WPblab EP66 – Marketing Yourself by Live Tweeting at WordCamp

This week Bridget and Jen Miller discuss how you can market yourself by live tweeting a WordCamp

Live Tweeting at WordCamp

Bridget Willard

You Too Can Be A Guru

Jen Miller @jenblogs4u

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Jen – been using twitter for 6 years
finally realized twitter is a relationship building medium
Jen wanted to be a Guru too

Bridget – in 2012 was helping with a political campaign
She would listen over the internet and tweet out quotes with relevant hashtags to help with exposure
When she finally made it to a WordCamp, it seemed so obvious that Live Tweeting would be a thing you should do

Bridget’s tips & tricks:

You Too Can Be A Guru

Find out the official hashtag for the conference you are at, and if there isn’t one, make up one that makes sense, but try to make sure it’s not already being used

Find out who speakers are and their Twitter handles
Some WordCamps have speaker twitter lists that you can follow

A good plan to have a document local on your device with your information / schedule – not all
WordCamps have wi-fi and not all wi-fi is dependable! Also bring a powerstrip – good for you and is the ultimate “friend-maker”! Take your own personal hotspot and name it well – brand it with your business name – may bring new contacts.

WHAT YOU DON’T DO – be careful not to mistype the twitter handles of the speakers

Copy the hashtag of the event and the twitter handle of the speaker and load it into the tweet box and wait for those “tweetable moments. Then when they come along, you can just add in the text and send!

These speakers are giving of their time and are unpaid – If you can amplify what the speaker is saying to that room and get it to more people – not only are you helping them, but you are helping yourself too!

Live-tweeting doesn’t make it harder for you to pay attention – if you are listening carefully for those tweetable moments, you are paying even closer attention than normal and potentially absorbing more than you would without live-tweeting

Live-tweeting is also really helpful for those “Armchair WordCampers” who weren’t able to make it to the event, but still try to follow along during the weekend

​Twubs Is good for following hashtags ​twubs.com Follow Hashtags. Discover Conversations.

If there is closed-captioning at the event, you can use it to double-check your tweets and make sure you’re not misquoting anyone

Make sure that you are using an accurate photo of yourself on twitter so that people will recognize you when you attend WordCamps! Also, start watching the hashtag for the camp as soon as it’s available so you can interact with other attendees and develop relationships!

Get to know your fellow attendees before the event, what your interests are, the work you do, and even just general chit-chat — helps to break the ice when you finally meet in person! Especially if you are from out of town and don’t know anyone.

Save a list of great quotes from the different sessions you attend, especially ones that are too long or just too good to use for only Twitter and use them as the base for a blog post/recap of the event

If you can get images of the person speaking as well as a quote, that’s very valuable. Lots of people will tweet quotes, but not everyone will get a good picture!

You can even help WordCamp organizers by tweeting out the WIFI name, and location of afterparties, etc.

Make your goals achievable – Try to find ONE thing you can quote – the one thing that resonates with you…. And tweet that out

If you’re not quick enough to get the exact quote from a speaker, it’s okay to rephrase or summarize it in your own words, and even add your thoughts

Make sure to give context to your tweets – if someone doesn’t know what you are talking about, then they can’t respond!

The Next Chapter-Blog

Bridget: My friends, my family, my career are all at WordPress. It all started in June 2013 at WordCamp Orange County. If that’s not convincing, I don’t know what could be!
“I found my tribe” via WordPress and live tweeting

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