WPblab EP78 – Marketing your Meetup using WordPress

This week Jason Tucker is joined by Verious Smith to discuss how you can market your Meetup.com group using WordPress.

Both Verious and Jason run WordPress meetups

Decided to try a Google Hangout and see who would show up – met Jason, Russell Aaron was there too (met Russell in Vegas before moving to California)

Meetups are how you build community – finding people who share a common interest. If you want to do something cool and need someone to do it with, check out Meetup!

Meetup is great, but communities aren’t built instantly. Make sure you have a website for your meetup!! There is only so much that you can include on meetup – a website gives you more control over the content you can share with your members and the appearance.

People that you meet and interact with each month in your meetup can quickly become your friends, coworkers, etc… great for if you are new to town!

You can offer learning/training resources on your WordPress site for your meetup members.

Example from Verious: https://philoveracity.com/wp-theme-setup-guide/



Organizing/running special events is a great way to market your meetup to the community – i.e: hackathons, do_action events, ‘Website Weekend’, etc.



Verious will be promoting WordPress and his local community at “Startup Week”. It’s a good option if you want to promote your meetup to a wider, non-WordPress community





Thanks for helping with our show notes!

Cheryl LaPrade @yaycheryl

Sherie LaPrade @heysherie


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  1. Sounds like a great @WPblab tonight!! Don’t miss out – starts in 9 minutes! #WordPress #meetup #community

  2. Sherie Avatar

    To answer your Call to Action – Cheryl and I are part of Charleston WordPress, we’re on hiatus for the summer but we have a new website coming in the fall and working on plans for fall events!










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