WPblab EP56 – Expanding Your WordPress Business on Pinterest w/ Carol Stephen

This week on WPblab Carol Stephen will be joining us to discuss how you can expand your WordPress business on Pinterest.

You can find Carol Stephen on Pinterest and her company Your Social Media Works she also runs the #DigiBlogChat on Tuesdays at 1pm PST.

  • Pinterest is a visual discovery “search engine”
  • Best to keep most popular boards at the top of your account since most people access via mobile
  • People on Pinterest are often there to buy or plan future purchases
  • Pinterest is ‘very sticky’ which means people tend to spend a lot of time on the site
  • Make sure you use very well-written descriptions, utilizing keywords
  • Using meta descriptions on images for your website ensures that when photos are pinned to pinterest they have the correct information
  • Very important to sign up for a ‘business account’ to get access to analytics
  • Pinterest is especially important to focus on if a majority of your audience is women
  • Timing is important; 6-7pm is when most people are active – there are apps to help you determine the best time to pin / keywords
  • Group boards can be helpful to create or join because they get a lot more traffic/interest
  • People want long skinny pins – got it
  • You can use a pinterest account to curate work you’ve done as a portfolio
  • Very important to click on the pin to follow the link and make sure you find the source – it may not link to what you think it is linking to!
  • Make sure if you are commenting on pins, you tag the Pinner … many accounts have thousands of pins and will miss your comment if you don’t tag them
  • Use your secret board as a draft or backlog.
  • Put the board with your blog posts or where you want to direct your traffic right next to your most popular board.  People may come to look at one and click through to the other!
  • Also use some of your Pinterest boards to share your personality and hobbies



These folks helped us with the show notes this episode

Cheryl LaPrade – @YayCheryl
Sherie LaPrade – @HeySherie
Jason Tucker – WPwatercooler @jasontucker
James Tryon – @jamestryon


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