WPblab EP053 – Google Built My WordPress Website

This week on WPblab we’ll be talking with Russell Aaron about the good and bad of building your WordPress website using only info you find from google searches.


  • How to google for answers for WordPress questions
  • Googling will get you a lot of different answers, but the benefit is that you’ll learn many ways to accomplish a WordPress task or to answer a WP question
  • WordPress.tv – great resource for answers / tutorials
  • https://codex.wordpress.org/
  • Google Search Operators (for advanced searching)
  • Russell – “Most everything on my blog, I learned from Googling, so Google built my website.”
  • Oftentimes when you Google search a WordPress feature, the Codex will be your first result
  • WordPress TV YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJf6LGZ0a4n9Lj4aVt9spg
  • As developers, we sometimes forget that not everything is as easy as we think it is
  • When Google using error messages remove your domain and file directories from the error message for better results.
  • Bridget – “part of our problem is we can be impatient with the learning process”… sometimes we are tempted to think we can go to a single meetup and have all our problems solved
  • Russell – the reason I know about “changelogs” is because I googled it … because of all my google searching I’ve learned a lot about how to build my WordPress sites … I didn’t go to college for what I know
  • https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/getting-started/
  • Russell – if you want to learn, read!  Start with 1 new article a day, then 2, then 3 … never stop learning – by the end of a month you’ll know a whole lot more than what you started with
  • Searching for things and learning how to search for things is a necessary skill
  • Russell – good developers know how to ask (and Google!)
    • Being specific with your searches can help shorten the time it takes to solve your problem


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