EP024 – What are the best #WordPress forms in 2016? – #WPblab

This week on WPblab Jason Tucker, Bridget Willard speak with James Laws and Josh Pollock about their WordPress Form Plugins. They share a brief history about each and compare and contrast on the features each provides. We spend some time discussing the other players in this space and breakdown the pricing models and what lead them to go with the fremium model (Free core plugin, paid addons).

Form plugins we talk about on this episode:

Link List:


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308 responses to “EP024 – What are the best #WordPress forms in 2016? – #WPblab”

  1. Emanuel Costa Avatar

    @jasontucker do you think blab is better then google hangout?

  2. Emanuel Costa Avatar

    I guess the whole week to fix it

  3. Emanuel Costa Avatar

    where they should improve?

  4. Emanuel Costa Avatar

    great show! thanks guys

  5. Kevin Stover Avatar

    Thanks! Talk to everyone later!

  6. Luke Cavanagh Avatar
    Luke Cavanagh

    Gravity Forms takes a lot to beat. With maybe Caldera Forms a close second.

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