WPblab EP129 – WordPress Marketing: Standing out from the Services Crowd w/ Jason Resnick

This week Jason and Bridget are joined by popular podcast host Jason Resnick from Live in the Feast. Jason built his business in WordPress services and he has been talking a ton right now about word-of-mouth marketing by standing out in the crowd including niching down in the client space you serve.

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No matter what you do, it has to feel natural to you. This is the main point of this episode. Here are some good ideas but it’s not a rule. 

How do you not stand out?

Definitely don’t be negative. Avoid client shaming online.

“They’re paying you to have the expertise and knowledge.” Jason Resnick

Don’t go dark after your client accepts your contract and pays them.

“Reach out and say ‘hey I’m excited to be working with you, here’s what you can expect over the next few days.” Jason Resnick

Don’t be inauthentic or be rude under the guise of authenticity. Don’t try to copy what works for Gary Vaynerchuck, Chris Lema, Ellen DeGeneres, Simon Sinek. Be you. Their methods work for them because it’s their truth.

Stand Out by Providing an Experience

Using empathy for your customer, not relying upon jargon, makes you a good “technical liason” as Jason Resnick (Rezzz) says. That skillset allowed him to stand out and provide a good experience for them.

“Create Memorable Moments.” Jason Resnick

Rezzz recommends Jay Baer’s book Talk Triggers. He also talks about Laura Elizabeth who helps gather content from her clients by giving them gift cards to a local cafe. It’s on Season 1 Episode 7 of Live in the Feast if you want to listen. These micro moments and celebrations smooth out bumpy spots in the project journey that are inevitable.

Stand Out by Being Human

Rezzz says we should be human with our clients. Showing your clients that you pay attention to their interests (like buying them tickets for a minor league baseball game with their son who loves baseball).

Stand Out by Being Helpful

Answer questions on Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever. There is an attitude that people should just search for their answers on Google. But the uneducated will get so many choices. You’ll get too much information.

Stand Out with Your Online Presence

Your website should look good and represent you well, so that when people talk about you that word-of-mouth referral doesn’t die at your URL. Rezzz’ Services Page is an excellent example of clear pricing and communication to the client.

Stand Out by Hosting a Podcast

Rezzz has six seasons of Live in the Feast. He decided to create seasons about a business topic. It takes a bit more planning to create the season’s story arch. The seasons create binge-able and helpful content. Since Rezzz isn’t a long-form writer, much like our friend Carl Alexander, he decided a podcast was the right solution.

Tool or Tip of the Week

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  • Bridget likes Tiny Habits — the book by Jonathan Wold.
  • Jason Resnick (Rezzz) likes Bonjoro — you can send personalized videos to your clients and friends.
  • Jason is in on Shortcuts App (which will be part of iOS13) and the Reddit Subthread.

Do you have any tools or tips we should know about?

We’d love to hear from you. What are your experiences with this subject?

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