EP015 – Answering #WordPress Problems – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Jonathan Denwood, Robyn Wright, Dinodemetro, Jacob Arriola, Bridget Willard, Clint – Olympia SEO, Bob Malloy, and Raz


318 responses to “EP015 – Answering #WordPress Problems – #WPblab

  1. David Bell Avatar

    Linux too 馃檪

  2. Raz Avatar

    Calypso is for mostly posts and pages if you have jetpack enabled

  3. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    I don’t agree I’ve seen quite big performance hit connected to https however this depends on may factors

  4. David Bell Avatar

    Hmmm, I get that. I always like to embrace the future, but hate letting go of what I know so well.

  5. Grant Derepas Avatar

    I’ve never seen one – windows user

  6. David Bell Avatar

    I get that. Good answer.

  7. Raz Avatar

    I think as of now calypso is more like a proof of concept

  8. David Bell Avatar

    Publisher! I loved/hated that thing 馃檪

  9. Jason Tucker Avatar

    She said publisher not Aldus Pagemaker

  10. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    In the good old day when I was a teacher they used go into town using horses

  11. David Bell Avatar

    Bridget is too funny!

  12. Raz Avatar

    admin menu editor

  13. David Bell Avatar

    True. Excellent point. Kitchen sink FTW!

  14. Whimsical by Shelley Avatar

    It’s very overwhelming

  15. Whimsical by Shelley Avatar

    My wp is hosted at Siteground

  16. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    I know a good WP maintenance that could help Shelley

  17. Whimsical by Shelley Avatar

    I started that… a landing page

  18. Whimsical by Shelley Avatar

    But I want to know how to do it

  19. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    Sorry I just couldn’t resist!

  20. Raz Avatar

    People eat — lol

  21. Bob Malloy Avatar

    Get desktop server and find a learning buddy.

  22. Jason Tucker Avatar


  23. Mario Silva Avatar

    Or you could go to cloud9 and install wordpress, it’s all online without having to install anything on your computer

  24. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    No just GO right in to a live sit live on BLAB

  25. Whimsical by Shelley Avatar

    9000 lol I feel like I’m up to 8999

  26. Grant Derepas Avatar

    @jonathandenwood – Sarcasm doesn’t display well via text without emojis 馃槈

  27. Jonathan Denwood Avatar

    I’m English you going to get sarcasm

  28. Grant Derepas Avatar

    these days google places IS google+

  29. Grant Derepas Avatar

    you can’t register a new google place without making the associated google+ profile

  30. David Bell Avatar

    LOL! Bing sucks!

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