WPblab Special – Commenting on State of the Word 2018

  • Matt Shows off Shape Divider Blocks – 3:12
  • Matt mentions vendors that are making blocks for Gutenberg – 3:73
  • Matt talks about LazyBlocks https://wordpress.org/plugins/lazy-blocks/ – 4:73
  • Gutenblocks are easier if you were brought up using them – 7:17
  • Regardless of device used – 7:30
  • Bridget mentions that it’s too bad you can use WordPress on mobile without WordPress.com being involved. – 8:23
  • To Review – Matt mentions for the first time this Phasing of Gutenberg – 8:77
  • Phase 2 – 10:08
  • Matt shows the widget manager screen and how it’s “still there” – 10:68
  • Editing menus inline – 12:05
  • Phase 2 is thinking outside of post_content – 12:72
  • Collaboration with multi user editing of Gutenberg. Gutenberg and Google Docs functionality – 14:25
  • Core is open – “tackle our 6,500 open issues” is listed at the bottom – 16:50
  • PHP7 is the minimum version for WordPress – 17:40
  • WordPress 4.9 had 173 million downloads, 68.4% are running 4.9. – 18:48
  • Release Cycles 4.9 to 4.9.8 – 18:92
  • WordPress 5.0 – 19:40
  • Matt mentions controversy with WordPress 5.0 and forcing the release date. – 19:63
  • What we learned – 23:25
  • Matt mentions having more Javascript talks at WordCamps – 23:98
  • Here’s what we learned “the betas were tested more than any other releases”. – 25:97
  • “This was one of the most controversial and acrimonious we have had in a long time, maybe ever if you’re new to WordPress. Some were bad, I blame Twitter partially. I blame everything on Twitter. Between Twitter and Facebook we have all the worst problems… and some of warts and some of the debates and some of the sort of open source product” then he goes on to mention this as a “company this would all happen behind the scenes or not at all” he continues “For us, we have all of this happening in the public and it’s all archived and linkable and version controlled and everything. So, we just have to keep in mind that, well, in addition to having good etiquette and realy conversation in a productive way for whatever we’re doing, keep in mind that things might appear worse than they actually are” he continues “because the conversations and things happening on twitter or blog posts or whatever else might not actually be representative of the basics or fundamentals or first principles of the software”
  • Bridget says “did he just reprimand us?” – 28:50
  • Then for some reason Matt then goes into talking about https not the nicest of segues. – 28:57
  • “The community is the only thing that makes WordPress!!!!” – 29:60
  • He now goes on into WordCamps and shares some stats regarding them.
  • do_action – 30:55
  • WordPress Foundation – Internet Archive $10k, Girl Develop It $10k, Black Girls Code $10k. We’re all in agreement that 10k per is a very small amount. – 31:83
  • 85 donors. – 32:15
  • Currently, there was 407 people watching the live stream from WordCamp US. – 34:12
  • Matt mentions jiggling, wiggling and dancing #jiggleandwiggle – 35:50
  • 200+ volunteers helped out with WordCamp US – 36:22
  • Q&A Begins – 36:57
  • Question 1: John – 37:63
  • Jason asks about the styles of the blocks that are being made and making sure they work with all themes. This has to be a challenge.
  • Bridget mentions Matt’s suit. Jason asks “Matt, who are you wearing?” – 39:25
  • Bridget wants to know what the hex color is for his shirt – 39:68
  • Question 2: Nick Adams – 41:30
  • wordpress.org/blog and the number of posts done by employees not the community. Automattic has 830 people and 40 of them work on WordPress core.
  • Question 3: Fred Meyer – Making Layouts more robust in Gutenberg. – 44:93
  • Question 4: We were critical about the time he told to get his question out but he took 4 minutes to ask Matt about democratizing publishing.
  • He then asks another question: – 54:13
  • Question 5: Victor from Miami Why isn’t there a WordCamp Canada? Why is this called WordCamp US? Shouldn’t it be WordCamp North America? – 54:13
  • Question 6: Birgit – Health Insurance & Accessibility – 56:92
  • Question 7: Adam from Colorado – 59:32
  • Question 8: Morten from planet Earth “The use of the word, WE” Matt responds with “We, is contextual..”
  • “And if English is not your first language as well I completely understand how things are confusing as you go through”
  • Morten responds with “Can I just add a comment to that? What you are describing is a governance structure without governance”
  • Matt: “If only there were a meetup for that” – 60:83
  • Question 8: Andrew Taylor from Portland – 67:52
  • Question 9: Matthew – 70:00
  • Question 10: Dimitri – WordCamp Moscow – Themes and styling with plugins adding blocks. Will there be a repository for Blocks? – 72:38
  • Question 11: Cristy Chrinos of Caldera Forms – “How are you going to make sure that people that were burned by WordPress..”
  • Feature Video: – 79:00
  • Fin – 80:35
  • Our reaction after the fact – 80:55

Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

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  1. “This was one of the most controversial and acrimonious we have had in a long time, maybe ever if you’re new to WordPress. Some were bad, I blame Twitter partially. I blame everything on Twitter.” #WCUS wpwatercooler.com/video/wpblab-s…

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    I love this note
    “Bridget wants to know what the hex color is for his shirt – 39:68”bit.ly/2QXkX1j#SOTW #WCUS @WPblab Commentary with @JasonTucker & @JenBlogs4u










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