WPblab EP147 – Prioritizing Human Interaction in Your WordPress Business

With all of the automation, we are able (and love to do), we sometimes forget the human touch with our customers and clients. It’s annoying to us to talk on the phone, but what if it makes a difference to them? A Twitter conversation lead to Amber Pechin pitching an amazing topic that is the best 45 minutes of radio.

Well, maybe not the best. But, it is a great episode.

“I want to talk about Aliens, dinosaurs, and animals with jobs at WordPress agencies. Why you should do everything (live, work, run a business, network) as a human. It’s just a lot more fun that way.” Amber Pechin

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Networking for Introverts

Everyone needs to know people and network. Sometimes we view networking like a dirty word that makes us feel gross. But it is important for everyone because humans are important.

“I like humans; they’re delicious.” Amber Pechin

When it comes to social events be it a Chamber meeting, WordPress Meetup, or even a wedding, we all typically go for the obvious questions.

“What do you do for a living?”

Instead of asking about the details of someone’s resume, Amber likes to shake up the game. (She does this in dating apps, too, by the way).

So, Amber asks, “What’s your favorite dinosaur?”

Asking people what their favorite dinosaur is shakes us out of our norm. We turn in to five year olds, she says. Inspiring curiosity and wonder in a conversation builds relationships.

“It’s my job as an extrovert to make friends for introverts.” Amber Pechin

It’s Okay If Everyone Doesn’t Like You

Bridget asked Amber if that dinosaur question ever had adverse reactions. She said she understands her personality is like cilantro: you like it or you don’t. That’s okay.

“Be okay that someone might not find you funny.” Amber Pechin

The main point of networking is to find this out. Your in-person events might help you find clients to refer to peers. That’s also valuable. Build connections. Ensure your website, as your digital storefront, shows your personality. Be you.

Bonus PR Tips

Before Amber started Amplitude Media with her business partner, she was in public relations. She has a lot of great tips for businesses who are looking to reach out to the press.

The official press release is good to make, but the pitch should be the story. What is the problem and how is your announcement solving that problem for the publisher’s audience?

  • “When you do PR right, you are humanizing it.” Amber Pechin
  • “As a PR person, I think the press release is dead.” Amber Pechin
  • “Picking up the phone shapes the story.” Amber Pechin

Tool or Tip of the Week

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Amber recommends Termageddon, a SaaS privacy service. Their prices are super low. Crazy low. She also recommends reading The Diversity Bonus.

Jason recommends InShot, a photo editing app. It’s available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Bridget recommends the The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Military strategy can be applied to business and marketing.

So, What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?

Amber likes the Gigantoraptor. “Clearly it’s the dinosaur having the best time.”


Jason likes the Triceratops.


Bridget thinks the Tyrannosaurus Rex is funny and terrifying at the same time. Thanks, Jurassic Park.


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