EP011 – Forms, REST APIs & RSS – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Driving Maul, Russell Aaron, Roy Sivan, Adam Silver, Kevin Hoffman, Bridget Willard, and Josh Pollock


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

166 responses to “EP011 – Forms, REST APIs & RSS – #WPblab

  1. Jason Tucker Avatar

    make all the hops restful

  2. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    but will most users know to do that?

  3. Jason Tucker Avatar

    bridget -> rss -> convert to spanish -> convert to english -> post to my website

  4. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    I’m a unique individual Bridget.

  5. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    asking about how the REST API works by default

  6. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    so if posts are a public endpoint by default, people better be ready to secure that, yes?

  7. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    the thing that is special about the REST API update is that a large majority of site owners will ignore it, but that doesn’t mean they are affected by it

  8. Jason Tucker Avatar

    One Site: $49
    Up To Five Sites: $95
    Up To Fifteen Sites: $145

  9. Ellen K. Martin Avatar

    you guys just made my day with Form.Works

  10. Josh Pollock Avatar

    My ears were burning.

  11. Roy Sivan Avatar

    you should jion the call

  12. Josh Pollock Avatar

    It’s saving the IP…

  13. Josh Pollock Avatar

    I don’t know how this works

  14. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    probably browser settings

  15. Ellen K. Martin Avatar

    @Josh412 does this mean we don’t need FormStack now?

  16. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    @Josh412 you should really learn how to API dude

  17. Jason Tucker Avatar

    the mic endpoint was blocked 🙂

  18. Roy Sivan Avatar

    did you turn it off and on again?

  19. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    mic endpoint validated

  20. Jason Tucker Avatar

    what is your intentions with Caldera?

  21. Roy Sivan Avatar

    @ellenkmartin had a question or @Josh412

  22. Roy Sivan Avatar

    BTW Josh has a REST API course

  23. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    @YouTooCanBeGuru just invented the optional form field 😉

  24. Josh Pollock Avatar
  25. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @kevinwhoffman yay!!!!!

  26. Jason Tucker Avatar

    bridget, it was easier to explain to people how injection blabh blabh blabh works.

  27. Jason Tucker Avatar

    pixel all the things

  28. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    wait your helping a friend choose a mommy blogger?

  29. Jason Tucker Avatar

    too much my little pony being played at bridget’s house

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