off since 1976”

  11. Jason Tucker Avatar

    yeah they are rough

  12. James Tryon Avatar

    most the cameras are bad and have been for years

  13. Jason Tucker Avatar

    I was going to record a video on how to do the recording and the camera was so jacked up I couldn’t record the how to

  14. James Tryon Avatar

    rough is a better word than bad.

  15. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    i was joking 🙂

  16. James Tryon Avatar

    thats why Pressonomics is not recorded

  17. Adam Silver Avatar
  18. James Tryon Avatar
  19. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @JamesTryon good night

  20. Jason Tucker Avatar

    38 years 5 months 15 days

  21. Jeff Hester Avatar

    54 years here…

  22. Jeff Hester Avatar

    I’m in Seoul fearsor the next two y

  23. Jeff Hester Avatar

    In Seoul for the next two years.

  24. Adam Thomson Avatar
  25. Jen Miller Avatar

    hey there! 🙂

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