EP029 – Using WordPress in Education – Talking w/ TeacherCast – #WPblab


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145 responses to “EP029 – Using WordPress in Education – Talking w/ TeacherCast – #WPblab

  1. Jason Tucker Avatar

    Tonight we’re speaking with Jeff Bradbury about using WordPress in Education https://about.me/JeffBradbury

  2. Jason Tucker Avatar
  3. Jeffrey Bradbury Avatar

    looking forward to the show

  4. Jonathan Perlman Avatar
  5. Devin Walker Avatar

    haha I’m here early and was early to work today

  6. Eric Bentley Avatar

    Hi all, Eric from Perry, MI, K4 Tech Teacher

  7. Jason Tucker Avatar

    if you have a question type /q and your question

  8. Bridget Willard Avatar
  9. Eric Bentley Avatar

    What do any of you know about Google SPACES?

  10. Jeffrey Bradbury Avatar

    Spaces is pretty nice… we are doing a live show about it on Sunday at 7

  11. Eric Bentley Avatar

    that awkward smile?

  12. Jason Tucker Avatar

    woops, wrong button

  13. Jeffrey Bradbury Avatar

    Wait until the Summer …. they are upgrading so you get double the bloxel pieces over the summer

  14. Emanuel Costa Avatar

    How about talk about the WP LMS plugins?

  15. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    need to get you one of those transcribing pens

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