WPblab EP59 – Podcasting with WordPress w/ Roy Sivan

WPblab EP59 – Podcasting with WordPress  w/ Roy Sivan

This week on WPblab we’ll be speaking with fellow podcaster Roy Sivan of The WP Crowd & WPLife.


Check out The WP Crowd

Watch WPLife




  • Audio only
  • Video only
  • iTunes

Misc Notes & Terms

“Doubleender” – two people record their own voices and one person puts it all together
“Evergreen” – Timeless and how topics never die out. A 3 year old episode still relevant
Name the show before or name the show after
Record live with google hangouts on air
Create topic before you get the people
Roy does: Pre-recorded shows and iMovie to edit and launch to youtube from iMovie
Jason does: Youtube-dl, and then bash script
Jeffrey Bradbury: go with the guest … not the script

Seriously simple podcasting – Seriously Simple Podcasting
Pull video and put it on Facebook

Tasks: Marketing, Tagging, Sharing

Adventures in Angular – Adventures in Angular Episodes
102 AiA Angular and WordPress with Ryan Sullivan and Roy Sivan




Recording with Zooom.us, basic package

  • Hangouts but better
  • Stores recording, mp4

Show Notes

  • Speakers throwing in things into internal chat in google hangouts
  • Titler …. BrettTerpstra.com
  • No one click annotations of the show



Editing the video

  • Youtube vid in draft
  • Download and edit
  • Youtube video editor not good
  • Add an outro with subscribe messages



  • Coffee cup hooks
  • Wool fabric with eyelets


WordPress podcasting has potential but don’t expect much

More Misc

Carlboard! #carlboard hashtag on Twitter

WP Watercooler image from Phoenix
We’re streaming live here at #WCPHX at the WPwatercooler table. Check out the stream at WPwatercooler-30 min weekly live WordPress talk show

WordCamp US elevator people
Hallway Track – Hallway Track

The #hiroy origin story

Level Up as a Developer, Building for pure joy

Hi Roy!

What’s next?

Even more Misc

Thank you for helping with the show notes

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