EP010 – #WordPress Accessibility and sliders – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, ©sirleaf™®, Roy Sivan, KitchensinkWP, Kevin Hoffman, Bridget Willard, and gregdyer


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142 responses to “EP010 – #WordPress Accessibility and sliders – #WPblab

  1. Roy Sivan Avatar
  2. Jason Tucker Avatar

    if you type /q before your question we’ll see it as a question to answer

  3. Roy Sivan Avatar

    thanks @kevinwhoffman 🙂

  4. David Bell Avatar

    2016 is pretty nice too 🙂

  5. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    might want to look into landing page templates for a one product site

  6. Roy Sivan Avatar

    Try finding another page, I dare you

  7. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    A theme called Two-Pager that’s only one page. Best time on site ever.

  8. Roy Sivan Avatar

    MVP’s are super crucial for business, consider it testing the waters.. but get SOMETHING out there

  9. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    some companies sell really expensive boards to hang your devices on and call them device labs

  10. gregdyer Avatar

    You can… I have to find the link… you can rent testers..for 1 hr…

  11. Roy Sivan Avatar

    If you are on a Mac Xcode (free app) has an iOS Simulator which comes in handy ’cause it actually simulates iOS so you get a better idea about how things behave with iOS

  12. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    that thing is just the box

  13. Roy Sivan Avatar

    can you sync all devices? or do you have to go to each device one at a time and go to the website

  14. Roy Sivan Avatar

    ’cause that would suck

  15. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    Pretty sure it’s just a box. I use http://www.browsersync.io/ for syncing though.

  16. Roy Sivan Avatar

    i know browsersync but that does tell a device to go to a URL?

  17. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    once the device is sync’d it will follow the leader

  18. Don Bristow Avatar

    /is there 31 people here now or 10?

  19. David Bell Avatar

    I like the Kitchen SInk podcast.

  20. Roy Sivan Avatar

    be careful, there is a right answer

  21. gregdyer Avatar

    Swag’s Awesome!

  22. David Bell Avatar

    Think I’ll go get WPlearnjavscriptdeeply 🙂

  23. Bridget Willard Avatar

    click on the seat, Kevin

  24. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    can I jump in on images?

  25. David Bell Avatar

    Gotta jump, much thanks to all, great show!

  26. Roy Sivan Avatar

    I hate to be THAT guy but we had a good convo with the lead DEV’s that explained it –

  27. Jason Tucker Avatar
  28. Roy Sivan Avatar

    there aren’t enough podcasts represented here tonight

  29. Roy Sivan Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman stop talking and watch my podcast

  30. Roy Sivan Avatar

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