WPblab EP57 – The Nuts & Bolts of Effective WordPress Business Blogging w/ Jen Miller

This week on WPblab Jen Miller of needsomeonetoblog.com will be discussing how to get started with effectively starting a blog for your business.


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  • How can people find you as a business that blogs for others? Jen uses SEO, has a solid website name and people find her based on the type of work she does for others.
  • How much should you share on the blog of yourself? Who you are and what you stand for, let people know who are you and what you do. Let yourself stand out. If you are a better fit than the client will go with you.
  • Should there be a theme in your blog? Definitely. Bring a common element into the story. Dogs, volunteering. Build common ground with potential clients.
  • Hobbies and work can be tied together and can be talked about on the blog
  • How do you find themes for clients? Their hobbies and activities they do.
  • Not being in front of the computer means brain chills out and idle and have a great idea.
  • Do you recommend you follow / stalk clients before helping. No, they won’t have social in place.
  • Interviews and judging characters really helps to get ideas for the blog
  • How does the small business person sell the one t-shirt? You need a platform. Blogger,
  • WordPress, medium. Ideally starting with Facebook Page.
  • Own that space
  • Custom domain, memorable, keyword filled
  • Keywords tools:
  • Tell the backstory on the about page, tell the juicy tips. Tell the story behind the story
  • Tell the backstory of Rachel Carden setting it up…
  • Show how your clients are using your product in unique ways with case studies.
  • Some give out the secret sauce on the blog. Clients won’t go through it all
  • Sells the product by telling a story through the blog
  • How do you get a story? Write a post it note and write up of why the product started, how it started.
  • Do website first. Then do twitter, then do facebook then do blog. Build in layers. Need copy!
  • The blog needs to match the supporting content that must have been been in a book 40 years ago.
  • Update website and revise all copy with keywords
  • Analyse support tickets, write about what people have issue with. Write about what people are searching for https://givewp.com/blog/
  • Write the blog post in google docs or a shareable medium. Not in WordPress
  • Looking for grammatical errors
  • More eyes on the words
  • Distraction free writing and revisions not really used in WordPress.
  • Blog posts need to be shared on social media platforms. Social proof gains value
  • Gravity form takes in user-generated content and saves it to draft
  • Google Docs are good for collaboration on blog posts
  • Google Alerts will keep yourself current
  • Podcasts are fuel for blog posts
  • How to find if you’ve got original content? Copy paste paragraph into google
  • If your content was stolen and the original site is down, then you have the original.
  • How long should the post be? As long as it should be to get the point across.
  • How often should you publish? Once a week. Posting on friday is actually okay
  • Don’t steal content. 70% original for ranking well. Google might hurt you for it.

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Our show notes were prepared by:

Jonathan Perlman – @jpurpleman


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